Wisconsin: Main-Frame 8-Point Buck Gross Scores 201!

Some amazing bucks have been killed in Wisconsin this year, none more amazing than this one. The email I got said the rack scored 180 typical as a main-frame 8! 17" G-2s and the drop is 14". Supposedly shot near Ridgeway with a .270. Story is the hunter stuffed the huge-bodied buck in his Saturn and drove it to the check station. comment

Dean Weimer's Gravatar Wow!! Hanback, when you goin' to Wisconsin? Wisconsin continues to impress. Congrats to the hunter.
# Posted By Dean Weimer | 12/10/12 11:26 AM
BJ's Gravatar I'm going to put in nothign but Cheese foodplots next year! It's got to be the cheese! Congrats to the hunter - that rack dwarfs him!
# Posted By BJ | 12/10/12 12:08 PM
Greg Brownlee's Gravatar Well looks like I'll be heading back up to Wisconsin next fall! My cousins family owns about 400 acres in the same county! Big bucks up there, quit going when the CWD stuff hit bad and you had to shoot a doe before killing a buck. Glad to see it's back to what it once was!
# Posted By Greg Brownlee | 12/10/12 12:24 PM
Matt's Gravatar Those bases are as thick as an elk!
# Posted By Matt | 12/10/12 3:17 PM
Hunter,Nc's Gravatar Good god man lol thats INSANE
# Posted By Hunter,Nc | 12/10/12 4:08 PM
ChadMS's Gravatar Saw this deer. It is a crusher...Hunter is a self admitted meat hunter but this dude stepped out first. Distance from top of left G-2 to bottom of drop time is...........wait for it........29". No lie.
# Posted By ChadMS | 12/10/12 4:42 PM
Matt's Gravatar Anyone else think tine mass should start being considered??? I mean, some of the giants shot this year have insane tine mass but as it is, a pencil thin Texas buck would count as the same. Just a thought.
# Posted By Matt | 12/10/12 6:15 PM
Hunter,Nc's Gravatar Im with you matt, it should deffently count.
# Posted By Hunter,Nc | 12/10/12 6:27 PM
Aaron's Gravatar SICK!
# Posted By Aaron | 12/10/12 9:38 PM
Lance's Gravatar I think we need to start our own Big Deer scoring system, based on displacement only. Wow that is one amazing deer!
# Posted By Lance | 12/11/12 4:26 AM
Clint Klingerman's Gravatar WOW.....nice buck. Where did the Mule deer on the wall come from???
# Posted By Clint Klingerman | 12/11/12 10:37 PM