Photo: Coyote Eats Fawn!

We started placing our cameras in the woods for year-round monitoring a few years ago and it has really helped us to figure out the herd dynamics. Unfortunately we had our first visual casualty in front of the camera. We're contemplating a trapping program this fall. The old farmers used to run the yotes with dogs and they really kept them in check. That practice has gone by the wayside over the years and now that we have cameras out year-round we have really noticed that the fawn production is down. I do have quite a few pictures of fawns on my cameras, but many of the does are still carrying.
Do you notice the big belly on this yote? I really hope its just a female about to have pups (and not a belly full of more fawn)! Thought you would enjoy the picture, even if it is not the best quality. The Bushnell TC normally takes outstanding photos, but this one was affected by the bright midday sunlight.--
Andy Yost, a.k.a. Licking Branch

So how many newborn fawns do coyotes eat? Plenty. Studies have shown that in areas with high yote populations fawn predation can be 70% (though it's not that high in most places). Will killing more coyotes make a difference? Maybe, maybe not. Some biologists point out that even in areas with intense predator control, fawn survival may be only 50%.

Still, it's only commonsense to shoot/trap coyotes and control their numbers.

Thanks Andy for the amazing cam picture, what a raw occurrence in nature. comment

Rodger's Gravatar Fawn survival rates have consistently been shown to be 50% Mike, coyotes or no coyotes. Mother nature takes care of things in strange ways sometimes but that's what life's all about. Would you print a pic of me labled "Rodger eats backstrap". Same thing, hoss.
# Posted By Rodger | 6/21/10 11:56 AM
Silverback's Gravatar It's the circle of life. I get way more upset seeing deer blasted all over the roads by cars. As long as you use what you take, Im OK with it, even if it is a yote.
# Posted By Silverback | 6/21/10 12:34 PM
V. in N.C.'s Gravatar If you kill one coyote per month during the spring and summer, I wonder how many deer will live to become yearlings in a given area.
I don't know, but I'm going to start cancelling coyotes all through my hunting area. Then I'm going to watch and see how my trail cam
traffic picks up the following off season.

I'm going to make the coyotes around my way so paranoid they are going to start seeing me in their sleep.
# Posted By V. in N.C. | 6/21/10 2:02 PM
David in NC's Gravatar I think coyotes are here for the long haul, and there is no way to wipe them out. Shoot every one you see to keep the numbers down - makes sense, but they will keep coming.

Roger, how about invasive species? Coyotes are not indigenous to the east coast, so there is no historical balance of nature here. But I can tell you that the 'yotes very much like it here. Just like the asian carp like the Mississippi, and the Pythons feel right at home in the everglades. It won't be the end of deer hunting as we know it, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try to eliminate as many as possible. Kill every one you see, and you'll still have them. There is a reason that coyotes are one of the very few species to have no closed season in NC (and many other states).
# Posted By David in NC | 6/21/10 2:34 PM
Dean Weimer's Gravatar Kill 'em all.
# Posted By Dean Weimer | 6/21/10 2:41 PM
Mack's Gravatar I'm with Dean- Kill 'em all.
# Posted By Mack | 6/21/10 2:44 PM
Flatlander's Gravatar Coyotes stimulate the economy and keep amo makers in business :)

let the lead fly, they hve the right to eat fawns, we have to right to smoke coyoetes......

it's a viscious circle, glad we are on top!!
# Posted By Flatlander | 6/21/10 5:01 PM
Russ's Gravatar Yotes are like skeeters, you can never kill them all but we can sure try to keep them in check.
# Posted By Russ | 6/21/10 6:24 PM
Scott from MI's Gravatar I'd like to kill a lot of them but not all....still need to keep a few around to hunt every year : )
They sure do a number on the fawns by us as well
# Posted By Scott from MI | 6/22/10 11:34 AM
Rodger's Gravatar Yeah, me too, silverback. Hate to see wasted life run over on the roads. And to all you guys that hate the coyote so much: they are predators just like you fellas, just like you. If you wiped every coyote off the face of the earth you'd still have a 50% fawn survival.
# Posted By Rodger | 6/22/10 1:01 PM
Lamar's Gravatar To me the numbers don't jive if you say there's a 50% survival with or without Coyotes. What would make up the difference to keep it at 50% if there were no Yotes? I know that many reports on the web from various states and wildlife managed areas say the deer population is way down since the Yote population has gotten so much larger here in the south!

On a different note, I read one study that said killing Yotes does very little good to lowering their population, it stated that their natural instincts kick in and the litter sizes go up to compensate.... I still say smoke em when you get a chance!!
# Posted By Lamar | 7/15/11 12:01 PM