Pedestal Deer Mount: What Do You Think?

Hey Mike: Thought you would like to see the finished product of my 2009 Oklahoma buck (16 pt non-typical, nets 171 5/8”). I worked out the sketches and design with my taxidermist, and he built a custom form and the pedestal to my request. I’m very happy with how it came together. How are you planning on mounting your 209 buck…straight wall mount or pedestal?--Jeffrey Herrmann

I’m old-school and had my Saskatchewan giant shoulder-mounted with a slight turn, like all the bucks on my wall. (It’s ready to be shipped and can’t wait to get it.) But I’ve got to say Jeff’s pedestal mount is amazing! Nice!

What do you think? Do you prefer a shoulder or a pedestal? Most of you have some shoulder mounts, but how many of you have a pedestal in your man cave? Pedestals seem to be getting more popular. I’m sure they cost more than a shoulder, how much I don’t know. comment




David in NC's Gravatar No pedestal mounts here, but they do give a unique 3D perspective that is not found on the more traditional shoulder mounts. I have seen a type of pedestal mount that hangs on the wall, where the deer comes off the wall at a 45 degree angle. Maybe when I get a true man cave, and I get lucky on a big deer, I will try one.
# Posted By David in NC | 2/24/11 10:56 AM
Jon - WI's Gravatar I have two mounts now both typical wall with a slight turn to both. I have one at the taxidermy that will be a wall mount in the sneek position, kind of excited for that one. I do like the pedestal mount and when I get a buck over 170" that is how it will be mounted. If its over 190" it might be a full body, but whats the chances of killing one that big! There around but so damn smart!! Jeff great job on the whole display, it looks really nice and hey that's a freek'in nice buck!!!
# Posted By Jon - WI | 2/24/11 11:06 AM
Silverback's Gravatar I have pedistal mounts and wall mounts. There are two things I really like about pedistal mounts. 1. They are easy to place around and move around. because once you have a bunch a wall mounts, there is only soo much space on walls. 2. They are eye level, and you get a much better perspective of the antlers. When they are on a wall you usually are looking up at the antlers. What I don't like about pedistals is the cost, way more expensive. David has a great point with wall pedistals. They show much more body size and look really cool.
# Posted By Silverback | 2/24/11 11:07 AM
BJ Benton's Gravatar My office is slap full of wall mounts and a bunch of other critters (ducks, pheasant, squirrells, bobcat, rattlesnake skins (2), and a copperhead skin) but my favorite of all is the big Kansas 10-point on a pedestal mount. It sits amid several large indoor plants and looks way cool. I get a lot of very nice compliments on it. Cost is much higher but was worth it for this buck. Mike - can't wait to see pics of your Sask 209 mount. Hope you'll post some.
# Posted By BJ Benton | 2/24/11 11:54 AM
bowkill1978's Gravatar I love seeing new mounts like this one. I think it came out great. I love pedestal mounts but prefer putting them on the wall. So I got my last one done as a wall pedestal. I love it.

Mike, who mounted your 209"? Do you use the same taxidermist all the time? Do you always find a taxidermist near wherever you killed the deer and just have them shipped back home to you? Just curious...

# Posted By bowkill1978 | 2/24/11 12:18 PM
Jerad's Gravatar I agree with Jon in Wisconsin on shoulder mounts, I have 2 in the forward kinda sneak position, My pops has a nice 172 in straight forward, and then even funnier in my pops old time gararage he has this 40 year old 10 pointer that is really starting to show its age, lol It was his first Buck in the late 60's. Its got all these metal group hunt tags hanging on it, its a classic and been there since I was old enough to remember. Its even wearing a old style 50's hat, lol
# Posted By Jerad | 2/24/11 12:48 PM
hanback's Gravatar a lot of times i leave bucks with local taxidermists i know/hear/think are very good though this is admittedly chancy; amazingly this had worked out great for me, and I have not gotten even one mount that i wasn't happy with knock wood. but i rely on guys i trust so it works out. the 209 i left in Canada with a guy who has mounted several for me, he's great one of the best in Sask, though it gets REALLY expensive by the time you get it shipped back to VA. i'll post some pics of the giant
when I get it in a couple weeks
# Posted By hanback | 2/24/11 1:20 PM
ian in wisconsin's Gravatar First off i love that mount one of the best ive seen actually!
secondly my dad is getting a mount redone from a buck he shot back in 1983 i think scored 151 would you guys be intrested in a before and after story in think its kinda cool process?
# Posted By ian in wisconsin | 2/24/11 2:04 PM
Russ's Gravatar I think pedastal mounts are great if you have room for them. I have only one to date, the Gemsbuck I took in Africa a couple of years ago. It looks good but I need to add some habitat to finish it off after seeing this one.
# Posted By Russ | 2/24/11 2:10 PM
Dean Weimer's Gravatar That is a beautiful mount right there.
# Posted By Dean Weimer | 2/24/11 2:20 PM
Scott from MI's Gravatar Very nice mount! I have a pedestal mout from a buck i shot in Wyoming about 5-6 years ago similar to this one. I've always liked the looks
of them...something different than the norm. I also have a couple wall pedestals that mount to the wall on one side of the shoulder and
has the deer looking as if its a broad side shot...pretty neat to.
# Posted By Scott from MI | 2/24/11 2:37 PM
Curt's Gravatar I told Jeff it's one of the best mounts I have ever seen.
Why don't you take some pics of your wall? It might be interesting to see how the professionals do it. And ain't braggin' if ya dun it!
# Posted By Curt | 2/24/11 3:44 PM
NLane's Gravatar I Absolutely love that pedestal mount and would like to have one done myself. Only problem is that i have 3 labs who would also enjoy it and a cat who is always looking for a new scratching post.
# Posted By NLane | 2/24/11 3:46 PM
DougInWisconsin's Gravatar Love the pedestal mounts! That is a beauty. I only have one mount so far, alert shoulder mount with slight turn to the right.

My next mount will hopefully be a bear rug. FInally drew a Wisconsin bear tag after 8 years of trying!

Mike, can't wait to see the mount!
# Posted By DougInWisconsin | 2/24/11 5:37 PM
Cary Dion's Gravatar I'm not going to talk about mounting because I might get in trouble...........although I did have a friend that would mount just about anything. (sorry, couldn't help myself)
# Posted By Cary Dion | 2/24/11 7:21 PM
Buddy's Gravatar I think it is an awsome mount. The best pedistal mount I have seen.
# Posted By Buddy | 2/24/11 8:49 PM
Randy Mihalik's Gravatar Awesome mount of an awesome buck. I had a pedestal mount done of my daughters buck this year and I think they look great.
# Posted By Randy Mihalik | 2/24/11 10:15 PM
Jagermeister's Gravatar Jeff,

Awesome Buck, and a great way to display it!

# Posted By Jagermeister | 2/24/11 10:49 PM
Jay's Gravatar Very nice. I have a similar habitat planned to mount off the interior corner that I have several deer mounts surrounding. The low mounts will be at realistic height and equally spaced outward thereafter. Thought about making corner post tall out of a tree with an upper deer rubbing on it too. No pedestals yet, but that will follow when wall fills up and growth enters room ending with full mount...Booner - God willing. Hmm...think I might be low on sq ft for house. Do have a photo of way cool full mount leaping over balcony railing...have an open stairwell that would work with...always room for just one more.
# Posted By Jay | 2/24/11 11:58 PM
ChadMS's Gravatar Super fine looking mount there. I once saw a similar pedestal with a little more front shoulder and the front legs extending down to the base amongst the grass. It was almost spooky real. I can easily imagine that on this particular mount as well.
# Posted By ChadMS | 2/25/11 9:34 AM
Rick's Gravatar The going rate for a traditional wall mount in my area is just over $500. Anybody got a ballpark for how much beyond that one of these pedestals go for - really a cool look.
# Posted By Rick | 2/25/11 11:03 AM
dale's Gravatar I have a 352 inch elk in my basement den, which has a ceiling only 9 feet tall. He had to be hung from a big lag screw 47 inches down from the ceiling in order for the antlers to have 2 inches of ceiling clearance.
He really fills up the corner, which is nice with his left turn mount, but there's a big, unusable space below him. I figure a pedestal will fill up the space and allow me some place to put in some foliage to make him look like
he's coming through the woods. My nephew had his 190 deer put on a pedestal made of cabinet doors. Take six of them, bevel the edges to 60 degrees, and glue them to hexagons of the appropriate size, top and bottom.
I'm going to rabbet the doors top and bottom before gluing them. Will also cut a dado midway around all of them for a shelf. The rabbets and dadoes will make it easier to assemble. I'll keep back one panel for a door, to be
hinged on after all is assembled. No dado or rabbets in that one.
# Posted By dale | 3/8/13 2:03 PM