Paul Ryan (R-WI): Bowhunter

This photo appeared in Time last year. Mr. Ryan at full draw in his office, with presidentail portraits on the wall and Old Glory in the foreground. How cool is that.

About the picture and story, Jay McAninch, CEO of the Archery Trade Association, wrote:

I don’t recall anyone of Paul Ryan’s stature making public statements in the mainstream press about their support for bowhunting. In fact, take just one look at Paul Ryan holding a bow at full draw, and you know he’s the real deal; a hardcore bowhunter. He’s not just another politician holding a gun or bow for the first time – maybe the only time – while currying favor with our country’s large hunting bloc.

I also read that Mr. Ryan, chairman of the House Budget Committee, emails his colleagues from his tree stand, trying to find solutions to Obama's economic mess and our nation’s out-of-control debt while waiting and hoping for a buck to come by.

I am sure the lefties and the city elites think that is weird, but man, I can relate. comment


hanback's Gravatar I should add, maybe this man should run for president...
# Posted By hanback | 2/21/12 11:31 AM
MikeC's Gravatar Maybe there's hope for this country yet...I knew I like him. Now I know why.
# Posted By MikeC | 2/21/12 12:35 PM
V. in N.C.'s Gravatar Didn't Obama say that Paul Ryan would push GrandMama off of the cliff in a wheel chair,and make old people eat dog food by slashing medicare benefits
to give their "rich"cigar smoking Republican buddies tax breaks. You know...they need the extra dough to fuel up the private jets. What with all
this $4 gas caused by George Bush for eight years and all. LoL...

Careful blaming Obama for the current economy, Mike.
# Posted By V. in N.C. | 2/21/12 1:57 PM
Cary Dion's Gravatar He needs to put an arrow in Obama's ass and let out some of that ego the president has. I've never seen anybody do such a bad job
and then actually think they are doing a good job. If the price of gas keeps going up, there will be a lot less hunters taking their
annual hunting trips this year. Obama's record is so poor, he can't talk about what he has done, so he decided to try and divide
us by playing class warfare. What a pile of deer dung he is.
# Posted By Cary Dion | 2/21/12 2:01 PM
Matt's Gravatar ha! love it. we need more of that here in Washington!
# Posted By Matt | 2/21/12 2:31 PM
Dean Weimer's Gravatar You beat me to it Hanback.
# Posted By Dean Weimer | 2/21/12 3:26 PM
Rodger's Gravatar Who is Paul Ryan?
# Posted By Rodger | 2/21/12 4:14 PM
Luke Strommen's Gravatar I with the above, I knew I liked him and this just tops the cake. Nice, very nice.
# Posted By Luke Strommen | 2/21/12 5:07 PM
Ian in WI's Gravatar A true represantation of a Wisconsinite if i ever saw one. Would love to share deer camp with him any time.
# Posted By Ian in WI | 2/21/12 9:33 PM
David in NC's Gravatar Curt, you bring up a good point. That is a rare politician that can put food on the table (without taking it from the taxpayers).
# Posted By David in NC | 2/22/12 12:01 PM
DougInWisconsin's Gravatar Awesome Mike! Mr. Ryan was my congressman before my wife and I moved. I used to share emails back and forth with him about various topics I felt strongly about and we always seemed to find a way to share a couple of hunting stories. He even remembered to send an email asking about my hunting season after hunting was over. He is very down to earth and (I never usually can quite say for sure about politicians) a good man.
# Posted By DougInWisconsin | 2/22/12 9:59 PM
Brian in Noblesville's Gravatar GREAT TO SEE! This needs to be spread across more hunting publications and he should probably be a spokesman for many organizations across the country! Sounds like the folks of WI really like the guy and based on their interactions with him, you can see why. I've had the pleasure of meeting Mitch Daniels here in IN and I can say that he too is an advocate for the Outdoorsmen.

Some politicians actually get it, huh??? Amazing!
# Posted By Brian in Noblesville | 2/24/12 12:45 AM
LANCE's Gravatar Sweet! That's awesome!!
# Posted By LANCE | 8/11/12 12:39 PM
K. Rove's Gravatar Huh? Say again?
# Posted By K. Rove | 8/11/12 5:49 PM
Sgt.solocam's Gravatar How will the future VP do a spot and stalk for whitetail with an secret security detail? I can see his tree stand set up now. Five trees stands, the VP with his bow and the detail w/machine guns.
# Posted By Sgt.solocam | 8/13/12 12:34 AM
Jeff Kingsbury's Gravatar Now here's a man we need in the white house fighting for us
# Posted By Jeff Kingsbury | 8/13/12 7:46 PM