Remodeled Facilities: GA Deer Camp

Note from B.J.:

Mike, the attached photos are of the new, improved restroom facility at our hunting cabin. You will note how we added the side wind breakers to make the space more comfortable, and, in an effort that we are quite proud of, my son Miles has initiated a new gender-equality program in an effort to attract interested female members to the club.

Now that’s a deer camp! 


Dean Weimer's Gravatar Don't forget to put the seat down on the right hand side...
# Posted By Dean Weimer | 11/30/12 1:23 PM
Larry Tatum's Gravatar I'm gonna have to take some paint down with me this afternoon and modify that one toilet seat! For some reason, the occupiers of that side tend to use a whole lot more Charmin than normal....
# Posted By Larry Tatum | 11/30/12 3:07 PM
Cary Dion's Gravatar It has always amazed me when I see these double seater out houses. It's hard to believe that the two seats would be used at the
same time. What, did people sit there and have a conversation while doing their business. What if one was sitting to perform the
#2 and one was standing to pee. Would men and women take a dump at the same time? There are some things I prefer to do on my
own and taking a crap is one of them.
# Posted By Cary Dion | 11/30/12 3:18 PM
Brad loomis's Gravatar Ahhhh yea ) I'm with ya on that one that's pretty nasty.
# Posted By Brad loomis | 11/30/12 3:37 PM
Brad loomis's Gravatar I imagine that's where they really live
# Posted By Brad loomis | 11/30/12 3:40 PM
Savage Redneck's Gravatar Did anyone else notice the fridge on the porch, I love deer camp!
# Posted By Savage Redneck | 11/30/12 5:14 PM
adam's Gravatar Did anyone else notice the GA
# Posted By adam | 12/1/12 2:06 AM
Russ's Gravatar In our former deer camp we had a double seater. We would switch sides every other year to let the other side settle down. Not very significant, just a little crappy info you might need.
# Posted By Russ | 12/1/12 11:07 AM
David in NC's Gravatar It never hurts to have a backup plan in case of emergency. On another note, I'm glad to see gender equality has come to deer camp. After all, this is the 21st century. Even Augusta National allows women now...
# Posted By David in NC | 12/1/12 11:47 AM