You CAN Hunt Deer with an AR Rifle

While doing press for his new film “Bullet to the Head” (ah, the irony or should I say the hypocrisy) Sylvester Stallone (who has shot, blown up and fire-bombed zillions of imaginary people in his movies) was quoted as saying, “Who needs an assault weapon?...You can't hunt with it.”

Really. Well, Rambo, take a look at the great buck I shot a few years ago with the Remington R-25, which is not a so-called assault rifle, but in fact a modern, legitimate, semi-automatic deer rifle that is available in 3 HUNTING chamberings: .243, 7mm-08 and .308. The R-25 in .308 that I used was fun to shoot and very accurate with factory Core-Lokt loads (photo below, groups we shot at 100 yards). I killed that buck with one heart shot.

Plus, and this is the thing that matters, it is your and my right to own and hunt with an AR-style rifle if we choose to. comment



Derek from ND's Gravatar Love it! And now I hate Rambo. Does he even hunt at all? He should go back to his terrible acting.
# Posted By Derek from ND | 2/8/13 11:29 AM
hanback's Gravatar I hear Sly's new film is tanking...go spend ur money on Die Hard, Bruce Willis supports 2A
# Posted By hanback | 2/8/13 11:34 AM
Mike Cip's Gravatar Once again, you have hit the nail on the head Mike. Thanks for all that you do!
# Posted By Mike Cip | 2/8/13 12:14 PM
David in NC's Gravatar Sweet gun Mike! I'd love to have one like that. Cool camo pattern on it too.
# Posted By David in NC | 2/8/13 12:34 PM
Scott from MI's Gravatar Right on Mike!
# Posted By Scott from MI | 2/8/13 12:55 PM
Curt in Va's Gravatar How ironic would it be if he uses deer antler velvet spray?
# Posted By Curt in Va | 2/8/13 2:29 PM
Cary Dion's Gravatar Your not just a whistling's not what the gun looks like, it's about how it can perform on game. Once again another
Hollywood air head that doesn't know what they are talking about.
# Posted By Cary Dion | 2/8/13 2:52 PM
hanback's Gravatar the group i'm pointing to the worse on the board but still way more than adequate for hunting--look at the top ragged group (one flyer to the left)
and the bottom group. amaxingly accurate!
# Posted By hanback | 2/8/13 2:56 PM
Luke Strommen's Gravatar Well written points, Mike. Stallone is misinformed like the rest of the liberal hollywood types. At least Bruce has common sense, understands
the principles that our country was founded upon and the threats that face our freedoms. It's really not an issue whether or not
a person could/should hunt game with an AR platform...rather it's our right to bear this firearm for reasons much more important than
the capability of it to hunt game. Our forefathers understood the importance of keeping our government in check. Shall not be infringed
means shall not be infringed.
# Posted By Luke Strommen | 2/9/13 10:36 PM
Russ's Gravatar Right on Mike! Keep up the good work. I would love to own a rifle like that. I carried the M16 when I was in the military and loved it. It was light weight and accurate, much lighter than the M1 I started out with.
# Posted By Russ | 2/10/13 6:03 PM