Rifle Review: Remington’s New Model 783 Bolt-Action

Huge news for 2013 is Remington’s introduction of the Model 783 bolt-action, a rifle that in my opinion is destined to become one of America’s most popular new deer-hunting rifles. 

Built in Mayfield, KY, the 783 has a cylindrical receiver and a premium contour button-rifled barrel (22 inches most models, 24 inches for 7mm Mag.); designed for strength and rigidity, the barrel is attached to the receiver with a barrel nut system. Stock is black synthetic and pillar-bedded; the free-floated barrel enhances accuracy. This rifle doesn’t have the classy, straight-line appearance of the iconic Remington Model 700 CDL, my favorite deer rifle. But the clean, modern and functional look of the 783 ain’t bad.

Other top features: The butt-stock of the 783 wears Remington’s great SuperCell Recoil pad. The detachable, well-fitted magazine is made of strong metal. The trigger is set at 3 ½ pounds and easily adjustable.

The Model 783 is priced at $451 MSRP. It is chambered for 4 top deer cartridges: .270. .30-06, .308 and 7mm Rem. Mag.

I was one of the first hunters to get to shoot the Model 783 in the testing phase last fall. Remington’s John Fink brought a .30-06 model, topped with my scope of choice Trijicon Accupoint 3X-9X, up to Saskatchewan. We hit the range for a very brief field test. It was freezing, in the teens, and the wind chill was single digits. Plus, we needed to get in the woods and kill some bucks. I clicked 2 Remington Hypersonic 150-grain loads (new bonded ammo that we’ll talk about in another post) into the magazine, bolted up and took aim off the bench. In the cold and wind, with a rifle and trigger I had never used before, I shot a ½-inch group at 100 yards (see picture) which astonished everyone who was there, and mostly me. Then John took the 783 out into the bush and, 3 days later and killed an 11-point giant with it. The FIRST DEER EVER killed with the Model 783. You’ll see that hunt on a brand-new episode of BIG DEER TV on Sportsman Channel this fall.

If a new deer rifle is one of your resolutions in 2013, you need to take a serious look at the Model 783. I look forward to shooting it again (hopefully at a buck) next week in Texas. comment

jjas's Gravatar With the Savage Axis and the Ruger American selling well and the fact that the last two entry level rifles Remington brought out (the 710
and 770) weren't well received by shooters, it might make cracking that market a bit tougher for Remington.

I guess time will tell.
# Posted By jjas | 1/2/13 3:10 PM
David in NC's Gravatar Interesting. Thanks for the writeup. There are a a lot of new options over the last few years by Mfr's for the budget minded, synthetic stock deer rifle.

It will be interesting to see how the 783 is received.

Keep us updated on the new stuff from the SHOT show too.
# Posted By David in NC | 1/2/13 3:32 PM
Eric Miller's Gravatar Is it going to offered in wrong handed for us leftys out there?
# Posted By Eric Miller | 1/2/13 5:39 PM
hanback's Gravatar good question i would think so...will have one with us nest week
# Posted By hanback | 1/2/13 6:37 PM
joel's Gravatar I want to know if they are going to offer any more calibers. Like 300WBY mag.,325WSM,338Win.mag.,30-378Win.,etc...And what about factory muzzle brake or barrel porting?
# Posted By joel | 1/8/13 3:13 PM