Booner Shed!

One of my crazy Canadian buddies with a bad case of cabin fever and way too much time on his hands posted this with the message: “Found a Booner shed today.”

Anybody shed-hunting this weekend? Seriously, send pics if you find a big one.


Matt's Gravatar it!
# Posted By Matt | 2/15/13 2:14 PM
Martin's Gravatar I dream about finding one that big. Just noticed the guy holding up the back of the shed.
# Posted By Martin | 2/16/13 7:23 PM
Luke Strommen's Gravatar Found one old one last week...probably three years old or older...half a side to a p&Y 4x4. Still too much snow in the woods here. Not a lot
of hope for finding fresh sheds, but I know there are a lot of older sheds out there that I haven't found.
# Posted By Luke Strommen | 2/17/13 2:40 PM
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# Posted By Daniel Lee | 7/27/13 10:29 AM