BREAKING: 309" Indiana Buck?

I had been hearing rumors of a 300" wild buck killed in Indiana last season. And then today this picture popped up on my Twitter. Word is the rack nets 309. If so this could be biggest non-typical whitetail ever killed by a hunter. Has anybody seen this monster anywhere on the Internet, or know more? comment

BJ's Gravatar Wow! Hard to get the full effect from the marginal photo but it looks like a sure enough giant! There have got to be some better photos floating around. Hope we get to hear the rest of this story.
# Posted By BJ | 2/9/13 4:04 PM
Hunter, Nc's Gravatar Good lord look at those brows... this is the first ive heard about it. Hope it turns up true and not road kill or poached
# Posted By Hunter, Nc | 2/9/13 6:18 PM
Dbaxter's Gravatar No doubt that's a real giant but, I just cant see 309" from looking at any of those pics. Hopefully we will see some better pics that reveal that score. Being a hoosier myself I hope the official B&C panel declares it that score.
# Posted By Dbaxter | 2/10/13 12:35 AM
MAVERICK's Gravatar Dbaxter I agree..I mean it's an amazing buck in all aspects but I just don't see this being 300 inches of bone. Mike do you think it's possible this Big Boy could go 300 + ?
# Posted By MAVERICK | 2/10/13 5:18 AM
Martin's Gravatar Is that trash wound up in his rack that he accidentally picked up along the way?
# Posted By Martin | 2/10/13 3:38 PM
BJ's Gravatar Nope - does not appear in the other photos linked. It looks like ratchet strap excess wrapped around the rack for transport.
# Posted By BJ | 2/11/13 12:49 PM
Dean Weimer's Gravatar Prelim. score is indeed 309 7/8". Was measured by a good friend of mine on Thuyrsday. Am waiting to hear more about this buck/hunt/hunter. Has been checked out by IDNR, etc. Everything is legit. about this buck. Every;thing being talked about is leggit. to the best of my knowledge.

The person who measured it is a very competent, meticulous, and well-respected measurer for HRBP, P&Y, B&C, and Longhunter's. Hoping to learn more soon.
# Posted By Dean Weimer | 2/11/13 1:32 PM
FULLRUT's Gravatar What an amazing animal. CONGRATS to the hunter on an amazing acheivment!
# Posted By FULLRUT | 2/11/13 5:45 PM
greg's Gravatar Thanks for reinforcing info Dean....Here is some more info I can share also! Over 30 inch main beam, the other over 29. G1's of over 13 and 14 inches. G2's of over 15 and 16 inches. The buck has over 79 inches of non typical points. 37 scorable
points total.
# Posted By greg | 2/11/13 7:07 PM
John's Gravatar Being from Indiana I was definitely excited to hear about the buck, and like several other people have said the buck is huge regardless of its score. If the buck's nontypical rack nets 309 7/8 and has 79 inches of nontypical points, then the buck's typical frame would net 230". The Indiana deer expo is in Indianapolis this weekend and I sure hope to see the buck there.
# Posted By John | 2/11/13 9:17 PM
# Posted By greg | 2/11/13 9:22 PM
# Posted By FULLRUT | 2/12/13 11:13 PM