Michigan: Wolves on Trail Cam

Mike: It's never good having wolves within 150 yards of your rifle stand during deer season! This Cuddeback Camera was positioned on a hot scrape and I never went back to swap out memory cards until almost January, trying to keep the area pristine. I knew wolves were around but I had no idea there were that many. I had photos of one of these wolves last year from a half mile away. The white wolf is a female, caught twice by the Predator/Prey Study Group in the winter of 2010-11.

I'm in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I'm the guy that sent you the picture of the deer with the strap around her body last fall. These wolf pics were taken only 75 yards away. Incidentally that strap somehow came off. My Dad saw the deer and there was a distinct mark around her body from the band, weird.—Thanks, Tim Olsen 


Matt from IA's Gravatar Wolves have destroyed the hunting in Northern WI and the UP. I know people from my home state of WI that are giving up the sport. It's killing tourism and the economy up there. Wolf reintroduction was the biggest blunder ever by the WI DNR.

Granted, they have more of a right to be there than we do, but humans and wolves do not coexist well. That's why they were killed off in the first place. I say bring back the bounty.
# Posted By Matt from IA | 2/9/12 12:05 PM
Lance's Gravatar This year (or last) MI. introduced a 3 pt. min. on bucks in the UP. How much of that has to do with wolves? The people I know who hunt in the UP have hardly seen any deer over the last few years.
# Posted By Lance | 2/9/12 2:02 PM
Cary Dion's Gravatar I'm still curious about the deer with that strap around it's body. It had to be placed there by a UFO or a bigfoot, yep, those are the only two logical explanations.
# Posted By Cary Dion | 2/9/12 2:42 PM
Scott from MI's Gravatar Not to disagree and cause argument but they sure look like coyotes to me...nice size one to. The snout doesn’t seem long enough
and the bodys doesn't seem to be long and lanky enough. The middle pic seems like it might be a wolf but the others dont to me....but
i know that there are pleanty of wolves in the U.P.
# Posted By Scott from MI | 2/9/12 3:40 PM
Hunter's Gravatar I wouldnt want compete with wolves as far as hunting. I dont know for sure wat the laws are on hunting wolves but if they were interfering
with my deer and deer managment i would take matters into my own hands. i respect the laws, but when is the point where people need to
manage their own property and do what needs to be done as far as managing their land? Nobody really knows the land like the land owner..
# Posted By Hunter | 2/9/12 4:17 PM
Ian in WI's Gravatar Quoting a Northern Wisconsin DNR officer on his opinion on wolves "Shoot, Shovel, Shut-up" - they arnt all against us boys.
# Posted By Ian in WI | 2/10/12 1:28 AM
Rodger's Gravatar I agree with Scott. Coyotes for sure. A wolf would have those pups for dinner.
# Posted By Rodger | 2/10/12 10:54 AM
kyle from the U.P.'s Gravatar As someone who has lived with both wolves and coyotes. Those are definetely all coyotes in the pictures. Body characteristics and
down to the color patterns of the hair. No doubt in my mind those are all yotes. Don't get me wrong there are wolves here but not in
these pics.
# Posted By kyle from the U.P. | 2/10/12 9:52 PM
fred's Gravatar Look like big coyotes... like the ones i've seen in the Adirondacks and Maine. They are as big as the does they eat.
# Posted By fred | 2/10/12 11:39 PM
Ty's Gravatar Well all strongly agree that those are wolves except the last 1 has me a little on the fence on if it a wolf or not...... also i have never
seen coyotes packed up until around febuary and im from MAnitoba Canada and wolves always run in a pack.... Wolves are getting
terrible up here as long as you have an unfilled big game license you are legally allowed to shoot a wolf
# Posted By Ty | 2/11/12 7:52 AM
fred's Gravatar Wolves or Coyotes...
The IMPORTANT THING is we all agree they need to be shot on the spot...!

# Posted By fred | 2/11/12 10:17 AM
Rodger's Gravatar Ummm, not exactly, Fred. I don't shoot what I don't eat. Coyotes and wolves have a place in nature, too. If it disturbs your deer hunting, well, that's the way it goes. BTW, coyotes here in Texas always run in packs. Don't see how it could be different up north.
# Posted By Rodger | 2/11/12 11:51 AM
jason's Gravatar Here in Illinois I see coyotes in packs year round. It's not that uncommon to see 4 or 5 in a pack while deer hunting in November. BTW those in the pics above look like coyotes to me. The last two pics appear to be the same animal as well. Look at the coloring on the back as well as the black spot half way up the tail.
# Posted By jason | 2/11/12 4:28 PM
Hunter, Nc's Gravatar All i know is my trigger finger twitchs everytime i see a yote.. and its going ninety now.
# Posted By Hunter, Nc | 2/11/12 4:31 PM