Breaking: Iowa Hunter Shoots Giant that We Dubbed "biggest trail-cam buck of 2012"

In August I received this trail camera image from a nice man who was excited that this caliber buck had popped up on his land, and he wanted to share the image with the BIG DEER bloggers. I called it “the biggest trail-cam buck of 2012” and posted it. A few days later I got this email from the same fellow:

If I would have had any idea how much trouble posting this photo would cause, I never would have done it. We were excited as this was the first evidence we had of the buck being on our property. Everyone in the area has known about this buck for the last couple of years. Now that the buck has broadened his range, it seems a couple of people have their noses out of joint.

I have thick skin and can take being called out on your blog, but what happened yesterday crosses the line. I received a call from our renter (the farmer that rents the crop and hay ground from us) and he was extremely upset. He had two messages on his answering machine threatening him, his farm machinery and his home. I respectfully request that you remove the photo from your blog. This is not worth someone getting hurt or equipment and property being damaged. I would be glad to keep you filled in on how this plays out.

I pulled the photo immediately. Why some misguided souls would cause trouble and cast threats over a big deer is beyond my comprehension; that is so far from the true meaning and spirit of hunting that I just don’t understand it. But, sadly, big racks turn some people mad...and it hurts our sport.

Well, now the good news. I got this third email from the nice man:

Hi Mike: I told you I would keep you up to speed on this deer... We did not get any more trail cam pictures of him, but I received this last night from our renter. The buck was shot by his son on a property adjoining ours on Friday. The only thing that would have made me happier is if I would have shot it myself. But he is a good young man and I think it's fitting after all of the problems this buck caused his dad with the vandalism threats, etc. Now that it's all said and done I can tell you that the buck was shot in Harrison County, Iowa about 2 miles west of the little town of Magnolia. I'm sure we'll be hearing more about this buck in the next couple of weeks.

This is one of the coolest, biggest wild deer of 2012, and yes it will be big news. I’m really glad for the hunter. But somehow the sad saga of nasty talk, threats and pettiness has taken some of the luster off it for me. Still, great job man. And to the nice fellow who shared this monster with us first back in August, many thanks. comment

Brad loomis's Gravatar Wow wow wow I sure hope all these bucks are not drinkin the stuff if ya know what I mean thanks hanback for another monster.
# Posted By Brad loomis | 10/21/12 11:26 PM
Rick W. from PA's Gravatar Congrats on an absolute giant!!! To all those jerks who make threats, etc. over a whitetail you are ruining the great tradition of hunting!
# Posted By Rick W. from PA | 10/22/12 3:11 AM
SlungerBucks's Gravatar WOW!! Huge congrats. to the hunter on harvesting a true GIANT!! Good luck on ever topping that one!!
# Posted By SlungerBucks | 10/22/12 7:05 AM
BigDaddy's Gravatar To the shooter: Great job young man.
To the petty shits whom let greed over rule good ethics: You guys must have some sort of illness or your parents did a poor job of teaching you the meaning of sportsmanship grow up man.
# Posted By BigDaddy | 10/22/12 10:00 AM
dan - n.e. kansas's Gravatar congrats to the hunter on a monster of a deer. buck of a lifetime without a doubt. smile and be proud. i'm amazed at how much growth he put on since the trail cam picture in august. deer and antler growth amaze me to no end.
# Posted By dan - n.e. kansas | 10/22/12 10:19 AM
BJ's Gravatar Congrats to the successful hunter! Justice is served in this case, as the greedy, jealous individual who made the threats did not take this trophy! I love happy endings!
# Posted By BJ | 10/22/12 12:37 PM
Todd Simmons's Gravatar Congrats on a true giant. Don't worry about all the jealousy and rumor comments. Just enjoy the accomplishment.
# Posted By Todd Simmons | 10/22/12 1:30 PM
Matt's Gravatar Jealousy rears it's ugly head once again. I can't believe people would cause bodily harm and property damage over a buck. It's wildlife, which means nobody owns it. Sounds like they are the type that should be dealing with pen-raised deer, as they clearly are mature enough for wild deer.

The good news is that justice prevailed and the correct people got the buck. They have every right to be as happy as humanly possible. Congrats!
# Posted By Matt | 10/22/12 1:33 PM
Mack's Gravatar I am so glad the disrespectful individual who threatened harm and vandalism against the renter did not kill this amazing giant. Best to the successful hunter and hope he enjoys looking at the antlers on the wall all his life and remembers every moment of the hunt. Congrats to you. One hack of a deer.
# Posted By Mack | 10/22/12 2:46 PM
Kenny Myers's Gravatar Terrific, outstanding buck! But I do see both sides to the story. I can fully understand the want/need and desire for secrecy of such an animal. The "out of the ballpark" rack of this animal certainly deserves secrecy in my mind. Heck, if I had pics or a visual on such animal, I don't think I would even tell my wife...... Spreading the news of such a creature only increases the chance for "not killing" the buck, plus creates more jealousy and envy, and creates further problems if and when the buck is killed. Shoot, we men are afterall quite competitive you know..... A world class animal like this deserves better.
# Posted By Kenny Myers | 10/22/12 9:50 PM
Brad loomis's Gravatar Yeah) the dude looks really happy!
# Posted By Brad loomis | 10/23/12 12:58 AM
Hunter, Nc's Gravatar HHOOLLYYY CCRRAAPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!! Lol Mike i love your blog man always got awesome deer and storys. I check it everyday b4 work and every sense you posted this picture earlier in the year i have checked your site in hopes to see that this deer got harvested. Thats seriously amazing... Sucks that people have to get like that. Some people need to get it threw their thick heads that nobody owns these awesome animals and if its not on your property or property you got rights to hunt then you dont have the right to be mad when somebody shows off a kick ass once in a lifetime trail cam pic.. Funny how carma has a way of pulling threw though lol way to go man i gotta hear more about that sag daddy
# Posted By Hunter, Nc | 10/24/12 4:24 PM
bob's Gravatar I bet "SLEEPER GSX" has seen this deer before and so had "GamON"
# Posted By bob | 10/25/12 12:20 AM
Brian's Gravatar I would like to say congrats to the man that got
The chance of a life time , wow that is one AWSOME deer!!
I live in Missouri valley Iowa which is also in Harrison
County Iowa , I heared about this deer just recently ,
And am very glad some FINALY got this monster .
I'm a bow hunter and would Love to get the chance to
Even shot at a monster like that, but I could care less if I ever do
Shot a monster ! Just to be in the elements of
These deer excites me like nothing ! But to hear these
Idiots threaten a Wana destroy someone lively hood
Over a freaking deer I just plain ignorant period !! These
Are not true hunter just Vulchers !!!!!!!!!!
BLESSED !!!!! Thelaz!!
# Posted By Brian | 10/27/12 1:54 AM
Brian's Gravatar Well hello it's me thelaz again I would like to
Say the the fellow that shot this deer , if you get offered
Money and it's good money as it should be .
I would take the money and run , they will give you
A duplicate of and you will be in the Boone and
Cricket for sure . If you have assholes trying to
Threaten who ever over this deer, who knows what
These stupid people that call them selves hunters, I call them
Vulchers, will do to get to
Your prize . I had a good friend shot a nice ten point
Hang it in the tree just to wake up in the morning to
See his prize taken by thievs go figure !! It's the people
That threaten you over a animals that I hope and pray
Never ever get the chance to shot a buck period !!
# Posted By Brian | 10/27/12 2:08 AM
Aubrie's Gravatar I have gotten this picture on my phone, my dad sent it to me.. I hunt the area where this deer was shot. We even talked to a guy who said he was buddied with the guy who shot this deer.
# Posted By Aubrie | 10/29/12 4:59 PM
Marty's Gravatar I have talked to this man and he or his dad have not got any threating calls at all so i dont know who told you that but they are giveing all the good hunters around here a bad name and that is sad that someone would start a rumor like that
# Posted By Marty | 10/30/12 2:40 AM
axman's Gravatar looks like another high fence farm raised deer , note no darknesss around antler bases . this is from not rubbing trees . alot of fenced in deer kill all the trees , by eating and rubbing the bark off all the trees. and there is no good bark sap to darken deep antler grooves at bases. thus a complete white rack. the coloration of tree less tight little deer pen , feed alot and nurtered to a world class rack and sold to anyone with a fat wallet. some places are pretty private, so no ear tags or public photos of a deer they are not supposed to have in captivity. sorry dude its the true . i know i have a 450 in pet elk! But if its really a wild , deer sorry and congrats.
# Posted By axman | 12/30/12 3:14 AM
rodney's Gravatar note the slits in the ears where ear tags might have been placed once then rippedout and healed . really its a possibility. also you can get trail pics inside a pen.
# Posted By rodney | 12/30/12 3:21 AM
Arnie's Gravatar True giant my father inlaw showed me that buck in September I gessed him at 240! Wut did he score! Congrats on holding it together to make the shot!!!
# Posted By Arnie | 4/18/13 7:10 PM
Fred's Gravatar People think this is a raised deer?!?! Come on people this a true Iowa buck right here!!!
# Posted By Fred | 2/24/14 11:30 PM