Photo: Biggest Wolf Ever?

Woke up to this: Mike, you sure you want to sit outside in a ground blind in Canada anymore? WOW!!!!  Not sure if this is true or accurate but what an animal. This Wolf was supposedly shot in Drayton Valley, Alberta, and weighed over 230 lbs., smashing the previous record of 175 lbs.

I don't know what to make of this, could it possibly be so? Something doesn't look right, but hell you never know. Anybody seen this before, this type photo flies around the Web fast. comment




Flatlander's Gravatar looks photo shopped to me........ or that guy has one leg and is extremely strong to hold 230 on one leg:)
if it is true there will be more pics......

will be nice to hear "the rest of the story"
# Posted By Flatlander | 9/25/09 10:33 AM
parrish's Gravatar You know its a big wolf...BUT....their coat is pretty thick!...I am saying 125 lbs lift a 230lb wolf like that would be impossible unless
that guy is a power lifter !......Its a nice wolf but no record......Just like that texas cougar carrying the eight point a buddy sent that
too me saying a guy told him it was taken 5 miles from where I live...I just laughed.....some people have too much time on their hands.
# Posted By parrish | 9/25/09 10:34 AM
PA Archer's Gravatar seen it before a couple of months ago with a different story
Fake ...
# Posted By PA Archer | 9/25/09 10:53 AM
hanback's Gravatar i figured, the head/face esp look weird
# Posted By hanback | 9/25/09 11:06 AM
PA Archer's Gravatar Mike,

I beileve the story was Western Saskatchewan and 250 lbs.

Somebody needs a little more to do during the daylight hours.
# Posted By PA Archer | 9/25/09 12:42 PM
Dean Weimer's Gravatar Good doggy....good boy...that's right!!!
# Posted By Dean Weimer | 9/25/09 12:55 PM
David in NC's Gravatar The photo looks real, as far as the weight - who knows. We are so fast to assume that every photo is altered! Flatlander, the guy is standing on two legs. Look at his camo right next to the wolf's tail. The position of his arms, sunken into the wolf's fur, his posture - obviously lifting something very heavy, and you can tell he is even trying to keep his face in view despite the wolf's thick fur. The picture looks real, but the story usually changes 20 times before it circulates around the web.

By the way, I got the cougar pic sent to me last week saying that it was from NC! Hah! You can tell it was taken in Texas at first glance.
# Posted By David in NC | 9/25/09 3:32 PM
Cody's Gravatar I'm leaning towards a real photo, maybe not real story to go with it. David makes good points. I don't think anyone could pose like that and then impose the photo of the wolf on top. I don't care how much he weighs though I definitely wouldn't want to mess with him.

# Posted By Cody | 9/25/09 9:38 PM
hanback's Gravatar Wow, thanks TJ for the update!!
# Posted By hanback | 9/28/09 11:54 AM
cody's Gravatar the guys leg is behind the wolfs tail
# Posted By cody | 9/30/09 8:06 PM
jacobhammond's Gravatar holy sh-- that a monster of a dog
# Posted By jacobhammond | 10/4/09 12:53 PM
BR from Manitoba's Gravatar TJ is correct. There is an article in the fall issue of Big Buck, which I have on my lap as I am writing this. The photos in Big Buck are not the same as you posted. The wolf looks a little bigger and darker in your picture, so maybe someone Photoshopped it a little, but nonetheless it's obvious it's the same wolf and same hunter as featured in Big Buck. Big Buck is a magazine that focuses on monster whitetail and mulies, so the occasional story they do about something else will not receive that high a profile in the magazine. The article was buried in the back couple of pages.
# Posted By BR from Manitoba | 10/9/09 10:42 PM
Ba-|-es's Gravatar k so this is not fake for the guy with the dumbass one leg comment look close at the wolfs tail omg two legs.. and for the weightlifter
and the 230 pound wolf... if you look at the new big buck magazine its in there it is a 170-80 bound wolf. the guy that shot it will take anyone who pays him to go hunt one. any arguments now...?
# Posted By Ba-|-es | 10/12/09 5:37 PM
mackenzi's Gravatar nice kill! i will admit i am jealous but im not one to leave a jerkass comment cause of it! again, nice job!
# Posted By mackenzi | 10/17/09 6:42 AM
hunter's Gravatar why kill the wolf. it was doing what it was put on earth to do
# Posted By hunter | 10/18/09 11:43 PM
slayer's Gravatar Why kill the wolf? Why NOT kill the wolf? We are humans, it is an animal. It is our right and privelege to kill the animals. Not OVER kill, or kill willy-nilly... but KILL none the less...!
# Posted By slayer | 10/22/09 8:57 PM
blackwolfdog Cie's Gravatar pfffffffffffffffff , this is a best stupid man of the world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'm breeder wolfdog in france , i like this animal that the wolf !!!!! you are stupid !!!!! this man is one big shit !!!!!! Martial
# Posted By blackwolfdog Cie | 10/29/09 5:46 PM
Gail's Gravatar Killing for no reason is pure and simple ignorance. He didn't kill it to eat it! The wolf didn't threaten him. This is just another perfect example of testosterone overload. I'm a hunter; but I eat my kill.
# Posted By Gail | 11/2/09 2:56 AM
Dario's Gravatar Imagine this wolfs mother and father....holly crap! Shooting this wolf is alltogether a different topic, but, IMO it is like controled deer hunting where you remove the certain types of deer....this wolf was way to big, it is not a normal size wolf so it should be dealt with before it regretibly kills a human. I don't beleive in killing for no reason, but if something that big was near my stand, unfortunatly I would have to take it down, before it takes me down...imagin walking back to the camp site knowing a monster like that is close by......
photo looks real enough, good on you!
# Posted By Dario | 11/9/09 3:56 PM
roughrider's Gravatar wolf is real and the reason we kill wolves is so they dont kill our kids. for you people that live in the city and have no clue of the real outside world shut up with "protecting" the wolf. im tracking a cougar as we speak, complaints????? it attacked a cow and bull and why wouldnt it my family. ill post if i get it haha mmmmkay!!
# Posted By roughrider | 11/14/09 5:41 PM
Maine's Gravatar For those who feel it was insensitive to kill this wolf needs to take a hard long look at reality. Do any of you have children? Would you want your child or grandchildren playing in the yard when a monster of a wolf like this one comes out? I think not! No good would come to it. There is no purpose for wolves as far as I am concerned and he did the right thing. Thank you for keeping everyone safe! As far as those who think this is fake, take a good look at the picture people, he has 2 legs, 1 you can see and the other hiding by the tail.
# Posted By Maine | 11/16/09 7:22 PM
kass's Gravatar yall stupid if you tink this is fake;
& the person below me; wtf his leg is behind the tail stupid ass.
# Posted By kass | 11/24/09 8:18 PM
Ryan's Gravatar Well if it is that big and for real then the guy who shot it is a jerk. Hopefully it passed on its impressive genes before the dickhead shot the magnificent beast
# Posted By Ryan | 11/25/09 2:10 AM
jgd's Gravatar There's a big difference between eating meat to survive and hunting for pleasure, which is just plain old stupid.
You shouldn't kill animals just to make yourself look like a tough guy, because it's actually really pathetic.
# Posted By jgd | 12/7/09 2:09 AM
zillah's Gravatar Come on...look at the re-introduction of wolves in Wyoming, it only took a couple years for one pack to turn into two and two into...and now theres issues with livestock, and more importantly to hunters a huge impact on huntable game. Wolves are efficient predators, and large ones who consure major quantities of meat. They kill lots of deer and elk, especially durring winter months. I hunt for food on plate, but being proactive in predator control is assuring food on plate in the future. Its also great fun, great sport. If you have no stomach to take a life, nor the brains to concern yourself with the real issues of conservation stay inside.
# Posted By zillah | 12/16/09 11:52 PM
Ryan's Gravatar Zillah you are a twat. Try taking on a wolf with your bare hands if you must eliminate your competition for meat on the plate. Shooting it is hardly sport dickhead. the arrogance of some humans is unbelievable, we stole it's environment in the first place. I'd rather see you get shot than a wolf.
# Posted By Ryan | 12/17/09 8:21 PM
roughrider's Gravatar you defending a wolf when you have no life with them is like me defending a rapist or murderer.....they aren't hurting me out on the farm!!!!! you fricken city people defending animals that would ripe out anyone throat if it had the chance. you get rid of criminals of the street before they hurt anyone, we boys who LIVE with wolves have to do the same. i enjoy the presence of wildlife on my land if i cant even let my kids go down to the creek or even walk the fence line without a rifle for fear of an attack, im going to destroy the danger. if every wolf and cougar was shot that would only mean other populations would thrive. haha shut up all you fags who dont live in the wild, cuz its not your world.
# Posted By roughrider | 12/17/09 9:50 PM
roughrider's Gravatar God created this world for us to live not the wolf haha
# Posted By roughrider | 12/18/09 3:02 PM
josh's Gravatar People would care more to see it alive dumbass not dead...thats like sayin if you saw something big ya just shoot it???lol okay...
# Posted By josh | 1/14/10 3:52 AM
dave's Gravatar There is no God
# Posted By dave | 1/21/10 12:52 AM
yodi hunter's Gravatar great job. I have killed a couple of wolves. I think that they should have a bounty on there heads. Those damn things have killed alot my cattle and i kill everyone i see. Good job man
# Posted By yodi hunter | 1/27/10 5:29 AM
Jodi's Gravatar No, sorry - the wolf is real - the weight is real - it has not been photoshopped - it is in the Feb/Mar issue of North American Hunter on page 80. It was in Alberta, Canada while these 2 guys were on a bear hunt. It has been weighed and the skull is going to be dried and measured and they feel that it is close to the new world record. Three days after that - they shot the big black bear they'd originally been hunting for.
# Posted By Jodi | 1/29/10 12:23 AM
Cathy's Gravatar WHY did they have to kill such a beautiful animal? Did it attack them? Were they in mortal danger? I'll never understand why people have to KILL wolves. They usually steer clear of humans.
# Posted By Cathy | 1/29/10 10:15 AM
AARON's Gravatar that wolf was accually 175 pounds for all that dont know that it was issued in the north american hunter feb/mar 2010
# Posted By AARON | 1/29/10 11:45 PM
Jake Wolfe's Gravatar Theres a 50/50 chance this is real...and it would be pretty sweet if this is a real photo

& as for the comment below about the guy having one leg?

If you look where the wolves tail is you can see the guys other leg.
# Posted By Jake Wolfe | 1/30/10 12:57 PM
Jake Wolfe's Gravatar It sucks that this guy killed it
# Posted By Jake Wolfe | 1/30/10 12:58 PM
tony o's Gravatar north american hunter magazine has the story in the feb edition. what a monster. the hunt them because they can. what a trophy. hope they open the season in wisconsin soon.we are being over run with them.
# Posted By tony o | 1/30/10 5:45 PM
chris's Gravatar the other leg is behind the tail dumb ass
# Posted By chris | 2/5/10 2:56 PM
shim's Gravatar you can see his other leg behind the tail.... need contacts?
# Posted By shim | 2/6/10 6:40 PM
Paul Don Hagen, RLS's Gravatar What we see here is indeed a very large black timber wolf. But I think the size of the animal is normal.
It is the size of the man holding it up that is smaller than normal, making the wolf seem overlarge.
The human is about 5'-4" tall, I bet. Ask him for pete's sake...
# Posted By Paul Don Hagen, RLS | 2/7/10 4:49 AM
Al's Gravatar I agree with the last commenter. I think that the guy is small. I have seen "normal" wolves that make large Huskies look like Australian Shepherds. It is a big animal if not "photshopped" to deceive. As for the weight. 230 or 250 sounds very heavy for a wolf in the wild. A 250 lb black bear is decent sized.
# Posted By Al | 2/7/10 7:30 AM
Joy's Gravatar How terribly sad to be proud of killing one of the most beautiful creatures of the wild. Shame on you. These animals are important to our eco-system, intelligent, and beautiful. No one should shoot them.
# Posted By Joy | 2/7/10 8:40 AM
Joy's Gravatar roughrider, stop with the terror tactics. I live in the wilds, and I don't shoot predators. I'm not scared of them, and I have livestock. Sometimes I get nervous, but that's the WAY OF THE WORLD. That's freaking nature. That's the risk we take. I'm far more likely to lose animals to bacteria then I am to a wolf or cougar. Killing the predators is stupid, short-sighted, and wrong. We need their presence in the eco-system, and there are far too few. They kill because it's their nature, they don't attack humans ordinarily (though certain idiots like this hunter would be fair game), and normally they avoid livestock. They don't want to mess with us. All creatures are sacred. You should only kill an animal on the top of the food chain when you have absolutely NO other alternative.
# Posted By Joy | 2/7/10 8:48 AM
J A's Gravatar How many dead animals mouths have you ever seen closed postmortem without help?
# Posted By J A | 2/7/10 1:35 PM
Is Not's Gravatar For all of you that worry about wolves killing your livestock or children? I haven't heard of any cases where a child has been attacked in the family yard. The cases where animals have been killed are in areas where the natural habitat of the wolves (or cougars, for that matter) has been encroached upon. Man goes in and kills deer for his pleasure (how many of you hunters actually dress and keep your kill for food anymore?) and that means less food for the wild animals. Overbuilding and plowing under forests also takes away their natural food supply.

"City people" who live in areas where this has happened do see the animals coming into what used to be their homes, looking for food. They aren't necessarily looking to eat Junior, but they might take out Fluffy if they are hungry enough.

BTW--for the fool who said God put animals on Earth for us to kill-WRONG! Originally the animals and the people were supposed to live in harmony until MAN sinned. But, even then, God never said to go out and kill for the hell of it. As I alluded to above, God said animals were to be used for one's NEEDS, not for recreation.
# Posted By Is Not | 2/7/10 2:03 PM
Carol Maciel's Gravatar 1st of all if that wolf weighed as much as you say it would have been hell to hold him alive let alone dead weight, no pun intended I have more respect for 4 leggeds than two legged....human animals are far more dangerous than our 4 legged counter parts...this is a crime and should be treated as such, we have NO right imposing ourselves on any creature and if we do we deserve what we get....hopefully if this is true that wolves family will remember him...they have remarkable memories and take his life for taking the life of this remarkable and beautiful is peoople like this that make me ashamed to be human!!!!!!!!!!
# Posted By Carol Maciel | 2/7/10 11:05 PM
Rebelcop121's Gravatar I live in Alaska, where we have an abundantly healthy wolf population...People in the Lower 48 never hear about half of what goes on here in Alaska. We have Bear attacks every summer, usually some stupid nature lover who thinks that bears just want to be their friends. Every year we have problems with wolves coming down into the town areas, and killing family dogs. I see missing dog flyers every winter, but they aren't missing, they are eaten. It is TOTAL myth that wolves only eat the sick, weak and only what they need. Wolves will pull down a dozen caribou and leave most of them in one night. People up here hunt for subsistence, and wolves are a competition to that subsistence.
The wolves are not wasted, though they are not eaten as such. Their fur is used for Parka Ruffs and to make warm clothing. Come out here at 50 below zero and then tell me how shameful you think it is.
# Posted By Rebelcop121 | 2/8/10 3:36 PM
T.Sears's Gravatar Anything is possible, Ever hear of a Dire Wolf? Google it. But on the other hand there's alot of Photoshop out there. Remember the Picture
of this huge shark coming out of the SanFrancisco Bay and attacking a helicopter?
# Posted By T.Sears | 2/8/10 3:54 PM
knowit's Gravatar Smallest hunter I ever saw!
# Posted By knowit | 2/8/10 4:03 PM
Maria's Gravatar If this is real, then why does someone always have to kill anything different? The wolf could have been humanely captured and lived out the rest of its life happy in a Zoo like Busch Gardens. But no, somebody's always gotta kill something.
# Posted By Maria | 2/9/10 1:16 AM
Lorbas's Gravatar You should die. I'm praying for your death.
You just killed a lot of animais, your sucker.. haven't you ever done sex? it's much better then hunting
# Posted By Lorbas | 2/10/10 2:20 PM
lover of nature's Gravatar I don't blame this man for shooting this wolf, but no one can say that this is not a magnificant creature and it is a shame that he was not left to
live out his natural life. God created him for a reason, and for those that are saying kill or be killed. I have lived in the country all of my life,
wolves, bear, deer, moose etc are a part of life for alot of people everywhere in the world, you teach your children to RESPECT nature and learn
the dangers and the beauty of every animal. pictures are worth a thousand words. take pictures and leave nature to take of nature!!
# Posted By lover of nature | 2/11/10 10:55 PM
scaups's Gravatar If this wolf is real. Then why is it then, When you blow up the picture, you see a little rabbet or something appear
just right of his shin? Also just right of this little creature, you will see three rectangles. And something else
very lightly. I used no special equipment to see these marking. Just the magnifier that came with my windows XP.
# Posted By scaups | 2/14/10 11:35 PM
Benjamin Hopson III's Gravatar Hi, I dont know if that is real or not but it is HUGE!..I got a huge wolf too just this last weekend but its not as huge as this black one. Check out my pics on facebook..just add me as a friend
# Posted By Benjamin Hopson III | 2/15/10 2:26 PM
tammons's Gravatar Total Photoshop.

IMO the photo of the wolf was taken laying down with its head propped up.

A few give aways are.....

The guys leg is missing. Even if it is not a wolf that size would weigh more than 175#.

The guy probably weighs 195. A wolf with a head and belly that large would weigh more like
250-300#. I weigh 225 and I know I could not hold up a dead animal that big with one leg behind the other.

just between the legs and tail are much lighter than the surrounding grass.

The tail drills into the ground.
I would think it should be flopped over of something.

The right front leg does not look right. Shouldnt it be more flopped down.
Looks like an animal laying dead on the ground.

That thing in the photo is about the size of an extinct dire wolf or maybe a bit bigger.

Guess it could be possible freak of nature, but I doubt it.
# Posted By tammons | 2/15/10 8:58 PM
wally's Gravatar looks like the wolf was fed by man. He is much too fat to be a wild one. too fat to catch any wild game. He was man fed do doubt. I seen a bear at a bear ranch and there is no way this bear would have been that big in the wild,,,,,,,,,,no way ! It would be like a 300 pound man chasing way ! He looks way too healthy to be wild !
# Posted By wally | 2/19/10 6:06 AM
wally's Gravatar did yous ever hear of the wolf that earl eastman shot in 1935 in the grand marais area in the upper penninsula of michigan. You can get pictures of him at the welcome center on the northern sidce of the mackinac bridge entering the u.p. He was 7 feet 11 inches long, stoood 39 inches at the shoulders, and had a 12 and three quarter inch head across the skull. He weighed 182 pounds after being gutted out. which means that a6 foot man holding him, the wolf would have been 2 feet longer. I have a picture in case you can't find one. I obtained several copies of this article with the pictures. It's just amazing to look at. the wolf in your picture here is just a juvinial compared to the one I have. also back in those days 1936 they really had no tricks on photography. like they do nowadays. How tall is the wolf in this picture ?? and how tal is the man ? just curious
# Posted By wally | 2/19/10 6:19 AM
wally's Gravatar I would say that this picture is real. the look on the guys face who must be a very strong person, and his right leg behind the wolves tail and the stance is pretty convincing. I would say that this is ligit big time. I have a picture of a bigger wollf taken in 1935 so I would say that it is very probably, but I would say that it was man fed and not a wild wolf, and if it is wild, then must have ate very well.........very well.... the wild wolves tend to be more bonier and not so full, and healthy looking like this one is.
# Posted By wally | 2/19/10 6:38 AM
agi's Gravatar February/March 2010 North American Hunter mag has this article.

Jim Grimolfson shot the black wolf in Alberta, Canada.The wolf weighed in at 197 pounds, close to the new world record.

The photo is genuine as is the story.

Congrats to Jim!!
# Posted By agi | 2/21/10 1:26 PM
tammons's Gravatar After looking at the photo again, it does look real.
# Posted By tammons | 2/21/10 1:33 PM
Greg's Gravatar Haha bud look at the tail, you will see his other leg, put them shades on
# Posted By Greg | 2/23/10 9:39 PM
mtcapo1's Gravatar "Real" "Photoshop" etc... LOL at all the bullshit here. If you take the time to research this you'll find that the photo is real The wolf actually weighed 197, it was shot in Canada by Jim Grimolfson and there are other photos of it. As for should it have been shot? I hunt for meat. I don't shoot what I don't eat but I also don't judge other hunter's motives for being in the field as long as they hunt legally and ethically.
# Posted By mtcapo1 | 2/24/10 6:17 PM
scott's Gravatar well i looked at the photo and the underbelly didnt look right on first pic.Underbelly hair was blurred compared to rest of it. SO i asked my cuz for his imput since he has a degree in Graphic Design and this is what he said

 I would say its a fake, if you look some of the photo is very crisp (parts of the grass) and some are very low res (the trees) so that right there tells me its a composite, than look at the inside of the tail, looks kinda nice and neat, as oppose to the fluffy outer tail. Finally look at the inner paw and his elbow&it looks blurred, you should & See u should be more able to make out whats going on there, you cant tell if its going over his arm or under. Thats just my thoughts on it. Plus if it was real, what a dumb ass for killing it&
# Posted By scott | 2/25/10 11:17 PM
lui's Gravatar my buddy noth of ontario just got a wolf that was 220 and looks almost the same he found him while going to his bear traps its real belive me
# Posted By lui | 2/26/10 1:06 PM
Mel's Gravatar His other leg is right behind the tail of the wolf, you can see it.
# Posted By Mel | 3/14/10 7:18 PM
Troy's Gravatar That photo is in my North American hunter magazine. It doesn't weigh 230 lbs, in the magazine it said 197 and would contend for the record.
# Posted By Troy | 3/15/10 3:01 PM
jake's Gravatar ok, people like ryan are just complete fools, i guarentte that he has never been hunting doesnt know a thing about it. he watches to much disney movies. do you think the wolf gets old and dies at home with its family? no it gets to old to feed itself and starves and or freezes to death. you idiots hear all of us say that we are trying to protect our childeren and ourselves from the wolfs when its true, then you get on googel and try to find any defense for the animal that you can, when in reality wolfs are predators that will kill a human as fast as it will kill a deer or and elk. and i'll bet your one of those people who try to find any excuses for the wolf when they do attack people, "oh the wolf mistook that man as a baby deer or an elk" when in reality its a freakin wolf. and ryan as for the whole we took thier environment and you'd rather see a person get shot then a wolf, well you just keep BSing people and keep calling people a dickhead because you have no other argument so you just choose to insult them cuz your a liberal who doesnt know what hes talking about
# Posted By jake | 3/16/10 11:04 PM
fink's Gravatar carol, the jurys still out on weather or not you are a human.
# Posted By fink | 3/18/10 8:51 PM
fiz's Gravatar carol maciel, you are a complete fool, i agree with jake, people like you watch to many disney movies. you are puting human emotions into an animal when in reality they are completly different, wolfs cannot think in terms of vengence or love, beleif,remember, reason or any of the amazing abiltiys humans have. i cannot explain in words how stupid people like you are,go live in the woods with the animals if their so much better than people, but if not stop associtating yourselfs with hunting websites cuz no one cares.
# Posted By fiz | 3/18/10 8:57 PM
kyle's Gravatar anyone notice how its only city boys and country girls who have a prob with hunting? joy, i have every right to walk around my farm without being nervous. wolfs killed one of my colts awhile back, so i killed the SOB next time i saw it, but your all right about wolfs they are such loving creatures
# Posted By kyle | 3/18/10 9:05 PM
phantom's Gravatar You can just make out dude's leg behing the tail , this is a true story read about it in one of my hunting magazines it is the current world record .
# Posted By phantom | 4/3/10 1:36 AM
kyler's Gravatar i killed a 5000 lbs wolf but we eat it cause we were hungry cuz i live in the bush
# Posted By kyler | 4/21/10 2:55 PM
Kade's Gravatar i killed a wolf that 10000 lb then i took it home cooked it over a match and was full after i ate it.
# Posted By Kade | 4/27/10 11:08 AM
kade's Gravatar i killed a wolf that was 1000 i took a piss on it a then sucked its wang i killed it with my wang to
# Posted By kade | 4/27/10 11:13 AM
Cody's Gravatar I killed the biggest wolf ever with a skid loader it was afther i was done milking. i will tell you the story, first i was milking then i seen it across the fiels so i took off running and started beating it with a stick he bit the stick so i beat him with my wang and then i went to the skid loader and got it and i dropped the bucket on its head it didnt kill it till i ran its head over then i smashed it with the bucket
# Posted By Cody | 4/27/10 2:20 PM
zach's Gravatar i gave a bj to a wolf then i killed it
# Posted By zach | 4/27/10 3:38 PM
Taylor(:'s Gravatar i cant believe he killed that beautiful wolf.
# Posted By Taylor(: | 5/20/10 3:40 PM
WTF's Gravatar This is NOT real. For all you people saying it're idiots. The damn thing has a THIRD front paw. Expand the image. OBVIOUS photoshop.
# Posted By WTF | 5/23/10 3:49 PM
drew's Gravatar his other leg is behind the wolfs tail
# Posted By drew | 5/31/10 6:39 PM
rachel's Gravatar his other leg is where the wolves tail is u big durp.
# Posted By rachel | 7/5/10 1:44 AM
jess's Gravatar i just wanted to comment about the person who made a smart ass comment about holding up a wolf with one leg. If you look closely at the wolf's tail you can see the guys other leg; just barely on the side of the tail. His clothing is hard to see,so just put your finger on the tail and you can see his other leg no problem! It is possible to hold something of that weight,i know when your dead,it's heavier due to dead weight. But he could of had someone help hold up the wolf .then all he has to do is bend at the knees for better support to hold such weight,he's acturally got a good stance if you look closely and with him bending and letting the wolf lean on him,yes it could be very much possible!
# Posted By jess | 7/15/10 3:15 PM
kryssy's Gravatar Wow, that is very impressive. Although, I'm not sure what the hell kinda discussion is going on about animal rights or the whole "don't kill the wolves" Personally, I really do like wolves. They're beautiful, and their deadly skills in hunting just make them even more impressive. But they are animals, that will kill for food. I do believe that they shouldn't be hunted just for entertainment, because that's just pointless killing, but I do live out in the country, so I understand the dangers of wild animals and the purpose of hunting them to protect livestock, and children. Actually a few months ago, a family friend almost had her baby carried off by a bear near our area. It picked up the carrier and everything and started to walk off with it. Thankfully the baby wasn't harmed after our friend shouted at it to scare it off (I think it was a black bear) and that area has a bear season, because the population needs to be regulated. So, all of you who are gonna say "don't kill 'em cuz they're not gonna attack us" please keep in mind that animals do attack children sometimes and that they're not the cuddly, fluffy creatures you think they are.
# Posted By kryssy | 8/14/10 8:06 PM
Taylor's Gravatar the man does have to legs but the one is behind the wolfs tail and the photo is edited online they combined a picture of a man with a young bear, and the legs, tail, and face of a full grown wolf.
# Posted By Taylor | 12/16/10 9:07 PM
Taylor's Gravatar if you look between the front legs of the wolf you see one of the bears paws. MORE PROOF THIS IS A FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
# Posted By Taylor | 12/16/10 9:10 PM
John's Gravatar I have seen a bigger one in Grey's Harbor Washington. 300 pounds no lie. They think it traveled all the way from Yellowstone. The dude dropped it from pretty far away cause he thought it was a coyote.
# Posted By John | 12/24/10 6:50 PM
Fubar's Gravatar To the loser who said Why kill the wolf? Why NOT kill the wolf? We are humans, it is an animal. It is our right and privelege to kill the animals. Not OVER kill, or kill willy-nilly... but KILL none the less...!
# Posted By slayer | 10/22/09 8:57 PM
You sir are the loser... you are a disgrase to the human race.... I would love to hunt you down.......
# Posted By Fubar | 1/5/11 7:25 PM
Zack's Gravatar You know their are only about 80 reported attacks by wolves in Alaska and Canada, and its extremely rare for a pack of wolves to attack a human, its less than a 25% of the time, its normaly a loan wolf that is starving. The man who shot this wolf is scum, shooting an animal for no reason other than enjoyment, anyone who finds enjoyment in killing another creature is sick and should be shot themselves !!!!
# Posted By Zack | 1/13/11 4:12 PM
abby's Gravatar oh my gosh. this is disgusting. how could you shoot somthing that magestic, that beautiful...for the fun of it? people like that make me
sick. and guess what its not the biggest wolf ever if its DEAD! this is sick and that wolf should have lived. do you even realize that it
could have had cubs and you could have MURDERED a whole family of beatiful wolves. you make me sick! are you just going to start
going out and killing beatiful women? because this was a beatiful animal and you killed it? humans ARE animals. some more than others
if you get my drift!!!!!! >=(
# Posted By abby | 1/15/11 4:55 PM
Richard's Gravatar Thats totally a fake picture!!!!
# Posted By Richard | 1/26/11 12:27 PM
dennis roark's Gravatar that dudes leg is right beside the wolfs tail if yoiu look to the right a little bit you can see the camo of his pants
# Posted By dennis roark | 2/3/11 2:33 PM
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# Posted By christian louboutin | 9/15/11 4:53 AM
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# Posted By christian louboutin sale | 9/15/11 4:54 AM
ed hardy uk's Gravatar ed hardy uk
# Posted By ed hardy uk | 9/15/11 4:54 AM
Kimberly's Gravatar well, he doesn't have one leg, that's for sure. it's hiding behind the wolfs tail. looks like the twilight crew just lost a member, haha. i remember when they first told us that the wolf was shot in Maine, not Canada, but oh well, we don't have mountain lions (despite dozens of reports) or wolves (despite dozens of reports) oh well when someone shoots one and they go to fine them if it was me, i'd tell them to stick the $5,000 fine for shooting a mountain lion, they don't exist in Maine, so why should i pay it?
# Posted By Kimberly | 11/6/11 3:40 PM
zodiac's Gravatar the comment "do any of you have children?" makes me want to puke. also the comments that humans are born to kill, that it's our right to
kill animals. I am so sick of people thinking they are the only thing on this planet that matters, that we have the right to slaughter, destroy
other life forms will nilly just cuz it's fun to kill. children? Oh please. There are far too many humans on planet earth
and not enough wolves. humans are everywhere, stacked on top of one another, and wolves, bears, tigers,
lions, the other big mammals are dying off , endangered all over the world because we aren't leaving room for
them. They have a right to their share of planet earth.
# Posted By zodiac | 11/6/11 10:53 PM
Jack's Gravatar It's a real pic. Largest wolf taken out of Manitoba back in 1988 was 217 lbs, so 230 is possible; however, I doubt that this fella can lift that kind of weight.
# Posted By Jack | 11/19/11 12:08 AM
firefighter533's Gravatar 230lbs of dead weight isnt to hard to pick up i know this cuz i picked up (not dragged) a 250lbs man and carried him out
of a burning building on one of our many calls durning a regular hot summer night
# Posted By firefighter533 | 11/28/11 3:56 PM
Kayla's Gravatar It's not photoshopped because theres another picture of the same wolf with a different angle. that wolf is real
# Posted By Kayla | 12/20/11 5:16 PM
Meat Hunter's Gravatar Is that were the vampires played baseball in Twilight?
# Posted By Meat Hunter | 12/22/11 3:57 PM
rexy's Gravatar ok people, i just want to tell you i own a wolf. i have raised them for over 20 years. my male just turned a year old, and when he stands
on his hind legs, is my heighth. i am 5'4. he still has about a year to grow too. he only weighs around 70 lbs, but looks huge!!!! wolves in
the wild run constantly, and are really lean. their coat is very dense and makes them look alot larger than they are. the wolf in that pic
is actually one that was brought over from europe to help repopulate the wolves in canada, idaho, montana, and wyoming. he probably
weighed in around 150lbs, but no larger. my wolf is about 2/3 his size. and just so you know, my wolf is the most gentle of creatures.
but never mistake them for a dog, neither in disposition, or in trust. but just like a dog, if provoked, you will pay the consequenses.
# Posted By rexy | 12/22/11 11:11 PM
Jim's Gravatar You eco-types need a dose of reality.

You want to save the spotted owl but live in a house made of wood.
You want to save wolf but eat beef, and pay as little as possible for it.
You want cheap electricity and gas, but my god don't drill for it.
You want less humans on earth, good, go kill yourselves! you morons.

The dick heads that think hunters don't eat there kills are borderline retards. Every state has severe penalties for "waste of game animals"
97% of all the money used for wolf reintroduction was provided by sportsman/hunters, not you eco losers and the bird watchers society. The Feds raided the Pittman Robertson funds which come from a tax on guns and ammo.
I love Alaska the bears there have an appetite for eco-freaks who talk to the bears. Why don't you go visit.
# Posted By Jim | 12/28/11 1:59 AM
Gary's Gravatar The heaviest/largest wolf recorded in North America was a 165 pounder killed in 1939 in Alaska. For some reason--probably due WWII and the occupation of Kiska and Attu--it was not verified positively until 1945. I trap wolves here in Arctic Alaska and most average slightly less than a hundred pounds, but 120 pounders are not unusual. I caught my largest--140 pounds--in 2009. I weighed it, had a witness photograph the weighing and verify the weight. I also skinned it and the only reason it weighed so much was because it was full of moose--over 15 pounds worth. Wolves, along with bears, get larger in the telling and times told which engenders all manner and sundry myths making the animals bigger than life. They, like us, are but mammals needing food and shelter to live and all the adjectives in the world won't make wolves--and bears--anywhere near the terminators that humans have become.
# Posted By Gary | 12/28/11 3:30 AM
Rexxon's Gravatar If its real then i hope some wolves will kill that bastard hunter
# Posted By Rexxon | 1/11/12 12:21 PM
G's Gravatar He doesn't have 1 leg in the picture and it's not photoshopped. His right leg is behind the wolf's tail. R -tard
# Posted By G | 1/11/12 7:18 PM
BigD's Gravatar the head of it looks like a racoon
# Posted By BigD | 1/25/12 12:56 PM
sally's Gravatar how could you kill a wolf there the prettyest thing alive now im not a vegi person but wolves shoulnt be killed
# Posted By sally | 1/28/12 9:54 PM
D's Gravatar Don't assume that anything unusual is photoshopped. His other leg is behind the tail, not cut out.
# Posted By D | 2/4/12 2:00 PM
Ben's Gravatar To Flatlander. If you will take a look next to the tail of the animal, then you will see that there is obviously another leg! Maybe you
should examine pictures a little better before you try to be funny!
# Posted By Ben | 2/8/12 9:36 AM
Marcos Ortega's Gravatar Its a relly big wolf i havent seen one that big in a while.
# Posted By Marcos Ortega | 2/15/12 5:13 PM
Seth's Gravatar Just for the record 230 lbs isn't really that much to lift for a full grown man. But then again most the people doubting it probably havent had to lift anything bigger than their school books.
# Posted By Seth | 2/29/12 9:49 AM
Seth's Gravatar I clearly havent seen one this big myself but i dont doubt the weight was over 200 lbs. Especially since the one killed in Elk City, ID was a female about a year to year and a half, and weighed 90 lbs.
# Posted By Seth | 2/29/12 9:55 AM
RC Gilbert's Gravatar Just like the infamous "Hogzilla" which was found out to be photoshopped.
# Posted By RC Gilbert | 3/9/12 1:50 AM
david's Gravatar holl mother of pearl edward let go of jacobe youre killing himm !!!!!!!!! lol
# Posted By david | 4/5/12 3:08 PM
hgevf's Gravatar scum bag, im not a activist, but how could anyone shot a amazing animal like that for spot
# Posted By hgevf | 4/17/12 7:37 PM
eric's Gravatar ok i think that this is real
1. his leg is not missing it is just behind the wolves tail, you can kind of see the edge of it.
2. the front legs of the wolf is fine the guys arms are under them and just making the arm stick out like that.
# Posted By eric | 6/18/12 11:16 PM
Ashley's Gravatar Perhaps this is just a large wolf and a short hunter.
# Posted By Ashley | 7/28/12 8:49 PM
Stephen's Gravatar Its a large wolf for sure. However, the guy is actually leaning back and bending his knees giving the
impression that the wolf is much longer. Also this is a two dimensional picture misrepresenting a
3 dimensional reality. Placing the wolf in the foreground when taking the picture actually gives the
illusion that the wolf is proportionally much larger than the average size hunter. The Hunter could
also be a small person as others have stated.
# Posted By Stephen | 8/26/12 5:28 AM
hunter's Gravatar well lets see the guy dose'nt have one leg if you look carefully rightg behind the wolf's tail you can see he other leg. and it is true and very real cause i used to be a hunting guied in montana in a town called heron, i have seen wolf's that big so if you dont belive it you might want to. cause belive you me they do get THAT BIG.
# Posted By hunter | 9/23/12 12:04 AM
eric's Gravatar Ok, the reality of the photo, my brother shot the neighbors dog, we were shooting cats, we got drunk, hey it happens. Either way. So this is actually a pic of my brother with the neighbors pug, yes we got crazy with photo shop. We gave it hair. Nick has only one leg, but we added the leg behind the tail, added the tail too. Nick is 3'7" yep 43' tall, so we put him on a box and fixed that too. Oh, it was mid August in Michigan, I know, you southern boys think there is snow here then, but it was 92, so the snow fake. Let's see, oh yeah, we got rid of the pink studded collar that said "cookie" to. Called it in using our sent lock T shirts from hanes, the silk Hawaiian line, and tommy bahama lofers. We used our Biologic food plod seeded with Cush, and tomato's. So after we made a smoke scent with the Cush, the dog came in to the oreo's. Blammo, dead pug.
# Posted By eric | 9/28/12 3:13 AM
PGT's Gravatar he has 2 legs...
the other leg is behind the wolf's bushy tail
# Posted By PGT | 11/9/12 9:05 PM
Jacky's Gravatar Whether real or fake, this guy's an asshole. Why would you want to kill a wolf that size? For what? Does it make a man's balls bigger to kill an animal that was Great in size? It was a beautiful thing and now it's genes have been interrupted by some gun-happy caveman. Do animals have anywhere safe to live anymore? :(
# Posted By Jacky | 11/29/12 3:48 PM
Bri's Gravatar you know,I know that your protecting your family and all,or maybe you just have a cruel heart and you kill wolves for fun...But if you wanna complain,and you REALLY care about your family,then MOVE somewhere else.That land belongs to the wolves,bears,and other noble creatures,no matter what.Even if you paid for the land,that doesnt mean you own it,nature owns it.Wolves are agressive because there trying to do the same thing you are:protect there family.And wolves wont attack your children,only if they cross there territory with a spirit of fear.Wolves can sense fear,and then they'll sense a weak "wolf"or a stranger.And you know what else?If all you wolf hunters wouldve never killed wolves,they would bond with us,and not sense danger,they would be our companions.And all of you crazy people can mock me,or call me anything you would like,but you know what else? Wolves have lives too,and life is precious.your ending a life just for your own greedy needs.I hope when you people kill,you think of your children,dieing.
# Posted By Bri | 12/5/12 7:15 PM
# Posted By willy | 1/15/13 2:56 PM
willy's Gravatar sorry for some of the bad spelling in my last comment,i just get alittle pissed when i hear guys saying stuff like i had to kill that wolf cuz it might eat my kids..or i live up here in alaska and we are scared to walk out our doors cuz a wold or bear might eat move if your that worried and scared move..if you thought about it if you killed all the bears and wolves it would destroy everything would get messed up..and i go to the bush alot in alaska and yes it is a way diffrent life there then the loer 48 and if have to be carefull in the bush,bears ect.... but you live there cuz of the wildlife and the mts. and just being in the outdoorsyour in montanawe get people all the time moving here from calf. then bitch cuz of the smell of the cows or all the horses ??? well why did you move here then?? then they want the farmer to move theirs cows or stop trapping go away!!!! and can't tell if that wolf is real but if it is why did he shoot it??? this is why to make the news,and just to say he shot it.. not for food not cuz it was going to kill him,or his kids or grandkids or his mom or dad....just to say he shot it!!!!!! NOT a hunter or can't kill everything...
# Posted By willy | 1/15/13 3:13 PM
montana's Gravatar first off i wan't to say that is one big wolf !!! i think if i saw it i would want to shoot it also . as for the people who commented about not killing wolfs ,i would say sign up to have some wolfs transplanted to your town . i think it is up to the people who live in an area to take care of that area . i don't think it is any ones say as to what some one does or doesn't do in a state or county that they don't live in . mind your own F N business !!! i have lived in many different places in the north west and every one has there own problems, but for some reason people would rather tell there neighbor whats wrong with there yard than deal with the trash in there own . again mind your own business !! if you are a true environmentalist help out "MOTHER EARTH" and STOP BREADING !! how come all you granola eating hippy's think it's ok to keep over populating ??? when will fish and game open a session on stupid uninformed people??? thanks to all who had intelligent informed posts.
" no one knows how stupid you are till you open your mouth"
# Posted By montana | 1/21/13 6:52 PM
Henry's Gravatar Great catch. Hard to believe.
# Posted By Henry | 2/5/13 8:08 PM
cl's Gravatar It is 100% real. I met the guy that shot it on a construction site in Drayton valley. He initially thought it was a bear. He was using a bear bait called grim's monster mix and got this wolf instead. Check out , the original pics are there.
# Posted By cl | 2/12/13 10:03 PM
Kurt's Gravatar Let me start by saying I'm a combat Veteran and Hunter.
I find it very disterbing and sad that wolves are hunted for sport! I do except the fact that wolves can and will attack humans and live stock for several reasons. But in short, the Grey Wolf is on the verg of being extinct. Montana is allowing Grey Wolves to be hunted without limits and at anytime of the year! Disspite this FACT!!!! These animals should be protected and the government should only allow them to be hunted during a designated hunting season. Limits need to be enforced and hunters should be prossecuted for killing them outside these laws. I'm not saying that we don't protect ourselves and families if by chance one finds themselves in the unfortunate posission of being the pray of a pack! By all means, shoot to kill!!
But killing Wolves for sport serves no purpose. Unless one has a self esteem issue or is just blood thirsty to kill Wolves to feel better about themselves....
In that case find a Dr. or join the military. We are in several wars/conflicts that could satisfy your blood thirsty apatite!
But I'm sure such weak minded people would rather kill Wolves. Wolves don't shoot back......
In closing, I hope we can stop the wolves from becoming extinct.
Like I said before I am a hunter, but I don't take from the land what I don't eat!!
I also own and have raised Grey and Tember Wolves as part of my family....
They were used by my ancestors as pets and for work many years ago. My first Wolf was the protector of my children from the first day I brought them home from the hospital....
So don't think they can't be a man's best friend!! After all, they were here before we got here!
If this wolf didn't pose a threat to this man in the photo I have to question his motives and manhood....
Please help save the Wolves......
# Posted By Kurt | 2/17/13 11:36 PM
REF's Gravatar How could he stand that erect and hold a 230 pound wolf up. Another Hogzilla photoshop exclusive?
# Posted By REF | 4/9/13 9:05 AM
Heytherebob's Gravatar I researched this, and found out a few things. The picture is both faked and not faked. This story was in a hunting magazine, and the wolf was quite large, but not absolutely monstrous. It weighed 197 pounds, not 230. Here is the original
Compare it closely with the above one, and notice the clearness and sharpness of the original. There is no trap thingy at the wolf's neck, and the wolf on the above photo was enlarged slightly.
# Posted By Heytherebob | 7/20/13 12:54 PM
129CBRider's Gravatar I've seen a wolf that big that lives in Tellico Plains, Tennessee Rides in a pickup with his chin on the cab and his tail hanging over the tailgate!
# Posted By 129CBRider | 8/31/13 9:38 PM
will dickem's Gravatar Hey dumbass blow the pic up and look behind the tail oh no its a leg
# Posted By will dickem | 9/6/13 2:43 PM
Duke's Gravatar it is possible to lift 230 pound like that ,trust me i've done it ,second his leg is hiding behind the tail. this is an awsome picture
# Posted By Duke | 5/18/14 9:34 PM