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Soybeans: Best Food Source For Big Deer

soybean map

qdma map

Check out Map #1 of soybean production in the U.S. Now compare it to Map 2, which shows where the most record-book bucks (P&Y and B&C) have been killed in America over time. Uncanny isn’t it?

The maps clearly show a strong correlation: The more soybeans, which have nearly 30% crude protein, that are planted in and around your hunting area, the more big bucks that live there.

Click here for more information on soybeans and when to plant them this spring.




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Is This Lion Zebra Fight Best Taxidermy Ever?

taxidermy cool lion and zebraI was looking back through my archives and found this photo, which was sent to be by a reader one time: Mike, I don’t know anything else about this other than it is cool as hell!

The message with the picture read: From the World Taxidermy Championship. Notice how carefully this was put together…look at each angle and consider, there are no ropes or lines holding any of this up. The lion is held up by its tail, where it contacts the zebra leg, and the entire mount is supported by the zebra’s back leg. Pretty amazing.

Yes, cool as hell. Might be the best taxidermy work I’ve ever seen.

4 Most Popular Hunting Cartridges

hale 2018 ALBoone and Crockett did a survey one time. They compiled a list of cartridges that hunters used to kill North American big game and big bucks that ultimately made their record book. Not surprisingly, here are the top 4 rounds:

–.300 magnum (used by 18 percent of the hunters in the survey): This includes the .300 Win. Mag and .300 Rem. Ultra Mag. A lot of the animals killed in this survey were big and tough, like bears and elk. But quite a few record-size mule deer and whitetails were felled with the flat-shooting .300 too. Never a bad choice, IF you can handle some recoil.

–.270 (12 percent): The .270 is still one of the kings and always will be, no matter how many sexier, flatter-shooting cartridges are developed. The .270 is a proven performer and has little recoil, so most hunters shoot it well. Fine whitetail cartridge, all things considered probably the best. After a few years of hunting with other cartridges, I find myself going back to my Remington Model 783 in .270…I shoot a few more bucks with it and wonder why I ever stop using that fine rifle.

–.30/06 (11 percent): Only thing surprising is that it didn’t rank higher in the top 2. Still the best all-around big game cartridge on the planet. I’ve killed sheep, black bears, caribou, elk and lots of deer with 150-, 165- and 180-grain bullets; why I ever stopped hunting with the .30-06 I really don’t know, but I haven’t shot mine in years. I need to go back to this venerable cartridge again.

--7mm Rem. Mag. (10 percent): The 7 Mag. will always have a following, especially with elk and mule deer hunters out West, where it really cannot be topped. I used this cartridge a lot last fall, and while it performed well, I need more range and hunting time with it to feel comfortable.

Which rifle and cartridge do you hunt with?

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