Acorn Update: Heavy In Your Hunting Area?

On FB, my friend and colleague Bill Winke said there are more acorns already on the ground in all parts of the Midwest than is typical for this time of year. Black and red oaks are loaded and seem best for the deer in his part of southern Iowa.

Rob said that in southern Ohio there hasn’t been this much mast in years. The white oaks are really producing, and lots of blacks and red oaks as well.

Charles confirmed a boom year for white oaks. He has already noticed less action on his cams near clover fields.

All these knowledgeable hunters point out that the heavy mast wil make the early-season bowhunting tricky. You’ll see fewer deer in and around fields and food plots and the stands you've hung there. In heavy acorn years, deer scatter out more and feed deeper in the woods. TIP: Move a cam back in the woods and set it on a well-pocked trail near heavy acorns--I bet you find at least one good buck.

Tree-stand placement and tweaking will be critical. Hot evening stands will be near productive oak trees, and good morning sets will be on trails in funnels that head back into cover. 

What is the status of the acorns in your area? I'd like to get a nationwide report. If you haven’t checked yet, make a swing through your woods and let us know.

Some of you hunt where there are no oaks/acorns. Is there a preferred mast that your deer like to eat? comment  

David in NC's Gravatar I'm not seeing any acorns on the white oaks around my property, but others hunters within a hundred miles have reported good mast crops. It seems like the White Oak mast can be very localized at times in our area. In fact I have one farm that seems to be on the opposite cycle of another property I hunt. Both won't produce heavy in the same year.
# Posted By David in NC | 9/3/10 11:13 AM
Levi Banks's Gravatar I've been seeing a number of deer nightly on a soybean field, there are quite a few oaks on the property too, I've looked at a few and haven't noticed any acorns. In years past there have been good acorn crops there. I've found a few trees loaded in other areas. Central Missouri
# Posted By Levi Banks | 9/3/10 11:31 AM
hanback's Gravatar Guys good stuff post it in your section of the new 2010 RUT REPORT too if u get a chance; just got the new version up and running
yesterday, i'll do a bigger post on it next week, I wanna make this RUT REPORT the best one ever!!
# Posted By hanback | 9/3/10 11:32 AM
Curt's Gravatar I noticed a few on the ground last weekend here in Va. I am staying out of the woods until bow season starts on Oct 2. The cams are in the house & I'm going on history from here on out. Where I hunt, I am really the only pressure. So, I'm too worried about patterns at this point. I know where they are....I hope!
# Posted By Curt | 9/3/10 12:01 PM
Jon - WI's Gravatar Wisconsin acorns are dropping. Seem to be a very good crop this year. Should be a lot more on the ground after today CRAZY WiINDY OUT!

15 days, 18 hours and 50 minutes until I am in a tree stand!!!!!!!!(If I hunt the morning???) Yeah Baby!!
# Posted By Jon - WI | 9/3/10 12:17 PM
Dean Weimer's Gravatar I was going to send my own oak report. We have plenty of acorns dropping in N. Indiana as well. Seems to be a bumper crop. The dry July and Aug. weather affected some trees as nuts seem stunted. Overall I think we have plenty of acorns for deer this year. Of course, they really hit the white oaks hard, but don't overlook the others. I haven't been seeing many bucks in bean fields and this is part of the reason why, along with super hot and humid conditions. We actually got just a bit over 1" of rain here yesterday which was a God send. The late soybeans and corn should benefit from this.
# Posted By Dean Weimer | 9/3/10 1:15 PM
Bolt's Gravatar Plenty of acorns dropping here in SE PA.
# Posted By Bolt | 9/3/10 5:46 PM
Mark (NC)'s Gravatar I was in Roanoke a few weeks back and acurns (as they are pronounced in the south) were looking good there. Here in the Piedmont, I have not been out where Oaks are. We have a lot of Pin Oaks and another oak that has small acorns. Will need to walk down the street and find some non pin oaks. Will be in the woods this weekend so will look there (Triad and Pilot Mountain areas).
# Posted By Mark (NC) | 9/3/10 9:07 PM
Steve's Gravatar SW VA (Blacksburg). Some huge acorns on the trees on campus of VT. The weather is getting cooler (slowly) around here and my wife and I are getting geared up for hunting season.
# Posted By Steve | 9/3/10 11:37 PM
ChadMS's Gravatar Jon - WI is right. We hunt in SW Wisconsin, and have joked that there won't be any Whites left by bow season opener. Dropping like mad. Anyone hunting where white oaks are had better adjust your stands to capitalize on this powerful draw. Remember, individual and clusters of oaks will produce more and drop at different times. Scout the oaks more than the deer with your binos.
# Posted By ChadMS | 9/4/10 10:32 AM
randy's Gravatar We have more acorns than i have ever seen in our area! It's going to be hard to figure out where to find the deer on our property. Thanks for the tip tho.
# Posted By randy | 9/26/10 11:30 PM
Shannon's Gravatar Here in Virginia the woods are loaded with acorns, the tricky part is figuring out what tree there eating from, I'm constantly looking for deer droppings and tracks around these white oaks to narrow down my stand placement.
# Posted By Shannon | 10/7/10 7:41 PM
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