Giant VA 8-Point Buck

Mike, I saw the posting of the 32-inch-wide VA buck on your website. That is surely an impressive buck. Thought I would share a few pictures of my buck of a lifetime. I was fortunate to take him on my property behind my house in Providence Forge, VA. I shot him on November 19, 2012 with my 20-gauge slug gun, still-hunting behind my house. He was chasing a doe and actually came within bow range.

I don’t have a score to report but the G-2s are 15 inches tall! I plan on having it scored at the VA Deer Classic in August. I don’t get too wrapped up in the scoring system because regardless of score he is gonna look good in my living room!

It was a great buck year in VA in 2012, way to go man, that’s some 8-pointer!


BJ's Gravatar In the deer world, I don't think you can beat a big old honkin' 8-point buck like this one for classic beauty and regal character. Man - what a stud. Love the way those brow tines lean to the outside. You know that's a brute when you notice the hunter's arms are at shoulder width holding those G2s! Congrats on a great buck! Shotgun kill at close range while spot and stalk hunting had to be an adrenalin rush for sure.
# Posted By BJ | 2/7/13 12:44 PM
Danny's Gravatar That is a heavy horned brute!!!! Congrats to the hunter.
I'd say he's in the 150" range. And, it takes one heck of an 8 pt to reach 150".
But, I wouldn't worry too much about the inches. Taken on your property, behind your house, still hunting with a 20 guage.
That just makes it even better. Awesome deer!!!
# Posted By Danny | 2/7/13 3:07 PM
Matt's Gravatar That's a beast! Love those brows. Congrats.
# Posted By Matt | 2/7/13 3:13 PM
Curt in Va's Gravatar That's some swampy ground out that way. Impressive for sure!
# Posted By Curt in Va | 2/7/13 8:40 PM
Wayne's Gravatar Great Eight. I love heavy eight pointers. Going to make a beautiful mount.
# Posted By Wayne | 2/7/13 11:08 PM