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Virginia: Piebald 10-Point Buck!

I saw this on the Virginia Whitetails Facebook page. Those guys are putting out one of the best state deer-hunting pages on social media:

I’m sure many of y’all remember the monster 10-point piebald buck that Brandon Seward harvested in Wakefield on 12/2/13. Brandon got his mount back 2 weeks ago. Check out how amazing he looks mounted! Congrats on a dream buck Brandon! How many of y’all would love to harvest a mature piebald wall hanger?

What cool photos, from trail cam to Brandon’s hero shot to the shoulder mount.

va piebald 1

va piebald 2

va piebald 3

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Video: Drop-Tine Buck!

Thanks to a hunter in the Midwest for sending this:

“Shot this video last week it’s shaky but still cool. Had trail pics of him last year; his drop has doubled in size and split this year. This is free-range deer.”

NOTE: If the video does not appear above on your screen, watch it here.

Trail-Cam Monday: Big Buck is Back!

andy cam 2014

A hunter from somewhere in the Midwest has this great buck on camera.

Mike: We were calling him the Big 9 (his picture from 2013 below) but I think he needs a new name now. I’ll take name suggestions from the BIG DEER bloggers.

History is, the buck showed up in 2013 and appeared on only one camera 2 different days in late July–then we never saw him again. This year he’s been on 2 cameras every couple days since June when we able to identify him (we run cameras year-around).

Any guesses on potential score (and age) based on his pics from 2013 to this year? Again, what’s a good new name for this buck?

andy cam 2013

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