RAM Trucks, God Made a Farmer

Watch this commercial again and tell me if it keeps getting better and better for you, as it does for me.


Matt's Gravatar The best commercial last night! Made all conversation go dead and kept everyone's eyes glued to the tv. Beautifully made.

Jeep also had a nice military commercial.
# Posted By Matt | 2/4/13 2:13 PM
Bob Barnette's Gravatar Yup - I thought this one, and the Jeep ad, were just superb - very classy!
# Posted By Bob Barnette | 2/4/13 2:26 PM
eph's Gravatar God, country people, saying prayers at dinner table, hard WORKING people, finally something decent and moral on mainstream TV
# Posted By eph | 2/4/13 2:28 PM
aj's Gravatar On the 9th day God made people realize that breaking every square inch of soil for crops was not a good thing, and that saving wetlands, trees and grass were good for all his creatures.

He called them "conservationists"

In my neck of the woods, the farmers are tearing up all habitat for the sake of money... just so they can buy new 1 ton trucks every year. Nothing wrong with making a living, but farming is not the way it used to be like this commercial portrays - at least not around here.

Just my Opinion
# Posted By aj | 2/4/13 4:27 PM
Curt in Va's Gravatar Great commercial!
A "wetland" is a swamp!
A "Rain Forest" is a jungle.
Did the farmers take your land? We have the right, or at least we used too, to use our and the way we choose. More & more people are putting their land into "conservation programs" to prohibit future development. I am all for that if it is your choice. Once they start taking our rights, the proverbial "cattle" gate is open to keep taking. Don't buy the liberal lingo, brother!
# Posted By Curt in Va | 2/4/13 5:07 PM
Ian In WI's Gravatar I agree with AJ. A farmer leases part of our farm and has asked to take out all our line fences
that are habitat for phesants and prevents erosion. Last season he also confronted me about knocked over corn
where my buck had crashed in his field. I told him i cant control where deer die on my proeperty and im
sorry for the lost ears. I then [proceded to ask him... "I wonder how much corn this buck would have eaten all fall had i not shot him?"
he didnt say much after that.
The economy is espically tough on farmers they have to pinch every penny.
# Posted By Ian In WI | 2/5/13 12:07 AM
Martin's Gravatar The commercial is way too long to watch. After the first 5 seconds I lost interest.
# Posted By Martin | 2/5/13 9:37 AM