600-Inch Buck!

This photo (purportedly from this month) popped up in my email overnight--last year he reportedly scored more than 600 inches, will the rack go bigger this year? 

How can the deer hold his head up? comment

mike hanback's Gravatar looking at it, could it really be 600 inches plus? is that possible?
# Posted By mike hanback | 7/11/12 12:25 PM
Clint in MN's Gravatar That's just plain gross... It doesn't even look like a whitetail to me.
# Posted By Clint in MN | 7/11/12 12:52 PM
Jon - WI's Gravatar that is not normal or natural! I guess they gave him the JUICE!!!!

Kind of like a women with a big rack, that deer is going to have back problems in the near future!
# Posted By Jon - WI | 7/11/12 1:03 PM
jjas's Gravatar Just because you can do these types of things to deer doesn't necessarily make it a good idea........
# Posted By jjas | 7/11/12 1:32 PM
Paul-NJ's Gravatar Beauty comes naturally. Not by chemical means. This is aweful. What are they trying to do?
# Posted By Paul-NJ | 7/11/12 1:34 PM
Eric Miller's Gravatar Probably one of the deer from White River Whitetails in WI. Its a breeding facility.
# Posted By Eric Miller | 7/11/12 1:53 PM
PDS in MI's Gravatar Mike - You're better than this. Take this crap down. Sorry to be negative, I'm just disappointed.
# Posted By PDS in MI | 7/11/12 2:01 PM
Craig C's Gravatar Good God Almighty THAT'S ONE HELL OF A BUCK!
# Posted By Craig C | 7/11/12 2:17 PM
Dean Weimer's Gravatar Drought doesn't seem to be affecting that guy...
# Posted By Dean Weimer | 7/11/12 2:22 PM
mike hanback's Gravatar I am certainly not condoning this type of engineered/juiced bone, it is just a photo that I thought hunters would like to see
and discuss, good, bad and ugly.
# Posted By mike hanback | 7/11/12 2:24 PM
BigBee's Gravatar I'd prefer a mature, big, wide, heavy 8 or 10 pt any day to a freak like this... Leave nature alone - no more of this genetically-altered crap!
# Posted By BigBee | 7/11/12 2:57 PM
Hunter, Nc's Gravatar Thats the most beautiful thing ive ever seen lol Its not the same as if it was a wild deer that could some how grow into a monster like that, But a deer that scores over six hundred inches wether it be on a farm or in the woods is still an awesome sight. Its not like hes being tortured... Thats probably the most spoiled animal well kept animal there ever was. Awesome picture never thought id see a deer that big. Love to see him in the fall without the velvet..
# Posted By Hunter, Nc | 7/11/12 4:29 PM
Wren Munsterman's Gravatar Grotesque is the only word that comes to mind.
# Posted By Wren Munsterman | 7/11/12 5:32 PM
mike hanback's Gravatar Wren, how ya been?
# Posted By mike hanback | 7/11/12 5:36 PM
Curt's Gravatar I bet he walks like the Grinch's dog!
That's messed up!
# Posted By Curt | 7/11/12 6:57 PM
Brad loomis's Gravatar I thought I found one of his sheds but then as I got closer it was just a cypress tree stump...
# Posted By Brad loomis | 7/11/12 7:07 PM
Eli Brown's Gravatar How much meat you figure you could get off that deer?
# Posted By Eli Brown | 7/11/12 8:15 PM
Nick's Gravatar Looks like the buck I let pass last year..ha

Thats a beautiful deer!!
# Posted By Nick | 7/11/12 8:15 PM
Cody's Gravatar I don't see anything special with that buck. Did you mean 60 not 600? OHHHHH now I see it. Somehow I missed him at first
# Posted By Cody | 7/11/12 8:34 PM
Luke S.'s Gravatar No way is that 6 pointer 600 inches. He is offering a better shot than that little buck in the back, though. Good, bad, and ugly... well said.
# Posted By Luke S. | 7/11/12 8:44 PM
mike hanback's Gravatar i have looked at this picture like 1000 times today, and that rack really is absurd. what amazes is that it is possible for him
to grow that much bone so fast, even if on steriods..the physiology of it is unreal
# Posted By mike hanback | 7/11/12 11:41 PM
buckchaser's Gravatar Just disgusting! People need to stop f@#$%&g with ma nature. He may be a pampered buck, but his owners are altering him strictly to suit THEIR needs and wants.
# Posted By buckchaser | 7/12/12 12:06 AM
Henry Mitchel's Gravatar I felt sorry for her. She's beautiful without the antler...and now, she looks scary.
# Posted By Henry Mitchel | 7/12/12 5:03 AM
Bigdaddy's Gravatar How does he hold up his head, you asked? Easy to do when you,re on 'roids! The sad thing about this type of thing is that there is only value to doing it because someone is willing to pay for it.
# Posted By Bigdaddy | 7/12/12 10:28 AM
Jerad's Gravatar Wow.... No comment, lol
# Posted By Jerad | 7/12/12 11:34 AM
Dustin's Gravatar this bucks name is Big Rig, he is a three year old buck from a farm in Pennsylvania, he is not on "juice" or any performance enhancing drugs. He is the product of selective breeding, and proper nutrition. He scored 632" last year as a two year old and will likely put on quite a few more inches this year. I believe the farm owner took this picture around June 26th. If anyone has any other questions about this deer feel free to email me at dcoryn@mix.wvu.edu I have chosen not to include the farms name on this post because it is not my place to step.
# Posted By Dustin | 7/12/12 3:59 PM
Wayne's Gravatar Sorry, the pic in the article is of this deer at 2 years of age.
# Posted By Wayne | 7/12/12 4:40 PM
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