Strange & Sad: 1 Iron Fence, 2 Dead Does

Blogger Silverback sent this:

Mike: Last Wednesday afternoon I was driving home on my motorcycle and saw a police officer and a car pulled over in front of a driveway entrance. A doe must have been in the yard and was heading out toward the road; she got stuck in the front gate to the driveway and died. I couldn't stop and take a picture, but I said to myself, How sad. Then, on Saturday morning I was driving by the same house and telling a friend in the car about the stuck doe and I couldn't believe it--ANOTHER dead doe stuck in the same gate, only difference was this one was heading into the property! So I stopped and took this picture. Two does in the gate in one week. Very sad to see.

I have permission to hunt the property next door, so I know that the yard is entirely fenced in with an 8' fence. I have never seen this before and have lived there for 10 years and I drive past there twice a day, everyday. I thought maybe her fawns were in there and that's why she was going through the fence, but then a second dead doe? I just don't know.



Dean Weimer's Gravatar That's sad for sure. Hopefully someone will rescue those fawns in some fashion. That could be what lead doe #2 to try so hard to get inside the gate. One of her little fellas probably went through it no problem.
# Posted By Dean Weimer | 6/20/11 2:19 PM
David in NC's Gravatar You're right. Fawn probably slipped under the gate and got through with no problem. Doe tries to follow, and gets stuck. Notice the design of the gate would allow a smaller animal to slip underneath, but a larger deer trying to squeeze through the bars ends up getting impaled on those spikes between each set of bars. That must have been a bad way to go.
# Posted By David in NC | 6/20/11 2:37 PM
NorCal Cazadora's Gravatar Wow, that's a pretty awesome fence design - just perfect for getting a deer stuck in it, then ensuring the deer gets impaled. Nope, no sarcasm here.

Really sad. Someone needs to talk to that homeowner.
# Posted By NorCal Cazadora | 6/20/11 3:16 PM
Tovar@AMindfulCarnivore's Gravatar Pretty gruesome. That fence definitely needs a redesign.
# Posted By Tovar@AMindfulCarnivore | 6/20/11 3:22 PM
Maverick's Gravatar this is gruesome although a very common occurrence where I grew up, I recall five deer being stuck in a neighbors fence trying to reach her garden in one year when I was young.
# Posted By Maverick | 6/20/11 4:42 PM
REALBUCK,NC-TN Reigon...'s Gravatar NorCal Cazadora, You said it...

P.S. Did any one watch Animal planet's special, on Canned Hunts...
# Posted By REALBUCK,NC-TN Reigon... | 6/21/11 6:05 AM
BJ's Gravatar There is a very similar fence not far from my office and I have seen one deer impaled on it and heard that there was a second the same year. Nature is cruel and life is not fair.
# Posted By BJ | 6/21/11 11:46 AM
hanback's Gravatar deer r so adaptable, but with it comes the perils of living in suburbia
# Posted By hanback | 6/21/11 3:46 PM
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# Posted By forum watch | 8/8/11 4:42 AM
African American shaving's Gravatar I've seen a lot of things, but never a deer stuck in a fence like that. And I've even seen two deer with their antlers locked...
# Posted By African American shaving | 10/10/11 11:52 PM
landscape design Austin's Gravatar Pretty amazing picture, not a good way to go. I would love to post this on Facebook for all my furry critter lovin' female friends to freak out about how sad it is.
# Posted By landscape design Austin | 10/27/11 12:56 AM
Chicano's Gravatar Just the craziest picture, what a way to go...
# Posted By Chicano | 2/2/12 12:31 AM
Christopher Lang's Gravatar You're right NorCal Cazadora , someone need to talk to that homeowner. It's true you want to keep the dears away from your house but at least consider their safety and lives. Make a fence that prevents them from entering the house not killing them. So sad to see pictures like this.
# Posted By Christopher Lang | 1/11/13 2:22 PM
Henry's Gravatar I feel very sad by watching this picture.I hope that fence have been replaced by now...
# Posted By Henry | 6/4/14 4:14 AM
Andrea's Gravatar I saw two dead fawn stuck in my neighbors fence last June. Just saw another one this morning. They leave their gate open and the deer get in and then the babies can't find their way out and get stuck trying to jump thru. What a slow, painful death. Makes me sick to my stomach. What could be done about that?
# Posted By Andrea | 6/28/14 12:32 PM