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Trail Cam: Bent Beam Buck

wi cam

One of our bloggers sent this image from somewhere in Wisconsin. This buck would be a cool sight to see coming through the woods in a few weeks when bow season opens. How do you think he bent that beam?

From what I’m seeing it’s setting up to be a good rack year, much better than last. And I have not heard of any massive EHD outbreaks as of yet, though now is the time when we really need to be on the lookout for that.

Fingers crossed, should be a good fall! Are you getting ready?

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Review: Full Pro Safety/Shooting Glasses

full pro glasses

The Full Pro SoundVision protective kit is a simple but ingenious design, and I’ll use the glasses in all my range shooting from now on.

When you put on ordinary shooting glasses and then top them with a set of earmuffs, there is a slight break in the seal between the muffs and the arms (temples) of the glasses on either side. These breaks let in some decibels of a gunshot. Also, the muffs squeeze the arms of the glasses against your temples; this can get uncomfortable after a while, and these pressure points can be painful after a long shooting session.

The Full Pro glasses don’t have typical hard arms, but rather flexible straps attached to either side of the lenses. You stick a circular adhesive patch to each side of your earmuffs. Put the muffs on, put the glasses on and secure them in place with the Velcro-type straps and adhesive patches.

full pro sketch

With the glasses attached to the outside of the muffs, you get a snug fit with an unbroken ear seal, which provides the ultimate ear-eye protection while shooting. And you’ll be amazed at how comfortable these glasses fit and feel.

The kit includes the high-impact glasses (my test lenses were smoke, but also available in clear and amber) and 2 pair of adhesive patches that stick to your earmuffs. Muffs are not included (system is designed to work with most styles of muffs).

Just in time for sighting-in your hunting rifles, you can order the kit ($24.95) from Amazon.


Virginia: Piebald 10-Point Buck!

I saw this on the Virginia Whitetails Facebook page. Those guys are putting out one of the best state deer-hunting pages on social media:

I’m sure many of y’all remember the monster 10-point piebald buck that Brandon Seward harvested in Wakefield on 12/2/13. Brandon got his mount back 2 weeks ago. Check out how amazing he looks mounted! Congrats on a dream buck Brandon! How many of y’all would love to harvest a mature piebald wall hanger?

What cool photos, from trail cam to Brandon’s hero shot to the shoulder mount.

va piebald 1

va piebald 2

va piebald 3

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