Virginia: Sunday Hunting Shot Down (Again)


RICHMOND -- Hunters, the National Rifle Association, even the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries testified Monday in favor of Sunday hunting, but in the end, the second of two bills that would have allowed it was shot down by a Senate committee.

A companion bill in the House was rejected last week.

The Senate bill, SB850, received a thumbs-down after legislators heard from landowners, horseback riders and others who said the ban gives them one day a week when they can enjoy the outdoors in peace and safety.

Sportsmen themselves are split on the issue. While the majority argue that Sunday hunting would help control the state's mushrooming deer population, the Virginia Hunting Dog Alliance, which represents 800 hunt clubs, fears it would contribute to the erosion of the sport's image.

Supporters of the bill vowed to return to Richmond, saying the ban is based on archaic religious restrictions.

"Why is it you can do everything else on a Sunday, including buying liquor, but you can't hunt?" asked Charles Olin, a hunter from Richmond.

I grew up in VA, stated hunting with my dad when I was 6, still live here, and have a dog in this fight. For years I supported no hunting on Sundays. We never did it, and so it was tradition. Plus, all the old-timers would say it gave the landowners and the game a needed one-day break. I said all this on a debate segment on the Whitetail Revolution TV show a few years back and got skewered for it by many hunters. 

While I still have mixed feelings, I have changed my tune. The best argument that the Sunday hunting proponents make is that is gives busy parents a much-needed extra day to take their kids hunting. One day a week for kids to hunt is not enough; 4 or 5 Saturdays a year are not enough days for kids to hit the woods, learn, have fun, shoot a few deer, get blood on their hands, and become lifelong hunters. In this day and age, I don't see how you can argue with that.

IMO, the best compromise is to allow some Sunday hunting in some areas during some seasons, especially all the youth hunts (which should be greatly expanded in VA and all states). This is something the VA Game and Fish and the legislators should consider in the next round of negotiations.

BTW, in most of the states where I travel to hunt, when I mention that we can't hunt on Sundays in VA, most people look at me curiously and say, That's crazy man, never heard of such a thing.

Maybe that is a sign of the changing times. comment

PA Steve's Gravatar Mike - one question from your post. You state one day a week, 4 or 5 Saturdays is not enopugh to get kids involved in hunting.
What has changed since you were a kid? Isn't that all the time you got? I'm from PA where we have no Sunday hunting either.
Somehow, that one day a week, 4 or 5 Satudays WAS enough to make me a life long hunter.
I personally do not feel strongly one way or the other - but I think the argument that it is needed to save hunting is totally B.S.
# Posted By PA Steve | 2/2/11 10:03 AM
Curt's Gravatar Mike,
I am fully in favor of Sunday hunting. I do not agree with the "the landowners and the game a needed one-day break" argument. How many places are hunted 6 days a week now? I'd be willing to bet very few. Most people only get to hunt Saturdays the way it is. I think the only harm it will do is to marriages. But, most of us navigate those waters with Sunday football anyway. Hell, my biggest issue would be to get a cell phone so I could watch the Steelers in my deer stand!
# Posted By Curt | 2/2/11 10:03 AM
Scott from MI's Gravatar Yeah thats pretty wild for me to, we've alway been able to hunt on sudays here. For the hunters not able to get out during the week,
workers/kids in school ect. one day to hunt would really stink. I find it odd that you can do all this other stuff including buying
liquor but cant hunt sundays.
# Posted By Scott from MI | 2/2/11 10:23 AM
David in NC's Gravatar I think the hunters themselves need the 1 day a week break. Whether you get to hunt quite a bit or work 5 days a week, I can guarantee you need the rest. If you work 5 days a week and hunt hard the other 2, you will burn out rather quickly. NC dabbled in Sunday hunting for the first time last season with an archery only option on private lands only. I didn't hunt a single Sunday - it just didn't fit with my schedule. Sunday has always been a church and family day, and it was surprisingly hard to break that. I think everyone needs one day to go to church, hang out with family, get your chores done, and just rest. Hunters will run themselves ragged if left to their own desires. Keep in mind we are talking about a 3 1/2 month long season here.

My Father-in-law lives and hunts in southside VA with a dog club. He is dead against it for the reason that dog clubs and their aggressive style of hunting would cause disturbance to country churches holding services. After seeing some of the guys in the club running up and down the tar and dirt roads, I can't disagree with him. I think that style of hunting has to be considered when making that decision.
# Posted By David in NC | 2/2/11 10:39 AM
hanback's Gravatar PA Steve: Yes, back when I grew up Saturdays were enough, plus my dad would pull me out
of school and i'd hunt some in the week also. he worked 7 to 5 and hunted a lot before and
after work (and my school) like most people did back then. plus, we had unlimited places to hunt.
but this is a different time, esp. here on East Coast where some of our once rural areas are now cities or suburbs. parents are run ragged trying to work, commute and make ends met--not as much free time as in the past,so an extra day on Sunday would help w/kids in the woods. not to mention
how youth sports these days are 24/7/365 for some kids, another topic altogether, but one that
takes even more time out of kid's lives and opportunities to hunt. like i said i have mixed feelings,
but how can giving kids especialy 1 more day a week in the woods for 4 or 5 months a yr hurt?
good discussion
# Posted By hanback | 2/2/11 10:41 AM
Curt's Gravatar I understand where people are coming from with the church & family argument. But, I believe we should have the option to hunt. Having the option is not a mandate to miss church or the "eatin' meetin' afterwards. Everyone has to prioritize their lives, and believe me when I say, I would never expect my hunting buddies to skip church to go hunting. The Sunday option is just a nice one to have.
# Posted By Curt | 2/2/11 10:52 AM
hanback's Gravatar please if u live/hunt in a state where Sunday hunting is prohibited/restricted get your budddies to
chime in here, i want to know where many hunters stand on this issue
# Posted By hanback | 2/2/11 10:56 AM
Hil's Gravatar I grew up in PA as well and now live and hunt in Alabama, where Sunday hunting is allowed. Let me say first that I am super conservative Christian, and believe in Sunday as a day of rest. I won't wash the car or mow the lawn or even vacuum the house on Sunday, but I fully support Sunday hunting. Is there anything more restful than sitting in a tree stand surrounded by nature? And yes, for a busy mom who works full-time and cooks supper every night and does laundry and cleans the house on Saturday, that one Saturday a week is just not enough time to get to hunt as much as we would like. I see no reason why Sunday hunting should not be allowed in VA and PA and anywhere else.
# Posted By Hil | 2/2/11 11:06 AM
eph's Gravatar another thing, we hunters always say support your state DNR and their scientific reasoning
(supposedly) for supporting a rule change. well, in this case the VA dept. finally supports some
Sunday hunting, so shouldn't we support fact they know what's best for the deer herd?
# Posted By eph | 2/2/11 11:09 AM
Curt's Gravatar Mike,
They may have shot down (bad pun) Sunday hunting, but the committee passed Castle Doctrine and Family Firearm Bills. We need to contact our representitives to ensure these pass.
# Posted By Curt | 2/2/11 11:55 AM
Allen's Gravatar I am not liking sunday hunting so far. I live in NC and it is allowed on private land on Sundays. We caught poachers on several occassions last season tresspassing on our land sunday mornings because they knew my family and I would be at church.
# Posted By Allen | 2/2/11 12:20 PM
Fred Garvin's Gravatar "I think the hunters themselves need the 1 day a week break. Whether you get to hunt quite a bit or work 5 days a week, I can guarantee you need the rest."

This is the problem right here. Not only do politicians "know what's best for me", fellow hunters do to? What makes you so certain that you know what I need?

I'm an outsider looking in on this issue, but it's just so foreign to hear the arguments for such a restriction and even more strange to hear someone say such a thing as I've quoted above. If there is legitimate scientific reasoning behind no Sunday hunting, then I'd be interested -- afterall, this IS about regulating hunting and ultimately about what is best for the animals. Right?

# Posted By Fred Garvin | 2/2/11 1:47 PM
Silverback's Gravatar i
# Posted By Silverback | 2/2/11 1:50 PM
Silverback's Gravatar Fred, REALLY. You don't want anyone to tell you whats right for YOU, But then you "guarantee that I need a rest" Fred MY REST is in the woods, not busting my hump working and doing other things. Thanks but YOUR guarantee is for YOU not me.
# Posted By Silverback | 2/2/11 1:59 PM
Silverback's Gravatar Fred, I didn't read you comment right. Sorry
# Posted By Silverback | 2/2/11 2:04 PM
Fred Garvin's Gravatar Silverback, I was quoting (and completely disagreeing) with the post made earlier by David From NC. I take issue with, and cannot understand why ANY American citizen would take issue with the like of someone like David or any politician telling me/them what "I need." Now, if there is some scientific reasoning for restricting hunting on Sundays, I'd love to hear it (of course, there isn't).
# Posted By Fred Garvin | 2/2/11 2:05 PM
Silverback's Gravatar In fact, if the state biologists had thier say, we would have a lot more hunting opportunities to reach thier game managment goals, but it is political. In NJ, the biologists say we need a bear hunt, but it turns into a polictical fiasco.
# Posted By Silverback | 2/2/11 2:06 PM
Cary Dion's Gravatar Thats it........I'm not moving to Virginia!
# Posted By Cary Dion | 2/2/11 2:09 PM
Curt's Gravatar I'm just glad Big Brother cares enough about me to make sure I get my rest and go to church. It would be nice if they cared about Christians every other day of the week.
# Posted By Curt | 2/2/11 2:10 PM
Fred Garvin's Gravatar "We caught poachers on several occassions last season tresspassing on our land sunday mornings because they knew my family and I would be at church. "

Allen... Then shouldn't you be in favor of no restriction on Sunday hunting? I mean, then the tresspassers/poachers really wouldn't know if you were actually on the property hunting or in church. Regardless, what does removing the restriction of legal hunting on Sundays havve to do with illegally tresspassing/poaching?
# Posted By Fred Garvin | 2/2/11 2:11 PM
1231's Gravatar Fred I agree with you
# Posted By 1231 | 2/2/11 2:48 PM
Cary Dion's Gravatar Freedom of religion also means the right to not practice religion. So if the reasons for not hunting on Sundays is religious, then that is not fair to those who choose not to practice religion. Where is the seperation of church and state? The other reasons are hog-wash also. I do not need the government telling me when to take a break, what I should eat or anything else as long as I am not harming others. If the idea that the "game" we are hunting needs a break, then that means that every state that does not have the "Sunday hunting rule' is not correctly running their natural resources. Plus, why not give the "game" a break on any other day during the week. Why does it have to be Sunday, because the churches won't get their "donation plates' filled with money? Something to think about.
# Posted By Cary Dion | 2/2/11 3:19 PM
Rick's Gravatar No Sunday hunting here in Connecticut either. We do go to church on Sunday's so I'm not sure how much I'd take advantage of it if it were to change (it's been on the table with the state's government a number of times - for bowhunting especially), but to have the option seems right. As my kids get older and more involved in sports, the Saturday's that I can hunt get fewer and farther between - and in a couple years without Sunday's as an option, will my 13-year-old need to choose between his team and hunting? Which way do you go with that life lesson? It would be nice to have the option rather than having some politician telling me I can't. The "disturbance to others" perspective doesn't hold water. It doesn't make sense that all-day, Sunday youth soccer or football tournaments (on fields that are practically in people's back yards) or sanctioned dirt-bike races are acceptable, but bowhunting is too big a "disturbance" to others.
# Posted By Rick | 2/2/11 5:18 PM
Jon - WI's Gravatar That's crazy man, never heard of such a thing! ha ha A day of rest for the landowner?? What does that mean? If your a landowner and let people hunt on your property well then set your own rules! Horesback riders?? Yeah I am sure there numbers are right up there with Hunters!! Please and again, if you have horses than you must have land to ride them, or take them to places where people can't hunt, or ride them down the dirt roads like they do around here! Give the game a day or rest, what!!!! Take a survey, how many people hunt there property Monday-Friday, every day every week!! My guess, Zero! People have jobs, kids have school and activites, the weekends are there for outdoor activites! Saturday and Sunday!! I am glad I live where I live! Hunt any day I want, or any day my lovely wife will let me! (during season of course!) I would fight it tooth and nail, but maybe if you grew up that way it would be normal! I don't know but stupid reasons for not having season open on Sundays, landowners, horseback riders, and a day for game to relax! All the kids movies with wildlife animals in them must take place on Sunday because all the animals are having a great ol time together until I guess Monday when they all try to eat one another!! ha ha ha Keep it real Mike! Good Work!
# Posted By Jon - WI | 2/2/11 5:43 PM
Jon - WI's Gravatar FOR ALL THE CHURCH GOING PEOPLE THAT THINK WE SHOULD NOT HUNT ON SUNDAYS BECAUSE WE SHOULD BE IN CHUCH: During the Hunting season I do my praying from 20 feet in the air!!! Instead of sitting in church for 45 minutes and day dreaming about that monster buck that is most likely eating acorns under my stand, and listening to the little child scream in the back row, I can have a 4-6 hour conversation with my God sitting in a tree! Sitting in a tree that he made, trying to harvest an animal he created and continuing to say the same thing to him "Please God let that monster buck walk in front of me today, I promise I will never ask for anything again!!! ha ha ha ha I wonder how many times he gets that said to him! thousands from me! Fortunately he continues to answer some of my prayers! Always remember, your God is your God and my God is my God and some people don't believe in God and they do have church mass on Saturday night!!
# Posted By Jon - WI | 2/2/11 6:00 PM
David in NC's Gravatar I like how some of you are getting really upset and TYPING IN ALL CAPS! about a law that has been on the books for a hundred years. No one is banning Sunday hunting in VA, they simply chose not to change the law to allow it. This very attitude reared it's head when crossbows were being proposed. Any time someone opposed changing the law, proponents of crossbows got very angry, and acted as if their liberty had been stolen from them. I really don't care one way or the other, so putting my name right next to "politicians" who are trying to "control your life" is pure emotionalism. In fact, politicians are not behind this. The state government has ordered a study every few years to determine the desire for Sunday hunting, and repeatedly hunters are split 50/50 on the issue - not politicians. A study done by Virginia Tech for the NC Wildlife Resources Commission showed hunters were split right down the middle and the general public were 70% opposed.

As far as scientific basis for no Sunday hunting - there isn't one, so quit getting your panties in a wad about it. It is purely a social issue, not biological, and not so much political, as far as I see it. Those of you claiming Big Brother is trying to control you, need to quit watching so many movies. The reason the state agencies keep initiating the studies is because they want to allow it (being that there is no biological basis for not doing so). It is the general public that is preventing them from doing so - not politicians.

You are right Fred, I should not have used the language insinuating I know what anyone else needs. So let me restate it: After working and hunting 7 days in a row without stop, I need a break. I could care less either way. When they passed archery hunting on Sundays this year in NC, I figured I would probably go a few times. I did not, so for me it made no difference. Again, I don't care what they do. I am simply stating my perspective and that of my Father in Law who has lived and hunted in VA all his life. It's called discussion. Whew....
# Posted By David in NC | 2/2/11 6:06 PM
Cary Dion's Gravatar Three words! FOLLOW THE MONEY. The church coffers will not get filled up with money if everyone is out hunting on Sunday morning. End of story.
# Posted By Cary Dion | 2/2/11 6:20 PM
Rick's Gravatar David in NC - I ALMOST (all caps is a joke) agree with you. Where it is political is that (here in CT for instance) if by and large bowhunters would be in support of changing this law that is on the books, and the state's wildlife managers would support changing this law that is on the books, then the politicians are really giving in to the largely non-hunting (and I say "non" rather than "anti" deliberately) public on an issue that really only affects the very small percentage of voters who are bowhunters. And that IS (joking again) politics. Without the decision being grounded in science or studies, its being made based on the opionion of the largely disinterested population.
# Posted By Rick | 2/2/11 6:29 PM
Mac-Va Landowner's Gravatar As a Landowner I should be able to enjoy the bounties of my property 7 days a week. I have owned property in VA for 7 years and I have had good experiences with the exception of a few bad apples in the deer dog hunting clubs. The decision to prohibit Sunday hunting should be consistent and not create a contradiction of the rules and regulations which allows for Sunday hunting on licensed shooting preserves. If the position is no Sunday hunting, it should apply to ALL.
# Posted By Mac-Va Landowner | 2/2/11 7:09 PM
Fred Garvin's Gravatar David in NC says: "As far as scientific basis for no Sunday hunting - there isn't one, so quit getting your panties in a wad about it. It is purely a social issue, not biological, and not so much political, as far as I see it. "

Then what is this type of regulation doing in the management of game animals in your state? If it's not based on science/data, then you sohuld be worried about it's overall effects of the ecology and animals.

As a hunter and sportsman, you most certainly should take care (you say you don't care one way or the other) about HOW the game is managed. If not science-based, as you say, then what should it be based on? Why are you not voicing to your officials that you CARE about hunting, and ultimately the effective management of the game?

Just because your schedule or some ridiculous religious demands dictates your hunting activity allows for the option to not hunt on Sundays really has nothing to do with what this kind of restriction does to the proper management of the animals. Point is, you should take care.
# Posted By Fred Garvin | 2/2/11 7:51 PM
David in NC's Gravatar If there is no hunting on Sunday - the game populations do not suffer. If there is hunting on Sunday - the game populations do not suffer. It is not mis-management of our game populations to allow or disallow a particular type of hunting, weapon, or style, as long as that decision does not significantly affect our game populations in a negative way, or give the hunter an unethical advantage over his prey. This issue will add several days to the length of the season, but what game agencies are finding is that lengthening the season does not have a significant affect on the number of animals taken. Hunters are restricted on their buck harvest and will only harvest the number of does they need to fill their freezer or reach their management objectives.

I say I do not care for precisely that reason. If it is a non-factor in the management of the deer population, then it is a non-factor with me (as long as it does not threaten our hunting heritage). Again, it is very similar to the crossbow issue, which were legalized for all hunters this year also. I don't hunt with one, and it has had little to no impact on the deer harvest - therefore it is a non-issue. Both topics generate very emotional responses within the hunting community on both sides of the issue. As far as the reason why it's part of our game regulations - it's just a part of our history. They didn't implement this last year just for kicks, it's been that way my whole life. It is a remnant of a bygone social era in which many of our modern activities didn't happen on Sunday. That is why game agencies are continually pushing for this to be changed. Not because it will somehow help to manage our game populations better, but because there is no biological basis for it, and they recognize that.

I won't address the "ridiculous religious demands".
# Posted By David in NC | 2/2/11 9:09 PM
Fred Garvin's Gravatar "If there is no hunting on Sunday - the game populations do not suffer. If there is hunting on Sunday - the game populations do not suffer".

How do you know this? What are you basing this assumption on? Look, this ties directly into your previous comment: "It is purely a social issue, not biological, and not so much political, as far as I see it. "

My point is, then WHY is this restriction part of game management then? That should be science-based, not based upon some silly tradition. The fact is, this law (restricting hunting on Sunday) IS most certainly part of game management because it is part of the season regs.
# Posted By Fred Garvin | 2/2/11 9:17 PM
Cody's Gravatar Wow this got a little more heated than I would have imagined. I live in Virginia and I have to say I pretty much wholeheartedly agree with David in NC on this, his last post is about how I feel. In my life, and this is me and how I live, not saying anyone else should, Sunday has always been a day off. I go to church pretty much every week and that's about it. I try not to do much because I enjoy a day off. I work at least 9 hours a day, at least 5 days a week, sometimes 6, and if I hunt too, I'm exhausted by Sunday. I love to hunt just much as anyone on here, but I probably wouldn't go.

David I understand what you're saying about the number of deer that would be harvested or not harvested because of Sunday hunting. When I was in college I would hunt in the mornings before class on somedays and in the evenings, and then all day saturday. The most deer I ever killed in a season was 6. And only 4 deer I think in my 10 years or so of hunting have been killed on a weekday. Every other one has been on a Saturday or holiday. This year, I mainly hunted saturday's. I had a couple days off early in the season, I went but didn't kill anything. I killed 5 deer this year, all on Saturdays. I probably would have killed one more and filled my tags, but I had surgery that messed up my hunting. I don't see Sunday hunting impacting numbers much.

If they change it great, if they don't that's great too. I've always admired Chic-fil-a for being closed on Sundays because it seems like noone else wants to take a break, but it doesn't really bother me that everything else is open on Sundays.

As far as kids and hunting goes, I don't really see this making a big difference. A lot of kids sports aren't only played on saturdays now but sundays too (which I don't agree with because they sometimes don't give families the OPTION to go to church). The ones that don't play sports may go, but mama or daddy probably won't want to because they will still want their day of rest before they go back to work.

These are just my opinions on the matter. Not even sure if what I wrote makes sense, kind of typing while my brain is rambling but I think my point is there. Try it again next year and pass it, I'm happy. Shoot it down again, I'm happy. Doesn't matter.
# Posted By Cody | 2/2/11 11:18 PM
Brian's Gravatar How bout this we Hunt on sunday and take Monday off! That way hunters get two free days without missing work. We increase travel revenue hunters can take off work early and still have two full days to hunt. Then Monday the deer get a rest and everybody back at work! I come from Oklahoma the buckle of the bible belt is there but we understand for better hunting revenue and better oppturinty hunting on sunday makes sense. I use to travel every blackpower season to someplace I have never hunted and camp out and or hotel it so I could enjoy my great state! But with just saturday only hunting its not worth it beacuse i have to take more time from work! As far as deer popluation this one really gets under my skin! Every state I have hunted says we got to many deer but never increase the number of tags! So I understand you watch the numbers so how about every 3 yrs increase the number of tags by one or two then go back to old limit! Once again if the numbers are low then for that said year the tags dont get bumped up!
# Posted By Brian | 2/2/11 11:33 PM
Fred Garvin's Gravatar Cody.."In my life, and this is me and how I live, not saying anyone else should, Sunday has always been a day off. I go to church pretty much every week and that's about it. I try not to do much because I enjoy a day off. I work at least 9 hours a day, at least 5 days a week, sometimes 6, and if I hunt too, I'm exhausted by Sunday. I love to hunt just much as anyone on here, but I probably wouldn't go. "

This is quit simple, Cody: You don't have to go hunting then. And you know what? You don't need a law to tell you this.

This is what I don't understand with supporters like David and Cody here... Forget religion, forget tradtition and simply think about the best way to manage the environment. There is no way around this fact: proper game and environmental management starts and ends with sound study methodology and data analysis. Period. It has aboslutely nothing to do with whether or not hunting is allowed on a designated day of the week.

If you care about the future of hunting, then you should care about the deer herd and how to best implement that management. To use personal experience, anecdotes and tradition as a management plan is downright silly.
# Posted By Fred Garvin | 2/3/11 1:25 AM
Fred Garvin's Gravatar David, when you make a public comment such as:

"I think the hunters themselves need the 1 day a week break. Whether you get to hunt quite a bit or work 5 days a week, I can guarantee you need the rest."


"Sunday has always been a church and family day, and it was surprisingly hard to break that. I think everyone needs one day to go to church, hang out with family, get your chores done, and just rest. Hunters will run themselves ragged if left to their own desires."

...You really don't need to specifically state that you are for restricting of Sunday hunting. It's fully implied in your statements above.
# Posted By Fred Garvin | 2/3/11 9:21 AM
allen's Gravatar I feel the sunday hunting should be decided by the will of the people--Not just hunters, but all tax paying citizens--and statistics indicate that the general public feels that way also. Everyone should be able to enjoy the outdoors and non-hunters should have a weekend day where they and their families can enjoy mother nature without the fear/annoyance of loud gunfire, errant shots, or baying dogs. Hunters also can use a day to reset stands and scout new spots--it's not like we have to sit on the sidelines because Sunday hunting is not legal or restricted. I have to agree with the earlier post that basically stated Sunday hunting is more of a social issue than an ecological necessity. Sunday hunting is one of many tools that game commissions can use to manage growing deer herds. Other methods of management may include increasing tags issued, lengthening the rifle season and bow season, allowing crossbows, issuing special permits, etc. I am an avid bowhunter but I have relatives that are just more comfortable riding their horses, 4 wheeling, hiking, etc on sundays because they believe they will have more solitude and "feel" safer. They actually schedule their activities on sundays due to that fact. Let's face it, everyone has a right to enjoy God's great outdoors. Why not give our non-hunting friends and families just 1 day out of 7 to do their thing? Whether or not Sunday huting is passed should be an issue for everyone to decide not just us hunters. I don't like any single group trying to override the will of the majority. So you ask do I support Sunday hunting. If it were up for vote, I'd vote against it.
# Posted By allen | 2/3/11 4:16 PM
Curt Anderson's Gravatar To me; none of the reasons to keep the ban on Sunday hunting make any good since. Everyone should have the choice. You dont have to hunt, land owners dont have to allow it and so on. It should be the choice of the individual to hunt or not on Sundays, same goes for the land owners; its up to them if they want to allow hunting on their property on Sundays or not. It should be an individuals choice not some Senate committees choice for you. I believe that allowing hunting on Sundays would help give youths and their families a better opportunity to get more involved in hunting together.

# Posted By Curt Anderson | 2/11/11 4:51 PM
Patrick's Gravatar I'm torn on this because I don't believe in government regulation to the degree it is done today in any aspect of our life. The reason I am torn is because the deer population and quality is on the decline in VA with a hunting season that runs over 90 days, allows for unlimited doe harvest, and hunting deer with dogs. Our 2010 harvest was down 15 percent in 2010-11 and population is down over 30 percent since 09. Over 90 percent of the state's buck harvest is 2 1/2 year olds or younger. It is one of the poorest managed herds in the country. I'm not against Sunday hunting but I am against killing the deer heard to a point it is not enjoyable to hunt. I am a landowner and hunter for the last 25 years and have had the fortune of hunting whitetails in 15 states. With the exception of NC I believe VA does the poorest job of QDM in the US.
# Posted By Patrick | 6/29/11 12:36 AM
penny auction's Gravatar Supporters of the bill vowed to return to Richmond, saying the ban is based on archaic religious restrictions.
# Posted By penny auction | 8/1/11 5:12 AM
kyle's Gravatar I do not support sunday hunting in Pa because we have environmental extremists which cannot be trusted and arent, currently running our game management and we have all kinds of political problems because of it, and sunday hunting will only add to those probblems most of which are caused by an antideer agenda. Long sickening story. Anyway. No to sunday hunting here.
# Posted By kyle | 8/3/11 2:37 PM
Todd's Gravatar Mike,
A few years back, you and I had an aggressive argument over why you supported keeping the ban in place. I am proud that you have come to realize the benefits of allowing Sunday hunting in Virginia. It shows that you can change your tune, if it means something worthwhile. The VaHDA, VDHA, and the Farm Bureau are all anti-hunting. Just Calling a spade a spade. Thank you for being open minded and using common sense.
Todd Barnes
Pungo, Virginia
# Posted By Todd | 2/6/12 12:23 PM