Iowa Kid Shoots First Buck

Hi Mike: In March 2011, I sent you a picture of my deer of a lifetime (244 6/8” muzzleloader giant) for your Big Deer Blog. In the story I mentioned that my grandson had nicknamed the deer and was practicing with his BB gun so he too could deer hunt.

I'm PROUD to say that during the 2012 Iowa youth season, Ethan harvested his first deer! After a Euro mount, his trophy sits right next to mine.

Seeing the excitement on his face and listening to him retell his story is indescribable. One day we were reminiscing about his deer hunt, as we often do, and Ethan said to me, "Thank you Grandpa for taking me hunting." My 10-year-old grandson was thanking me for him giving me memories that I will cherish for the rest of my life. All I could muster was, "The pleasure was all mine!" What a boy!--Sincerely, Kelly Doyl

That is about as good as it gets. Congrats Ethan and Grandpa!


dan - n.e. kansas's Gravatar congrats to both ethan and kelly. great story and awesome buck. looking at that smile on his face says it all! way to go!
# Posted By dan - n.e. kansas | 2/12/13 10:47 AM
Matt's Gravatar First buck is a big deal! Congrats!!!
# Posted By Matt | 2/12/13 6:04 PM
James Parker's Gravatar Im a vegetarian :) And im being very sarcastic.
I have no problem with meat eating though, but there is nothing worse than the meat industry.? With all that steroids and antibiotics its just a ticking bomb. So Im ok with hunting, if its not for sport and if proper respect is shown. Which is rarely the case. To see more info please visit
# Posted By James Parker | 7/27/13 10:33 AM