BIG Virginia DEER

2012 was one of the best big-buck years I can remember in a while here in VA. Thanks to Alex Brown for the heads up on 2 more great bucks (both killed in Charlotte County):

Bobby Jo Gallimore shot the giant above with (check bottom right of the picture) an open-sighted Remington Model 1100. As Alex wrote, “Haven't heard a score yet, but the buck is a pig. The picture does not do him justice.”

Harvey Lee Newcomb killed this beast during muzzleloader season. He had 15 points and weighed 210 lbs. “They are saying the buck is in the 170" range, but again nothing official yet,” says Alex.

Alex says: “The last deer is obviously not a monster, but I had to include it. This is my 8 year old son, Will Brown, with his first ever doe. He killed it with his single barrel 20 gauge and a slug. 

"Mike, I would also like to thank you and your sponsors for standing up for our 2nd amendment rights by not attending/supporting the Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show. Keep up the good work!”


David in NC's Gravatar Those are some impressive deer. For anywhere. I love that first one.
# Posted By David in NC | 2/19/13 12:21 PM
Matt's Gravatar Man, VA had a good year!
# Posted By Matt | 2/19/13 2:47 PM
Daniel Lee's Gravatar That's quite a rack and that spread actully looks sort of odd. To see more info please visit <a href=>http://e...;. He would certainly have to pick his way through some of the timber I hunt.
# Posted By Daniel Lee | 6/19/13 4:58 PM