Iowa: Kelly Doyl's Giant Muzzleloader Buck (244 6/8 Net)

Hi Mike: I enjoy watching your show and viewing your website. I especially enjoy seeing all the giant deer from around the country that end up on here.

In October of 2010, during the early muzzleloader season here in Iowa, I harvested a buck that I thought you might be interested in seeing. The deer has 27 scoreable points, and after the 60-day drying period, it taped out at 249 5/8 gross. Its official net is 244 6/8.

At the end of February I took the deer to the Iowa Deer Classic in Des Moines. Out of 340 plus entries it was the highest scoring deer there. It took 1st in the non-typical muzzleloader division. It is truly the deer of my lifetime.

I think probably the biggest thrill that has come from this was the expressions on my grandchildren's faces when they saw the deer for the first time. My grandson has nicknamed the deer “Big 27” and now he is raring to go. Santa Claus bought him his first BB gun and he loves to practice with it at Grandpa’s house. Once again keep up the great job on your show.--Sincerely,  Kelly Doyl

Getting emails like this is what BIG DEER is all about, man, and why I’ll keep blogging as long as I can. Kelly is a humble guy who appreciates and respects the monster he shot, and his biggest thrill was sharing it with his family. I admire that. Thanks Kelly for sharing with us. Lord, what a buck.



Lance's Gravatar Awesome buck to a great guy. Way to go.
# Posted By Lance | 3/10/11 8:25 PM
curt in va.'s Gravatar Mike,
You might want to put that one the show. Don't look at the rack. Look at the head & body on that brute. I will hunt the midwest one day.
How about a little bit of the story of how it happened. Congrats!
# Posted By curt in va. | 3/10/11 9:43 PM
Eli Brown's Gravatar Great buck, great story. Congrats
# Posted By Eli Brown | 3/11/11 12:17 AM
Cody's Gravatar I really enjoy posts like these Mike. Congratulations and thanks for sharing Kelly!! THAT IS MY DREAM BUCK!! (Drops are neat and I'd kill one in a heartbeat, but if I saw this deer and a drop, I shoot this deer. Unless the drop looks like a baseball bat)

# Posted By Cody | 3/11/11 12:22 AM
Craig's Gravatar Awesome buck!!!
# Posted By Craig | 3/11/11 7:49 AM
Scott from MI's Gravatar WOW! Unbelievable...what a giant. Congrats Kelly
# Posted By Scott from MI | 3/11/11 9:03 AM
Dean Weimer's Gravatar Gotta love Iowa. Congrats Kelly!
# Posted By Dean Weimer | 3/11/11 10:59 AM
Daryl's Gravatar Way to go wants to move to Iowa.
# Posted By Daryl | 3/11/11 11:40 AM
Jerad's Gravatar Wow, great Buck Kelly, that thing is so serious man.
# Posted By Jerad | 3/12/11 12:08 AM
Rick from PA's Gravatar AWESOME BUCK KELLY!! CONGRATS! All I can say is this December hunting southern Iowa during second gun season! I'll settle for one half that size...ha
# Posted By Rick from PA | 3/12/11 3:22 AM