Why is Donald Trump on BIG DEER?

We’re seeing a lot of The Donald lately; I’m liking a lot of what I hear:

China is ripping us off…

To rebuild the Middle East, use their oil money, not money we don’t have…

If I’m elected the world will respect America again…

And so I have looking for a way to work Mr. Trump into a post and I finally figured out a way to do it!

I remember going to a deer camp on the Wyoming/Montana border about 6 years ago, and the head guy there told me proudly, “One of our best clients is Donald Trump, Jr.” I didn’t think much about it at the time, actually I didn’t think about it at all. But now with all the Trump hoopla I figure it’s time to bust out that compelling tidbit of information.

And just to prove I have way too much time on my hands this time of year (141 days till my first TV bow hunt) I dug up this quote from Trump Jr.:

I like fly-fishing and hunting. You’re in nature. I want to get away from the structured, manicured world that I create and immerse myself in something that’s perhaps more natural. I tend not to talk about the hunting thing—people react to it.

I looked but could not find a picture of Junior with a buck, so as proof he’s legit this Cape Buff will have to do.

So, want has any of this have to do with Trump Sr. and his intentions/qualifications to run for president of this great country?

Not much, except for the Kevin Bacon thing. Dig hard enough and we hunters can find ourselves connected to anybody in 6 degrees of separation. comment




jjas's Gravatar I'd be shocked if Trump actually runs. It seems to me he likes the attention that "maybe" running provides, but I highly doubt he'd like to deal with the stress of the job and dealing with the idiots in Washington.
# Posted By jjas | 4/25/11 11:56 AM
David in NC's Gravatar I think he'll give it a shot. He has hyped it up too much not to. And with an ego like that, who can turn down the power that the presidency provides. It's about the only thing he doesn't have now.

Like Mike, I think a lot of the things he has said make sense. I'm still leery though.
# Posted By David in NC | 4/25/11 12:05 PM
Dean Weimer's Gravatar "The Donald" for Pres. ? I guess I'll have to wait and see what other candidates we'll have. Let's face it, we haven't seen any really great Presidential candidates in the last several elections. I'm looking for an educated, diplomatic, individual who isn't going to rip off the taxpayer any more than they currently are. I'd also like to see someone have the "gumption" enough to address the illegal alien mess and come up with a solution to it.

Oh, and another qualification...

I'd like for it to be someone who is a natural born citizen and can provide a legit. birth certificate...LOL!
# Posted By Dean Weimer | 4/25/11 12:24 PM
Scott from MI's Gravatar If he's running against Obama he gets my vote....enough said
# Posted By Scott from MI | 4/25/11 12:36 PM
jjas's Gravatar Until we quit sending the same people back to Congress (yet expecting a different result) I don't care who sits in the big chair,
nothing is going to change.

Same thing with illegals. You can build all the fences you want but until companies quit hiring people with questionable paperwork and
the government quits providing them health care and public education for their kids it won't stop.

It's kind of like termites. You need to take away what drew them in to be rid of them......
# Posted By jjas | 4/25/11 12:36 PM
jjas's Gravatar I'm hardly a fan of Obama but throwing the $4.00 gas card @ his feet while talking about a conservative taking over as POTUS kind
of overlooks who was in office in the last time we had $4.00 gas doesn't it?

The issue is re-electing the same people who are more concerned with their careers than doing the country's business.

Vote Republican, vote Democrat or vote independent for all I care but if you want a chance @ true change vote out the incuments.
# Posted By jjas | 4/25/11 2:47 PM
hanback's Gravatar jim, the media lay this gas mess sqaurely at Bush's feet, how many times did we hear "gas is rising
because of Bush's big-oil Texas cronies." Hmm, what about now?
# Posted By hanback | 4/25/11 2:57 PM
jjas's Gravatar I agree, the media did lay it @ Bush's feet. Said he was making deals for his fat cat oil buddies. It wasn't Bush's fault then
and it isn't Obama's now.
# Posted By jjas | 4/25/11 3:24 PM
V. in N.C.'s Gravatar jjas,

I said that I hope that a strong fiscal conservative is the next POTUS. Emphasis on fiscal.

GW was not a fiscal conservative. He spent money like he was on a three day pass. The media was all over it, too.
I remember hearing the following for about four years straight: "George Bush is not jaw-boning OPEC enough." "Dick Cheney is on the
board at Haliburton." So on, and so forth. What about now???

Speaking of the media. I remember seeing a KIA count from Iraq and Afghanstan on the evening news for about five years straight.
I have not seen one on the news since GW left the White House. We are still losing people overseas. The agenda for what we are now seeing has been set. So, the barrel that we are now looking down is at the feet of the current president, in my opinion.

David Trump may very well run for president. If he wins the nomination to oppose the current administration; he has my vote.

By the way, it's cool that Trump's son is a hunter. He should take his dad with him some time.
# Posted By V. in N.C. | 4/25/11 3:34 PM
jjas's Gravatar Bush had a conservative congress for much of his administration and look @ the mess he (they) made. Is Obama any better? Nope.

What's the common denominator? A congress full of folks who lack the testicular fortitude to do what's right. A congress who once again
is more concerned with pushing an agenda that allows them to win (or hold onto) their power, bring pork home to their states and turn
a blind eye to the debt and deficits these agendas continue to grow.

This country is going broke. Trump can't fix that. Only Congress can.
# Posted By jjas | 4/25/11 3:52 PM
ebrown's Gravatar jjas,
I can asure you the agenda being pushed by the Republicans does nothing to grow the deficit. I think if we remeber last years primarys that is why several rank and file repubs were ousted. The newer breed conservative side is fed up with the spend first, find out how to pay for it later attitude. I think the point a couple on here were trying to make is that when GW was in the big seat, he took the heat for everything. The man with the big stick has forgotten his campaign promises and that is why his supporters are starting to turn. I even read an article the other day of severa lcongressional members secretly trying to get a primary continder to face him in 2012. Now I dont know if it is true or not, though I highly doubt it was since it was on the Huffington Post, but if far left columnest are writing it, then someone must not be happy with the pres.

As far as Mr. Trump, his polling is higher then anyone thought it would, so watch out.
# Posted By ebrown | 4/25/11 4:30 PM
Paul-NJ's Gravatar Trump will be in the mix for a while for media exposure. He's a businessman through and through. All this attention on him boosts his image and ratings for his TV shows. He brings up many great points that only he has the balls to say. Gotta love that. If a legitimate candidate would run and say the same things it could get interesting. Right now neither party has anything good to offer. They're all too "political" still.
# Posted By Paul-NJ | 4/25/11 4:30 PM
Russ's Gravatar I agree with Scott, if he is running against BHO that is good enough for me. What he did to our national debt just plain scares me.
# Posted By Russ | 4/25/11 7:25 PM
Cody's Gravatar Curt--you hit the nail one the head. I'd almost vote for anyone who will oppose him, although the country is in such a mess I don't expect many people to jump at the opportunity to fall into the middle of it to try to fix it, for one reason. If they can't fix it in 4 years, which they probably can't, they won't have a second term and will look just as bad as Obama, and noone wants that.

# Posted By Cody | 4/25/11 8:15 PM
jjas's Gravatar Ebrown "I can asure you the agenda being pushed by the Republicans does nothing to grow the deficit"

I've seen nothing that supports this statement. The plan (like the Democrats) is just a drop in the bucket of debt. The deficit and debt
will continue to grow.
# Posted By jjas | 4/25/11 8:41 PM
Dean Weimer's Gravatar I'm hearing that gas is going up because "consumer purchases of gasoline are down".

O.K. I'm not mathematical/economical genious here, but if they lower the price so everyone can afford it, won't sales go up?????

(Insert Carlos Mencia's famous "Dur, dur, dur...!!" here...)
# Posted By Dean Weimer | 4/26/11 11:02 AM
Clay Hanback's Gravatar Hey there Dad. I really enjoyed reading this post about Donal Trump. Lately in one of my Comm. classes we have been talking about ways people market themselves to the public. Form what i can see Donald Trump is marketing himself as a bully, whether he realizes it or not. I think this is EXACTLY what America needs right now. America has been getting pushed around by other countries in the world, people are even saying that we have become the 3rd most powerful country behind India and China. To me, this is just flat out unacceptable. With all of our resources there should be no doubt that we are the most powerful country in the world. Donald Trump is raising many questions about our government right now, and I think all of these questions are things that our citizens should think about. I truthfully do not believe he will get the nomination (but stranger things have happened). However Donald Trump knows how to: A. make money and B: stand his ground and not back down from anybody. I believe this is exactly what America needs right now!
# Posted By Clay Hanback | 4/26/11 5:33 PM
hanback's Gravatar right clay, well written post too, college did u right!
# Posted By hanback | 4/26/11 5:46 PM
jjas's Gravatar Sorry boys, but unless old swoop head can "prove" the copy Obama provided yesterday to the media is "fake" he's kinda looking
like a fool.
# Posted By jjas | 4/28/11 10:55 AM
ma's Gravatar Trump is a progressive. Be careful what you wish for.
# Posted By ma | 4/28/11 3:32 PM
Bill's Gravatar Looks like old pants and boots to me. John Kerry and Mitt Romney got their hunting hero shots taken and it looked the gear was right off the shelf. That Trump, Sr. raised a hunter is a point in his favor.
# Posted By Bill | 4/29/11 12:22 AM