VA: 150” 8-Point Giant!

Thanks to Dan for the heads up on this giant:

Mike, I thought you would enjoy a picture of a real Virginia beauty. This buck was killed on Nov. 3 by a friend of mine. The rack unofficially scored 150 3/8 with less than 3 inches of deductions. Halifax Co.—Dan

Love posting monsters from my home state of VA, awesome man!


BJ's Gravatar It is hard to beat a big, clean 8-point buck for pure whitetail beauty! Congrats to the hunter on an awesome buck!
# Posted By BJ | 11/29/12 1:54 PM
Brandon's Gravatar I too love a big 8pt. However, I don't see 150 inches. Not discrediting the deer at all, but it takes one hellova 8pt. to get to 150".
All in all, I wish I could put my hands on such a specimen! Great deer guy!
# Posted By Brandon | 11/29/12 2:03 PM
Hunter,Nc's Gravatar What a deer man.. He's got it all, tall wide heavy.. Awesome buck
# Posted By Hunter,Nc | 11/29/12 4:33 PM
Curt in Va's Gravatar Brandon,
I shot one a couple years ago here in Virginia that looked a lot like that one. It grossed 148+. I believe that stud is definitely in that neighborhood. Good job the gentleman that killed that buck!
# Posted By Curt in Va | 11/29/12 9:39 PM
Brandon's Gravatar Curt, after looking at this brute again, I'd have to say that yes indeed he is pushing the 150" mark. In fact maybe a shade over 150".
Pictures are hard to judge, but if he's got say 25" beams (maybe longer) a 20" or more spread, along with an average of 4" on all 6 mass
measurements, plus 5" G1's, 12" to 13" G2's, 10" G3's, that would put him in the ballpark for sure....ah, the heck with the score. He is
awesome 8pt. that is for sure! Again congrats to the hunter!
# Posted By Brandon | 11/30/12 11:34 AM
Hoytboy's Gravatar Brandon, there is 8 mass measurements total. This deer doesn't have a G4, so the 4th mass measurement comes from the measurement of the main beam, halfway between the G3 and the tip of the beam, on each side. All things considered, that deer is no doubt in the 150" ball park. To me, forget all the junk and huge non typicals. This is what a free roaming whitetail is meant to be. A giant, clean 8 is about as good as it gets.
# Posted By Hoytboy | 11/30/12 2:29 PM
Brandon's Gravatar Don't know what system you are using, but he doesn't get a 4th mass measurement due to not having a G4. This is per B&C scoring system.
# Posted By Brandon | 11/30/12 2:55 PM
Hoyboy's Gravatar and that is per B&C... seems you learn something every day. Zing!!!!!
# Posted By Hoyboy | 11/30/12 3:09 PM
Brandon's Gravatar awesome...thanks!
# Posted By Brandon | 11/30/12 3:49 PM
cory's Gravatar I arrowed an 8 in Indiana a few years back almost identical to this beauty, but w/longer brows & tons of junk around them. Not as wide but really tall, he grossed 147 & netted 138. This is a 150 class deer for sure, good looking & I love the 8's as well. My dream buck is a wide 6x6. Congrats to you Virginia hunter, that's a really nice buck!
# Posted By cory | 11/30/12 11:00 PM