Indiana Urban Bow Monster Buck: "Heartstopper" 187 Gross

Guest post by Don Pickell, who shot this tremendous buck Sept.23. What a rack, and huge body: 

Indiana Urban Zone bow season opened September 15. I had just returned from a DIY elk hunt in Colorado, and I was back in my deer stand trying to shoot a doe since Indiana has implemented an Earn a Buck rule in the urban zone. I finally earned my buck tag and went to check a trail camera where I had velvet pictures of a buck I called "Heart Stopper." He was a buck I passed last year as a 3 yr old and he made a tremendous jump in antler size this year. When I reviewed the pictures, he had been moving during daylight hours.  I knew this was my opportunity to get a chance at him since he was unpressured and on a daylight pattern. 

On the morning of September 23, I climbed into my stand and had the best day of my life!  I was watching 2 smaller bucks filter through when they snapped their heads up and turned  to view their back trail.  They started to get nervous and jumped into the corn.  I heard a twig snap; as I turned my head Heart Stopper was walking the same path!  As I came to full draw, he was broadside at 10 yards. 

I had barely shifted my weight when the stand made a faint sound.  He snapped his head up and was staring right through me.  At this point, I knew this was the shot I have dreamed and waited for my entire hunting career.  I settled the pin and released the arrow. As the arrow buried into the vitals, a flood of emotions ran through me as the buck crashed through the corn.  My dream buck had just become a reality.

Since I did not see or hear the buck go down, I backed out for a couple hours in case the shot was not as good as I thought.  We tracked him for nearly 100 yards and walked up on him in a dried up creek bed.  As I knelt down, I never thought I would kill a bigger buck than I did 4 years ago (picture below, that was Outdoor Life's Deer of the Year) but lightning struck twice for this bowhunter. I started to reflect on all the time and hard work I put in during the off season preparing stands, clearing entrance/exits lanes and checking trail cams.  Heart Stopper is a 8 x 7 and roughly gross scored 187 and field dressed 225 lbs. Whatever the final score ends up being, it is a buck of a lifetime.--Don

Special thanks to Steve P. for turning us on to this story. Both Don and Steve are Mossy Oak pro-staffers and tremendous hunters. comment  


Dean Weimer's Gravatar Great deer Don. Congrats on a doozy.
# Posted By Dean Weimer | 9/26/12 11:13 AM
David in NC's Gravatar Awesome deer. Being a MO prostaffer, did he get it on film?
# Posted By David in NC | 9/26/12 12:10 PM
Mack's Gravatar He did it right! Passed on him- found him, patterned him, killed him. Great job. After all your work, it paid off.
# Posted By Mack | 9/26/12 2:22 PM
Matt's Gravatar I love the look of that deer. Wonderful!
# Posted By Matt | 9/26/12 2:43 PM
hanback's Gravatar every once in a while we see a "picket fence" rack like that, with 5-6 tines like pickets on each beam; each
time I see one I think how beautiful and unique and awesome, what a buck with a cool look!
# Posted By hanback | 9/26/12 3:25 PM
Cody's Gravatar Awesome deer, both of them!! While there is skill involved for sure I'd say that fella is pretty lucky. Many of us never seen or killed ONE deer of that size, let alone TWO. Incredible.

About the 'picket fence' rack-Mike like you I want a drop tine buck so bad I can taste it lol. Saw a dandy one several years ago but my young, somewhat inexperienced, buck fevered 15 year old self made a stupid mistake and he very easily lived to see another day. My biggest bucks to date have all been gorgeous 8 pointers. And in my 12 years of hunting, I'd say 85-90% off the top of my head of the deer I have killed have been 8 pointers. Never any more points. I've wanted a big tall wide "box frame" 10 point for as long as I can remember. My uncle killed one years and years ago, gorgeous deer. I think 22" inside spread, all long heavy points, great beams. Scored like 197 or 198 on VA scale, never scored on BC scale. Anyway, it looks like you could take a big square cardboard box and set inside the rack, hence my term "box frame". I've always wanted one like it. I've seen one or two but shots never presented themselves. While that picket fence rack buck is cool as hell, and I wouldn't pass on him for about anything, I think I'd rather have a big, symmetrical, box framed 10 point. Sorry for the tangent there, didn't really intend for it to be that long
# Posted By Cody | 9/26/12 4:20 PM
Greg Brownlee's Gravatar Wow, I hope they don't count the right g 4 as a common base point and this deer nets well as a typical! He's a giant for sure, and judging by the other buck he took it sounds like it's no fluke Don shot him!

Congrats on a great buck!

# Posted By Greg Brownlee | 9/26/12 6:31 PM
Steve monarch's Gravatar Great buck. In the pic the entry hole looks high and pretty far you know which vitals were hit.I am asking for future reference. Once again great buck.
# Posted By Steve monarch | 9/26/12 6:42 PM
wesley smith's Gravatar Nice buck
# Posted By wesley smith | 9/26/12 9:25 PM
Hunter, Nc's Gravatar What a deer man congratulations!... I love that rush of emotions he was talking about. There is a million and a half reasons why i hunt but that feeling.. that high.. Is what its all about. And thats one awesome deer. I would probably pass out if i shot a deer of that caliber Haha awesome man..
# Posted By Hunter, Nc | 9/27/12 4:12 PM
don christian's Gravatar great buck. what county?
# Posted By don christian | 10/7/12 3:45 AM