BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Another Massive Saskatchewan Bow Buck!


Minutes after posting the previous monster I got a text from buddy Grant Kuyers:

Mike, check this out! Bow kill, local fella. Think he's been watching him all summer. Heck of a buck killed not far from some of our Buck Paradise ground.

See why I go up there every year? That giant was killed mere miles from where I'll be hunting November 10. From the looks of this buck and the one below (and from the cam pictures I've been seeing) it's going to be a very good year. Last winter was mild.

Grant tells me he just had 2 last-minute spots open up at one of his camps, hunt dates Oct. 28-Nov. 3. If you're interested and could make it on short notice, shoot me an email ( and I'll give you the scoop. comment


jjas's Gravatar Nice deer....congrats to the hunter.

Mike, I have to ask the obvious question......

Why don't you go up there this time of the year?
# Posted By jjas | 9/6/12 1:03 PM
Hanback's Gravatar I want to go there early some time for sure, but rut is best where the Americans are forced to hunt, which is mostly
back in the bush of the provincial forest. These bow giants are shot by the locals who get to watch and hunt them
around the ag areas and fields.
# Posted By Hanback | 9/6/12 1:06 PM
Brad loomis's Gravatar Is he double beam on his left side sweet & awesome brows to.
# Posted By Brad loomis | 9/6/12 1:11 PM
Brad loomis's Gravatar Hey mike I had a green screen on ur show last night don't know if it was just in my area or everywhere missed about 10min. Of the show so don't know what happen.
# Posted By Brad loomis | 9/6/12 1:16 PM
Hanback's Gravatar havent heard of any other problems, maybe jsut in ur area??
# Posted By Hanback | 9/6/12 1:44 PM
Mack's Gravatar Was OK in GA. Now I know why the draw for Mike is so great up there. Wow-Big bodied deer with massive antlers when they get a few years under them. Whoa Nelly..
# Posted By Mack | 9/6/12 2:13 PM
Mack's Gravatar Brad- He got a beauty.
# Posted By Mack | 9/6/12 2:14 PM
Brad loomis's Gravatar Hey hanback, when are we getting some of that big deer gear for sale.
# Posted By Brad loomis | 9/6/12 2:26 PM
Hanback's Gravatar hope by October 1!!! new site should be up by then
# Posted By Hanback | 9/6/12 2:35 PM
Brad loomis's Gravatar Sweet thanks I want a cap!
# Posted By Brad loomis | 9/6/12 3:14 PM
Matt's Gravatar So I was do they score velvet bucks? Do they compensate, because it seems velvet bucks would score better due to extra mass?
# Posted By Matt | 9/6/12 4:48 PM
Hanback's Gravatar good question, i think you have to peel the velvet to get it offically scored, does anybody know if that is right? if you
wanted to mount it in velvet, which i would, you could not get an official score for record book, am I right?
# Posted By Hanback | 9/6/12 5:20 PM
Danny's Gravatar Yes, they do not recognize velvet deer.
# Posted By Danny | 9/6/12 5:24 PM
dan - n.e. kansas's Gravatar what a beast! congrats to the hunter. buck of a lifetime!
well i hope i don't shoot my deer before oct. 1st. i want that big deer cap in the photo mike!
# Posted By dan - n.e. kansas | 9/6/12 5:54 PM
Matt's Gravatar Interesting...thanks for the responses guys! Learn something new every day : )
# Posted By Matt | 9/6/12 6:17 PM
BJ's Gravatar I could not hold a rack like that in my hands without grinning like a mule eatin' briars! Wish the hunter was showing more excitement over such a beautiful buck. I have mixed emotions about velvet racks. I like the looks of a hardened rack sans velvet much better and would almost rather wait until a buck like this shed his velvet before taking him. On the other hand, I know he might not pass my way again so I'd probably go ahead and shoot him anyway. I'd just like a chance to have to make that decision!
# Posted By BJ | 9/6/12 7:00 PM
Matt's Gravatar BJ...I want 1 velvet-racked buck because they are darn cool and unique. If it were the largest deer I might ever shoot, though, I would want it to have a bone rack. To each their own.
# Posted By Matt | 9/6/12 7:58 PM
jeffrey herrmann's Gravatar Here is your answer Mike:

"The Boone and Crockett Club does not accept antlers in “velvet” for entry into the Awards Programs and/or records books unless the velvet is removed before official measurements are made. Remnants of velvet are permissible as long as they do not affect any measurements."

# Posted By jeffrey herrmann | 9/6/12 9:04 PM
Danny's Gravatar I have one velvet rack on the wall. It was a nice 8 pt that i found last year that had died from EHD. I got a fake skull and mounted the horns on it.
It's not the biggest buck, but it still looks cool with the velvet still attached.
# Posted By Danny | 9/7/12 9:56 AM
Scott from MI's Gravatar Wow! thats my dram buck! Love the 3rd beam with point coming off of it. To cool
# Posted By Scott from MI | 9/7/12 2:18 PM
Rick from PA's Gravatar That's why I love Saskatchewan!!!! Congrats on an AWESOME BUCK!
# Posted By Rick from PA | 9/9/12 4:30 AM
Redneck Blinds's Gravatar We can only shoot a fork or better where I am hunting at, is that normal?
# Posted By Redneck Blinds | 9/10/12 5:04 PM