Confirmed: Cougar in Indiana!

We have a good number of guys who hunt deer in southern Indiana who will find this very interesting. From a May 7, 2010 DNR press release:

A mountain lion has been confirmed in a rural part of Greene County…Scott Johnson, the DNR's non-game mammal biologist made the determination from photographs taken by motion-sensitive game cameras placed in the area after a preliminary investigation found evidence consistent with mountain lion behavior, including an eviscerated deer carcass buried under a pile of leaves.

This is a big story because most all cougar sightings in the Midwest/East turn out to be cases of mistaken identity or, more often, Internet hoaxes.

In this case the Indiana DNR went on to say:

Without additional evidence…it's impossible to say if the mountain lion photographed in Greene County is wild or is a formerly captive cat.

The way that cat is slinking around in the cam pic, and the fact it killed a deer and then buried it, I say wild. comment

DougInWisconsin's Gravatar Come on, that's obviously a yellow lab. Oh wait, that what the Wisconsin DNR would say. Ha-ha.

Does this make anyone a little worried heading in/out with just a bow. Not sure how I'd feel. I fly fished in Wyoming a time or two and got a serious case of the shakes once when I saw some cat tracks inside my old ones as I was heading out.
# Posted By DougInWisconsin | 5/10/10 6:17 PM
hanback's Gravatar doug great point, i should've added that sometime states bury the sightings like this lion buried a deer :)
# Posted By hanback | 5/10/10 6:21 PM
ian in wisconsin's Gravatar cougers are alot of places people wouldnt expect case in point. My question howd it get there and if there is one their are others out there as well.
# Posted By ian in wisconsin | 5/10/10 6:33 PM
jstreet's Gravatar I carry a handgun while bowhunting.....just in case.
# Posted By jstreet | 5/10/10 6:36 PM
Trent M.'s Gravatar Cougars and wolves have no place in Indiana...Wolves, as far as I'm concerned have no place most anywhere, so if you make me choose I'll take the cougar...

Either way, I would not hesitate to shoot it...period...
# Posted By Trent M. | 5/10/10 8:24 PM
backstrap's Gravatar I hunt in Daviess County, just south of Greene County and have relatives who claim to have seen cats, mainly around Crane ( a Navy weapons base) but I never believed them.... oops I'll pay more attention to the twig snap in the dark from now on!
# Posted By backstrap | 5/10/10 8:53 PM
David in NC's Gravatar Cougars don't exist, but if you shoot one you get a several thousand dollar fine. That's usually the story I hear from the state.
# Posted By David in NC | 5/10/10 10:18 PM
Shawn Morgan's Gravatar I believe every bit of it. Try to tell people there r Wolves here also but they don't believe it. I've seen em, other hunters have seen em in the same area. Black and Grey ones.
# Posted By Shawn Morgan | 5/11/10 1:50 AM
parrish's Gravatar wow.....wonder if you would get in trouble if you shot one in Ohio????
# Posted By parrish | 5/11/10 10:40 AM
Rodger's Gravatar Parrish, from what I read, you'd get in trouble for shooting just about anything in Ohio. LOL. Cougars are everywhere. They're the most secretive of cats. I'll guarantee you the cat in that picture will never get in range of that game camera again. Yeah, I'd say if the cat killed and buried a deer then the cat is a wild one. Former pets just don't survive very long in the wild unless they're in an area with a lot of dogs and kitties.
# Posted By Rodger | 5/11/10 12:30 PM
Dean Weimer's Gravatar Cougars are in Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, and Indiana. With huge whitetail populations it's no wonder the big cats have moved from their western haunts into the midwest. Cougars and black bears used to thrive in most of the midwest before the area was settled and broken up into farm ground years ago. The bad part is that they prey on fawns crazily. In SE Iowa big cats have been seen carrying fawns around by my friends in and around Mt. Pleasant.
# Posted By Dean Weimer | 5/11/10 1:01 PM
parrish's Gravatar Once in a while a elk or wolf will get loose from some body and the DNR says kill it and don't care....but if a cat is in my sight, I am not sure how I would react....It would be too close for comfort for me.
# Posted By parrish | 5/11/10 1:33 PM
hanback's Gravatar Rodger, again that's why I love hunting Texas, anything goes--cougar is NOT a game animal, shoot one any day u see it!
# Posted By hanback | 5/11/10 2:07 PM
greg's Gravatar ive had a couple run-ins with cougars. i think their natural habitat is the bar.
# Posted By greg | 5/11/10 5:27 PM
dirty's Gravatar lol @ greg.
# Posted By dirty | 5/11/10 6:52 PM
Licking Branch's Gravatar This is a perfect reason for using the SSS method!!!!!! I know I would!
# Posted By Licking Branch | 5/11/10 11:26 PM
Dean Weimer's Gravatar LOL!

Cougars are cool....(Thanks Greg!)
# Posted By Dean Weimer | 5/12/10 12:33 AM
IN bowhunter's Gravatar I live in parke county IN havent seen one here yet! But a few ppl have killed and trapped bob cats..
# Posted By IN bowhunter | 5/12/10 10:44 AM
heather's Gravatar My Mother in Hendricks County saw one cross the road on 267 outside of Brownsburg and friends of ours live in a wooded area in Hendricks County Lizton/North Salem area, and have 2 living near their home. They are here and I am NOT happy!
# Posted By heather | 5/18/10 11:31 AM
# Posted By MIKE BAILEY | 8/6/10 5:10 PM
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