Hog Whitetail: What's Up with this 400-pound Buck?

This beast has popped up all over the Web; lots of people are emailing it to me. The buck is supposed to weigh 400 pounds plus (one email string said 440, which would make it the world record weight-wise). Some say it was killed in Maine, others say Ontario (I’d speculate the latter). Some say it’s fake because the head/neck look small. Everybody is focusing on that hog body, but man look at the rack! I figure the massive 9-pointer is pushing 170. If ya know more, let us know. comment

Dean Weimer's Gravatar He needed another year...

But, yeah, Hanback is right. That's a boreal deer for sure. Ontario, Minnesota, possibly Maine. Maybe even Saskatchewan?
# Posted By Dean Weimer | 1/27/10 10:08 AM
matthew in KS's Gravatar When it went around a couple months ago, it seems to me that someone confirmed that it was from a high-fence game farm in WI. I'll have to check and see it I can find that again.
# Posted By matthew in KS | 1/27/10 10:37 AM
matthew in KS's Gravatar Shot at Wilderness Whitetails in Rosholt , Wisconsin. You can see it on thier web site, wildernesswhitetails.com.
# Posted By matthew in KS | 1/27/10 10:44 AM
hanback's Gravatar ah, fence, i was holding out hope that this was a wild deer even though I had my doubts because of that mass, esp.
at the bases... :(
# Posted By hanback | 1/27/10 11:10 AM
David from ME's Gravatar Definetly NOT killed in Maine. Woulda heard about it. Real fake tho nice job to who ever did it
# Posted By David from ME | 1/27/10 11:17 AM
David from ME's Gravatar hey maybe they just shrunk the guy to make the deer look bigger? HAHAHA
# Posted By David from ME | 1/27/10 11:18 AM
Flatlander's Gravatar just can't get excited over pen raised, non wild deer, no matter how big..........
more exciting to see a young person with a spike buck than the rich man with their purchased prize
# Posted By Flatlander | 1/27/10 11:31 AM
hanback's Gravatar I agree, I try to give people the benefit of the doubt when I get these giants, hoping against hope that they are indeed wild
deer, but the tipoff is usually almost always the unrealistic mass they develop by feeding the deer so much protein, alas
not our kind of deer here on BIG DEER
# Posted By hanback | 1/27/10 11:59 AM
Curt's Gravatar Wisconsin? Must be the Tony Mandarich buck!
# Posted By Curt | 1/27/10 12:43 PM
Dean Weimer's Gravatar LOL!! No, Curt, Mandarich got that big by eating regular groceries...
# Posted By Dean Weimer | 1/27/10 1:17 PM
Chad M.'s Gravatar Killed at a high fence operation, Matt in Kansas was correct by saying wildernesswhitetails....... Big deal, any fat cat with some money could go there and do the same thing. It's easy to see how rumors get started, and unfortunate for the real hunters who kill a truly wild giant buck. I would say he paid $15,000 or more to shoot this high fenced roided up deer.
# Posted By Chad M. | 1/27/10 1:50 PM
Chad M.'s Gravatar Look at the guy, he doesn't even have camo on or a hunting outfit. What a joke!
# Posted By Chad M. | 1/27/10 1:53 PM
JDAM's Gravatar Reminds me of my mothers overweight cat. Named him sausage.
# Posted By JDAM | 1/27/10 3:06 PM
Rodger's Gravatar Does anyone know how many acres this high fence farm covers?
# Posted By Rodger | 1/27/10 4:01 PM
Lance's Gravatar I thought the whitetail record was 501 lb. killed in or about 1904 in Wis.? Does anyone know what the wt. record is?
# Posted By Lance | 1/27/10 6:02 PM
sarge's Gravatar Looks photo shopped to me the guy doesn't even have a good grip on the antlers.
# Posted By sarge | 1/27/10 7:09 PM
Cody's Gravatar Can't believe I did it but I actually watched the 9 minute video that aaron posted a link to. The guy is a doofus. Don't see where the excitement comes from. I really don't. Think it's sad people try to pass this off as a wild deer, incredibly ridiculous.

# Posted By Cody | 1/27/10 8:21 PM
outdrdave's Gravatar Just watched the video and as sad as it may be to some, that guy was super excited, dont take that away from him... Maybe the most excited for something he has ever bought.
# Posted By outdrdave | 1/27/10 9:07 PM
David in NC's Gravatar I think the picture is real as far as I know. Someone posted their pricing guidelines and it said $10,000 for 170" plus, $2,000 extra for 180+, $5,000 extra for 190+. So what do you think this deer cost? I am guessing the $15,000 estimate is pretty close.
# Posted By David in NC | 1/27/10 11:18 PM
Bruce's Gravatar I know the Flees family very well and visit them regularly.....great folks, christian values, and they run a top notch high fence hunting operation. I understand it's not everyone's cup of tea, but you have to admit that this buck is amazing. Mike you are only off by about 40"...the 9pt main frame grossed 209".....I actually have the sheds off of this buck from the year before and they even scored in the low 190's as an 8pt.......if anyone is in doubt , that set will be at the Dubuque, Iowa antler auction in March.
# Posted By Bruce | 1/28/10 12:21 AM
hanback's Gravatar sure i was at least 20" shy on mass measurements
# Posted By hanback | 1/28/10 2:46 PM
Rodger's Gravatar Maybe you can answer my question, Bruce. How big is their high fence operation? 500 acres, 1,000, 10,000? And, to tell you the truth, I'm not so sure that somewhere "christian values" aren't compromized big time by killing a pen raised animal for sport.
# Posted By Rodger | 1/28/10 3:22 PM
pm's Gravatar isn't the Flees family and Wilderness Whitetails the place where that Sudden Impact 400-inch buck was raised and died in
last summer? Oh man, another can of worms!!!
# Posted By pm | 1/28/10 3:33 PM
BRUCE's Gravatar The enclosure this buck was in is about 400 acres.......as far as christian values, I'll let the big guy upstairs sort that out.

Just a side note, if this was a boar hunting operation and not whitetails, would this still spark such controversy?
# Posted By BRUCE | 1/28/10 4:16 PM
pm's Gravatar yes, it's just that not 10 million people give or take hunt boar like they do whitetails
# Posted By pm | 1/28/10 4:31 PM
Mike's Gravatar Bruce do you know what the weight was on this deer?
# Posted By Mike | 1/28/10 4:33 PM
Curt's Gravatar I gotta be honest. I don't care if these people spend their money on this BS. I won't do it, but thank goodness we still have a little free enterprise left in this country. To me it's like wrestling. I HATE proffesional wrestling. When I was young it was called studio wrestling. I wrestled in school and do not recognize those clowns as more than entertainers. These canned hunts are the studio wrestling of the world. Not my cup of jack! But, damn is that thing big!
# Posted By Curt | 1/28/10 4:48 PM
eph's Gravatar hanback, 40" off? just ur not used to judging pen deer, lol
# Posted By eph | 1/28/10 4:50 PM
Bruce's Gravatar They guessed it to be right at 400, buy it was not officially weighed.
# Posted By Bruce | 1/28/10 5:34 PM