MI Big-Nose Buck Mystery Solved!

Mike: I’m a wildlife pathologist at the Southeastern Cooperative Wildlife Disease Study in Athens, Georgia. Someone forwarded me your blog in which you had posted a picture of a deer from Michigan with a swollen muzzle. I have a series of these cases from all over the country.

The lesion that he photographed is most likely chronic inflammation due to a bacterial infection.  To my knowledge I’m the only one that has worked on these cases and I have about ten of them now from Georgia to Idaho.  SCWDS has been working with deer diseases since 1957 and has examined many thousands of deer over the years. However, we have only received submissions of deer like this in the last seven years.  I’m not certain what is going on but I’m anxious to get as much information about such cases as possible, even if tissues are no longer available.--Thanks, Kevin Keel

You run across something weird like the big-nose buck in the woods let us know, we'll get to the bottom of it, or try to. comment




hanback's Gravatar while kevin can't say positively its bacterial infection i believe its gotta be
# Posted By hanback | 12/9/11 4:51 PM
jjas's Gravatar I wonder if the meat would be safe to eat or should you chuck it?
# Posted By jjas | 12/9/11 5:04 PM
Paul-NJ's Gravatar That must have very painful for that buck. What a shame. Imagine how we feel when we have a toothache or our sinuses swell with a bad head cold then multiply that by 1,000 for this poor guy. Nature is cruel for sure.
# Posted By Paul-NJ | 12/9/11 6:09 PM
Dano's Gravatar I wonder if this infection impacted this deers ability to smell? For a deer this must be like one of us being blind in the woods.
# Posted By Dano | 12/12/11 10:12 AM
Cary Dion's Gravatar It's swollen nose is wierd and even wierder is that bucket growing out the side of his head.
# Posted By Cary Dion | 12/12/11 1:40 PM
Mack's Gravatar Hi Kevin,
Nice to see a comment from a SCWDS pathologist. Everyone I knew there has retired- eg. Kellogg, Doster, et all and the profs. in the Wildlife school too. I was close to many necropsy's while in school. I hunt on the east side off Belmont Rd. We must share a brew at Allens sometime. Keep your knife sharp. Mack
# Posted By Mack | 12/12/11 2:48 PM
GLS's Gravatar That is so sad and looks quite similar to an abscess that my dog had recently. Her face doubled in size very quickly, thank goodness for antibiotics. But the poor deer, it was probably a good thing it was put down, it had to be suffering terribly.
# Posted By GLS | 12/13/11 10:58 AM
spikewerks's Gravatar should have let him go to see if it turned red or if he started to fly for Christmas
# Posted By spikewerks | 12/13/11 2:16 PM
Mary Moore's Gravatar Poor thing . Honestly you would have to think he was in alot of pain . To the hunter that bagged it congratulations and thank you for putting him down. I am a hunter also and I know I would have put him down if it had been me shooting that day.
# Posted By Mary Moore | 12/14/11 11:50 AM
CES's Gravatar I would be afraid to eat the meat due to the bacteria. I am just curious to know if it was an infected tooth or injury from another Buck etc.
# Posted By CES | 12/16/11 3:53 PM
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jacob's Gravatar I have a deer jus like that on my deer camera and it freeked me out a little bet cause I've never seen it before and I was jus wanting to kno what it is or what I can do about it
# Posted By jacob | 1/14/12 2:17 AM
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Nose Job Sydney's Gravatar Do this hurt? the big nose and stuff. Because if it is it would be good if there is some veterinarian to do some work here. its kind hurt to look at to me.
# Posted By Nose Job Sydney | 3/15/12 3:24 AM
Mark's Gravatar I have shot a big nose buck in Alabama, if you need any info or pics contact me.It was exactly 1 year ago.
# Posted By Mark | 12/26/12 9:42 PM