How to Deter a Fence-Line Sitter

Note: I posted this on my old blog two years ago, but many of you missed it, so here it is again. The picture is worth a second look:

Mike: I encountered this funny scene on public land in Iowa. Someone had set up a tree stand a few feet off the fence line adjacent to private property. Someone on the private ground wasn't happy. Close to the stand I saw this old deer mount hung on the tree; it had a plastic machine gun and an orange coat around the neck! Strung around the stand site were air fresheners and shiny reflectors. Someone was a little irritated.

My two cents: Sit on my line all you want, as long as you aren’t breaking any laws. I'm not going to loose sleep over it. Ethics are in the eye of the beholder; can you live with yourself?—John

Yesterday we talked about strange stuff you find in the woods—this takes the cake!

To the subject of fence sitters, my 2 cents: I don’t like it and try never to do it, even if it’s legal to shoot a buck that crosses over to my side. I’ve never killed a deer like that and hope never to. It would not be fun or rewarding. I would feel bad, weird.

But like John, I’m not going to lose sleep over it if you sit on my fence, even though I would think it lame. Life is too short to worry about that kind of stuff.

But I suspect some of you would not be as chill about a fence sitter as John and me.

Your thoughts?

Lap Dog's Gravatar I have it every season, hunters sitting in ground and treestands 2 feet from posted signs. When I have the time I have been known to walk up to the line and take a good crap behind the tree with the posted sign on it. Have even been known to carry a big Ghetto blaster out and set it behind the posted tree with some good Nugent Cat Scratch Fever blasting away right in front of a line sitter.
I don't have a problem with what they do on the side of the line I do not own but then theyshouldn't have a problem with what I do on mine either!
# Posted By Lap Dog | 8/13/10 4:08 PM
Silverback's Gravatar If it is in the woods on a run or stream or rock wall opening, I'm OK with it. But on the edge my field, food plot ot feeder, then I'm pissed. We had it happen in Ohio last year. The guy built a huge elevated box blind on our field edge and have a window overlooking our fields that he could have shot out of. So the first three day os the week long gun season we parked our quad on an adjacent hill (headlights shining into his blind).
# Posted By Silverback | 8/13/10 5:21 PM
Curt's Gravatar "I don't know where they come from, but they sure do come...." Good choice, Lapdog!
# Posted By Curt | 8/13/10 5:38 PM
David in NC's Gravatar I've had some serious line sitters before. Two on the same field. I had an overgrown field that I had a food plot in the middle of. The guy on one side put up a tripod then cut a lane 30 yards to the property/fence line and cut the trees down along the fence so he could see into my field. Now why else would he need to cut down the trees on the fence line? A guy on the other side of the field did the same thing. Built a box stand 40 yards off the field, then I found a gut pile in the field with drag marks and hair going across the barbed wire fence. Hmmmm....

Most recently, my problem has been the guy on the neighboring property trying to tell ME what I can and can't do on my property. I cut a trail down the edge of the property (thick cutover), and he threw a fit, claiming none of their hunters EVER walk down the property line, and he even came 15' across the line with his posters from the corner stake. Really pissed me off since his stand was sitting 40 yards from the line. I don't care if he hunts there, but he posts across my property and then tries to tell me I can't walk there?

I really run into some issues when I have permission to hunt, and I am trying to keep the peace, but have jack legs on the neighboring property trying to control everything.
# Posted By David in NC | 8/13/10 6:34 PM
Buddy in South Central Va's Gravatar Lap Dog and David,

I feel your pain brothers! I have the same things going on.
# Posted By Buddy in South Central Va | 8/13/10 10:12 PM
jstreet's Gravatar As sprawl continues it's only going to get worse.
# Posted By jstreet | 8/13/10 10:20 PM
ChadMS's Gravatar It sucks, and you know the line sitter can see a land owner coming, going, or nearby if orange. Unfortunately, I have hunted lands where one of the best spots to hunt is right on the line because of terrain and cover. I still try to stay back at least 50 yards and not 'look' like a line sitter. Love the "Ghetto Blaster", that is a good visual.
# Posted By ChadMS | 8/14/10 10:36 AM
Cliff's Gravatar Man you guy's sound like a bunch of cry babies. I'm sorry to say but a land owner or someone with permission to hunt a tract of land
can hunt that ground where ever that hunter feels fit, even if it borders someone elses property. I think the real issue is that you
guy's that gripe about it are worried that he or she may kill "your deer". Well ladies and gents deer do not belong to one individual
that is why they are called free roaming. If you can not handle that either put up a high fence or quit hunting. It seems to me that
some of you hunters try to find more reasons on how not to kill that trophy buck than to kill it. One last thing, how would you know
that so called "line hunting" is occuring if your not doing it yourself?
# Posted By Cliff | 8/14/10 2:34 PM
Cody's Gravatar I was thinking along those same lines Cliff. I've "line hunted" before simply because it was an awesome ambush site. I saw deer pretty much continuously every day. I never even considered shooting across the line though. I think that is the issue. Permission stops at the property line. Deer don't. Once he crosses th fence onto my property, I'm shooting, not before, or not after if he's leaving. That's what bugs me. No reason to get worked up unless you know for a fact someone is shooting across the property line.

# Posted By Cody | 8/14/10 3:06 PM
Cliff's Gravatar I'm with you on that one Cody. Good post....
# Posted By Cliff | 8/14/10 3:58 PM
David in NC's Gravatar Cliff, you obviously have never had this trouble or you wouldn't even think of describing us who have as "cry babies". I guess you don't mind it when poachers shoot deer off of your property in the middle of land that you have worked your tail off to prepare. Line-sitter is a politically correct term for opportunistic poacher. I have no problem whatsoever with a guy hunting in a tree with paint on it, as long as he never, ever shoots a deer on my property. The problem is that is rarely the case.

In the situation I described, there were not 1, but 2 guys with stands in thick impenetrable cover, with no visibility, that cut a lane through their property directly to an area that I had a food plot planted. I had hunted the area for years, and after I put in the 1 acre plot in the middle of a 15 acre grown-up field, the neighbors cut lanes so they could watch it too. They proceeded to do exactly that, and even left evidence of their poaching. That's not being a cry baby, that's being pissed off for lazy poachers taking advantage of all my hard work. But, I guess you're the kind of guy that doesn't see anything wrong with that?
# Posted By David in NC | 8/14/10 9:16 PM
backstrap's Gravatar Two years ago I found a ladder stand on my side of the property line, I took it down and laid it on the other side of the line. A week later I went to hunt my lock-on, Before I stepped onto it I saw the strap had been cut with a knife! I never found out who did it... better off not knowing. Retaliation always seems to escalate, so be careful what you do. I never set a stand where I can shoot across a border. Because if I see a shooter, I SHOOT! My hats off to you guys who say you don't.
# Posted By backstrap | 8/14/10 10:12 PM
John's Gravatar With regard to line sitting, frankly, my property is 1/2 mile long and 220 yds wide and I will tell you one thing...I will absolutely sit on the line. I simply do not want to bump deer off my land. In fact, I took my tractor and tiller and cleared a 6 foot wide path up each side of my land. The goal...silent access to my stands. My stands are anywhere from on the line to 25 yds off the line. I want the deer to "learn"...step across that visual line...and you are on the neighbors and likely going to die. Stay inside...and you are likely safe. I will also absolutely face my stands towards the neighbor's land...because the deer are coming from my land and I want to be on the back side of a tree...hidden. What I will not shoot a deer off land I do not have permission to hunt. That is my sole obligation. Walking up the middle of my land stinking it up...sitting in the middle...stinking it up...flat plain stupid. But lest you think I am selfish...I am the guy supplying all the nice bucks to the neighbors. I plant 8 acres of crops on my 38 acres. I leave ALL small bucks alone. I do not set foot inside the 6 foot tilled border during hunting season unless I retrieve a deer. I don't set foot on my land period from mid-Sept (i.e. post velvet shed) to Halloween (pre-rut). The bucks move in when velvet is shed...cuz they smell no one...they stay...cuz they smell no one...and a few nice ones make it for the neighbors to shoot (cuz keeping them on 38 acres is impossible). The neighors now shoot bigger ones than they ever shot prior to me buying this parcel 5 years ago. They reap the beneifts of my sweat, money and restraint. If they want to cry about my on the line stands...go cry to their momma, cuz I will be very unkind to them if they complain to me. If they want to sit on the line too...go ahead. I will move...or maybe just wave if I don't want to move. It is my call. I know how to attract and hold deer...I am not worried about what they do. But if they shoot across the line without my permission...we will have a talk that will not be pleasant for them.
# Posted By John | 8/14/10 11:06 PM
Cliff's Gravatar David in NC, I wanted to opine about your comment, but instead I will refer you to John's post. John, I bet your game room reeks
of giant whitetails. Excellent post and good luck this fall.
# Posted By Cliff | 8/15/10 12:25 AM
Allen's Gravatar politician answer....border hunting depends a lot on the type of hunter sitting on the border and their motives. if they are sitting on your border as a means of getting shots onto your posted property, then they are poacher punks and need to be dealt with. if they are ethical hunters and respect the borders, then i hope they nail a good buck. i try to locate my honey hole food plots away from boundry lines to take away the temptations from the border hunters.
# Posted By Allen | 8/16/10 11:07 AM
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Kim Andersen's Gravatar Bounce sheets rubbed on the fence posts, hid along the deer trail, the box spread out on my side of the posted land. If you want to push the envelope I push back. I respect hunters when they respect me and my land. It happens to be neighbors who think that all the land around them is theirs and they have all rights to it. Some around roll over to them NOT ME. Happy hunting to the ones who hunt with respect of others I see their are some.
# Posted By Kim Andersen | 11/5/11 1:00 PM
Amy Smith's Gravatar I am reading this site today because I am trying to think of a good way to keep someone from stalking deer on my side. Tricky situation, kind of. A man owned 2 tracts of land side by side. He was foreclosed on. We bought it. He still owns the adjacent tract. I think he still feels like the land on our side is his. We are still learning about our land since we just purchased it 2 months ago. I fought through a thicket to get to our back fence line because I will know every inch of my property. I came upon a clearing, on my side. Then I saw a roof. There is a dense thicket, a nice clearing, and then our fence line. This guy has a nice big stand right there facing our clearing. He knows the land since he owned it before he lost it. Deer like fence lines. Maybe he will only hunt on his side but I doubt it. I am not hunting the land this year. I plan to observe and conserve this year. I don't want that fool shooting the deer on our side. I plan to put a sign up but if that man is our neighbor do I really want to make him mad since he knows we are only there on weekends, and not even every weekend? I plan to put cameras up but I know he will just take them if he sees them. I was thinking of planting some bamboo but that takes a long time to create a barrier. Is there anything else to do? Does scent really affect deer that much? If scent scares off deer should I go there often and put scented soaps and perfumes or is that the dumbest idea ever? It just makes me mad that he lost the land, we bought the land, and I know he still acts like it is his. Your advice will help. Thank you.
# Posted By Amy Smith | 9/23/12 1:37 PM