Ohio Freak Buck: Split-Beam, Drops, 157!

Yesterday the Maryland 4-beam, today an Ohio freak! Two dream bucks with as much character as you will ever see. Thanks to Tim Fisher for sending this blog about his hunt:

Upon hearing of a cold front passing on Friday October 21, I decided to take the day off work to hunt. Using a bleating can and soft grunts all day, I saw 3 does on 2 different sequences, and they all seemed interested in the sounds coming from my tree.

A light breeze calmed to almost nothing when I spotted my buck at 50 yards, walking straight toward me. He stopped at 40 yards to work a scrape and trash a licking branch—right on top of where I have entered and exited the woods all season! He sniffed the air and knew something wasn't quite right, and he exited into the edge of the standing corn. I thought I'd never see him if he kept his course.

Lucky for me, he quartered the field edge and came toward me. Once the buck was behind a tree, I drew my bow and aimed at my 30-yard mark I had ranged earlier. When he stepped into the lane I let loose my double-lung/heart grazing shot.

I couldn't believe the double drop tines and split main beam when I got up to him! A 210-pound Brown County, Ohio deer that gross-scored 157 1/2 for my biggest bow kill to date.

No fences, no trail cam pictures, just light scouting and old-fashioned hunting and calling  101.—Thanks, Tim

I put that last line in bold, read it again. Awesome Tim! Hot in Ohio right now. comment

Eli Brown's Gravatar Congrats Tim, thats a FREAK.
# Posted By Eli Brown | 10/28/11 11:09 AM
Jerad's Gravatar Great Buck Tim, and love the way you got him. Awesome job man.
# Posted By Jerad | 10/28/11 11:41 AM
David in NC's Gravatar Awesome! Memorable hunt, memorable buck.
# Posted By David in NC | 10/28/11 11:45 AM
dan - n.e. kansas's Gravatar excellent buck. way to go! love the way you got it done. lots coming out of ohio in the last few weeks.
# Posted By dan - n.e. kansas | 10/28/11 2:10 PM
Rick from PA's Gravatar sweet looking buck! congrats! my truck in loaded down as I leave for Illinois tomorrow morning!!! so pumped up!!
# Posted By Rick from PA | 10/28/11 11:14 PM
Jeff B's Gravatar Great buck Tim. You gotta love those high character bucks. High character hunters are great also!
# Posted By Jeff B | 10/29/11 10:37 AM
fred's Gravatar GREAT... That's an AWESOME RACK too!
# Posted By fred | 10/30/11 12:26 PM
Randy Mihalik's Gravatar Freak nasty! I love it!
# Posted By Randy Mihalik | 10/30/11 11:59 PM
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