Kansas: 13-Year-Old Girl Shoots 9-Year Old Buck!

Many thanks to Pastor Matthew for sending this great story:

My daughter, Hannah, and I tried very hard all last season to get her a good deer. She had set a personal goal to either shoot a mature buck or at least a buck that went 115" or better. She passed a lot of deer, and saw some better ones, but just couldn't get the shot she wanted.

Fast forward to the last 20 minutes of the 2012 season. Major winter front moving into Kansas. I had been rattling and vocalizing trying to pull something out of the cover around us. We had a vulnerable looking buck decoy set nearby. Finally a mature deer stepped to the tree line at about 125 yards. It took about 5 minutes and some more deer vocalizations to get him in position for a shot.

In the end, Hannah shot the 9.5 year old brute I called "Muzzy Moment." I had hunted this deer for many years. The old warrior earned his name by surviving an encounter with my Muzzy after he jumped the string and I got a poor hit on him, with the broadhead first nicking the bottom of his right main beam. I have the sheds from that year, including the beam with the broadhead cut.

Hannah entered the Kansas Monster Buck Classic last weekend and ended up getting an Honorable Mention ribbon in the Ladies Division as a 13-year-old who shot a deer that was born shortly after Hannah's 4th birthday.--Matthew


BJ's Gravatar I LOVE that photo. Congrats to Matthew and Hannah on a fine buck and great hunt story. The pride in dad's face and the smile on Hannah's face clearly reflect the sense of accomplishment and the effort that went in to making that moment happen!
# Posted By BJ | 2/6/13 1:53 PM
Matt's Gravatar way to go!
# Posted By Matt | 2/6/13 5:28 PM
Mack's Gravatar To put it mildly, boy, do we need more hunters like her. Great deer for anyone, much less a young girl like her. Way to go.
# Posted By Mack | 2/7/13 2:11 PM
matthew's Gravatar Thanks guys. It was sure a proud moment for me. Last year Mike posted a pic with Hannah and her younger sister, both with their first antlered deer on opening day of youth season. She's becoming quite a hunter.
# Posted By matthew | 2/8/13 12:30 AM