Is Full Moon Best for Big-Buck Hunting?

Full moon tomorrow, and big-buck hunter Mark Drury expects to photograph some monsters on his Midwestern farms during the week. We were talking on the phone earlier and Mark said, “Haven’t been getting as many giants on my trail cams as usual, but watch out, I expect them to really move during the full moon this week.”

As my buddy and I talked and compared notes, turns out we’re both working on a similar new theory—mature bucks move best most any month in and around the full moon, during both day and night. Of course this flies in the face of what you’ve read before—that the dark moon phases are best for big-buck movement, especially during dusk/dawn. Still, I think we’re on to something, because the more I hunt around the full moon across the country, the more big deer I seem to see. Same with Mark. We don’t know exactly why, but we continue to investigate.

If you’re trail-camming, keep them running in good spots for the next week, and let me know if any new big bucks pop up on your card…or maybe the old bucks you’ve been spotting will be more active on your cams? Or maybe you won’t see any change, or fewer big deer. Whatever, help us with our ongoing research.

BTW, the rutting full moon hits on November 3. Mark expects the hunting to be extraordinary from Halloween through the first week of November, especially if the weather is normal to cool (hot will mess it up). Ditto, and I hope we’re right. I’ll be on a major road trip during that period—Montana to Wyoming to Saskatchewan—and I expect the big deer to be moon walking. We’ll see.

Would love your thoughts on hunting the full moon. Think we’re on to something here or way off base? Comment

Chad S.'s Gravatar I never got into the "full moon" no movement theory, although in fact, I tend to see less deer moving during dusk/dawn during the full moon phase, however, i shot my biggest buck the day before the late october full moon in 04 right at dusk. I've always thought that a late october full moon seemed to provide for more pronounced rutting activity in our area, but there are so many other factors that go into play (temp, buck:doe ratio, weather, etc). I'm no expert, so my theory has always been to just put as much time in the stand as possible during that last week of october/first week of november, which, in my experience, has been dynamite pre-rut activity in my area of PA over the last 6 years.
# Posted By Chad S. | 8/4/09 6:52 PM
Dean Weimer's Gravatar I will make a prediction here that is very similar to what Hanback and Mark said. This year since the Full Moon in November (commonly referred as the "Rutting Moon", etc.) occurs right before (or at the beginning of) the annual Primary Rut, many does will synchronize into their breeding estrus at the same times (or within a few days of one another). When this happens look for a very intense and visible breeding frenzy during the first and second weeks of November. The "Rutting Moon" occured like this back in 2006, and the Primary Rut here in Indiana was "off the hook". However, it didn't trickle out hrough the month like it does in other months. I really look for an amazing and intense Rut this year.

November's Full Moon definately plays a part in synchronizing does into estrous. When it happens right at, or just before "normal" breeding dates...LOOK OUT!!!
# Posted By Dean Weimer | 8/4/09 6:56 PM
Dean Weimer's Gravatar The second "months" should have read years instead...
# Posted By Dean Weimer | 8/4/09 6:57 PM
Scott from MI's Gravatar It has always seemed to me that the dark moon is better for morning and evening hunts. Full moon seems to get them running
more durning mid-day, better chance of seeing them in the daylight. Seems to me that they are up chasing all night in the moon
light then around daybreak they bed down for a bit and get up and start chasing again around late morning or mid-day. I seem
to see more bucks on there feet late mornings and mid-day during full moon. Sounds to me that you guys are on to something.
# Posted By Scott from MI | 8/4/09 6:57 PM
hanback's Gravatar Chad, you can't have a much better strategy than yours! Time in the woods and on stand at the right time w/some luck beats all
the other theories combined, because you're right--just when you think you've got the moon, etc. figured out, it will
get abnormally hot or there will be heavy hunt pressure, factors that negate even the best-laid plans. still, keep an eye on that
bright moon when you're out there 1st week of Nov, its gonna be good, good luck man!
# Posted By hanback | 8/4/09 6:58 PM
Jeff B's Gravatar It is something that I have observed for several years now. I firmly believe that the closer FM is to Nov 1, the more intense the rut will be.
Last year it was not that close and the rut really seemed spread out to me. I have vacation from 10/30 to 11/5. My bet is that it will be crazy
time in the woods.
# Posted By Jeff B | 8/4/09 7:29 PM
Cody's Gravatar Mike, I've never paid much attention to the moon phase. I just hunt whenever I can. Have always figured that if I'm in the woods my chances are better no matter what the moon phase than sitting at home right?? Anyway I've been meaning to e-mail you recently because not too long ago, either in Peterson's bowhunting magazine or North American Hunter magazine I read an article about moon phases. Some university I think(or some other research facility) did a study on deer movements during different moon phases. THey found that a full moon didn't make a significant difference in movement. Like I said it doesn't matter to me but I did have a thought several days after reading it. If the deer, which more than likely were, "pen deer", do you think they would react differently than wild deer?

# Posted By Cody | 8/4/09 9:46 PM
jstreet's Gravatar Interesting theory, but I'll just go "old school" and hunt as much as possible from halloween until after the Indiana gun opener. Those
two weeks have always been good to me and for some reason Nov. 12 has been "my" best day.

# Posted By jstreet | 8/4/09 10:07 PM
Dean Weimer's Gravatar Well, we're almost full tonight and the bucks were out big time tonight. I have been filming bucks this summer and man were they out tonight. Got some good footage of some target bucks tonight. It was very humid tonight as well. Usually, humidity causes them to lay low until the very last light. That wasn't the case tonight at all.

Good blog topic, Mike. I intend to keep filming and glassing the next few nights. I think the moon phases definately do the voodoo wammy on many different mammals...including us.
# Posted By Dean Weimer | 8/5/09 12:30 AM
Levi Banks's Gravatar I went out scouting and saw a lot of deer tonight, I don't think any big bucks, but I know of the 8 deer I saw on the area that at least 3 were bucks and I think one of the others was as well. That's a pretty good ratio, considering the actual ratio based on observations and the limits for antlerless deer in that county is much higher numbers of does.
# Posted By Levi Banks | 8/5/09 1:13 AM
Jake in WI's Gravatar Why doesn't anybody just check road killed deer and do fetal measurements to see when the majority of does got bred?
Also, if the moon has such an effect on when the does get "triggered" why does the rut vary so much state to state and in some instances different regions of the state?
I believe that mother nature is more precise then a 20 day window. Fawn drop timing is very critical to survival and I have a hard time believing that she would have a big window like you do with the moon theory.
Here in WI, the first 2 weeks in Nov. is the best time to be in a tree, year after year, it does not matter what the moon is doing at the time IMO.
Are there other suppressors such as heat and hunting pressure? Of course, but I don't buy the moon theory.

As far as deer moving more with a full or new moon, I really cant say for sure....I don't notice a major spike either way.
In my journals I used to keep track of all the moon phases and when it rose and set but it got to the point where I said its not worth it because honestly I am gonna hunt when I can no matter what any of that stuff says.
If I only had a couple of days to hunt a year it may pay off but with the time I put in, it really is not going to help me in any least I don't think so....I have been wrong before.
# Posted By Jake in WI | 8/5/09 4:25 AM
hanback's Gravatar hey cody, i put much more stock in studies done in the wild with wild deer; deer research in a pen helps, but with so many positive stimuli (good feed) and lack of negative stimuli (predators, hunt pressure) no doubt the stats get skewered. but in the case of the moon, i'd say that pen and wild deer would react pretty consistently. the fact that the full moon made no difference in that study does not surprise me--actually it supports my new theory that full moon is a lot better than we once thought--Hunt on or around Nov. 3/4 this fall man!
# Posted By hanback | 8/5/09 9:58 AM
NY Bowhunter's Gravatar I don't play the moon phases. I usually shoot my buck during the first week of November. That always seems to be the best time around here.
# Posted By NY Bowhunter | 8/5/09 10:03 AM
hanback's Gravatar jake, I have never bought the rutting moon trigger thing either; i think you and everyone else is right, the first 2 weeks of
Nov. is the breeding rut and best most anywhere in US. What I am saying is that when full moon falls during those 2 weeks, like this year,
bucks seem to move harder. I don't think it's a trigger, but maybe more of a light thing, as I said still investigating...
# Posted By hanback | 8/5/09 10:26 AM
pappa necbone's Gravatar Me and the boys start hunting Oct. 1 no matter what and stay with it as much as the weather allows, hate fighting skeeters while on stand. I know this, that as the days become shorter each day presents more movement. Then all of the sudden bucks start moving more during daytime hours. Here in Southern Il. the last week of Oct. thru the 3rd week of Nov. you had better be in a tree, no mattter what the phase of the moon is. The one thing I have noticed over the years I have put into deer hunting is that when the moon is full the deer move right at dark and are moving back into bedding area before sunrise. I have never really thought about mid-day during a full moon because at that time of year it's still warm enough that by 9:00am it could be 60 degrees and the warm sun tells them it's time to lay down. I don't know but I'll pay more attention.
# Posted By pappa necbone | 8/5/09 10:51 AM
Eric Williams's Gravatar I've had luck with a rising moon (past half) in the early afternoon. Weather plays a part, also. But that has always seemed to get
deer on their feet in the late afternoon.
# Posted By Eric Williams | 8/5/09 11:21 AM
Jake in WI's Gravatar Mike, I hear ya and understand what your are probably right, when 2 authorities like you and Mark come up with a theory believe me, I listen.
They see best at dusk and dawn, so having more light at night to help their eyes grab light only makes sense in regards to seeing better.
If I understand the old school train of thought, the reason you would see less movement on a full moon while hunting is because most of the movement is at night under the light of the full moon. Naturally it would make sense that they feel safer because they can avoid predators better.
What are your thoughts on why a full moon would increase their daylight movement?
My thoughts toward it are; when the full moon is in the sky they feel safer, so maybe they move earlier and later because of that security? Just like in heavy cover, they feel safer, so you have better odds of catching them moving earlier and later in these "safe" zones
# Posted By Jake in WI | 8/5/09 12:10 PM
Rodger's Gravatar As far as a full moon triggering movement, especially close to the rut, I just don't buy it. I think it makes for more movement at night because of the better vision it affords deer. I just never seem to see as many deer during a full moon. Maybe I'm wrong. That's certainly par for my course. However, a full moon affecting the rut? Naw, I just don't buy that. Here in Texas our rut in the eastern piney woods peaks on the 15th of November like clockwork, full moon or no full moon. This year that's a full week after our season starts and a full week and a half after the full moon. On the other hand 200 miles to the south the rut starts December 15th, the full moon of November would have no effect on it whatsoever. My point is that the rut in the North is late October/early November. In the South it's Mid-November and in South Texas it's mid-December. How in the world would you ever figure that the moon affected the rut when the moon is full for exactly the same number of days all around the country and some deer are in rut and some are not? My vote goes not for the moon but for the sun. My theory is that, no matter what the temperature or weather conditions, when the amount of sunlight decreases in the fall it hits some magical point that sends the does into estrus. And that, obviously, sets off the bucks. After all, a buck can breed from the moment his antlers get hard until they fall off in winter. It's the does that must be studied to find when the rut is at a peak. Buck movement at the full moon probably just means more deer, not under hunting pressure, are moving because they can see better.
# Posted By Rodger | 8/5/09 1:23 PM
pappa necbone's Gravatar Well put Rodger. I agree 100%
# Posted By pappa necbone | 8/5/09 2:14 PM
jstreet's Gravatar Full moon, rising moon and all the other theories seem to rest on too many variables (herd ratio, hunting pressure, weather). And while I can appreciate and understand the hows, whens and whys of such theories, who among us really hunts under perfect conditions?

Thats why I just go w/Oct 31-November 13 and hunt as hard as possible.

# Posted By jstreet | 8/5/09 5:39 PM
Dean Weimer's Gravatar To clarify my "stance" (whatever that means) is that I agree that the Rut will basically be the same time every year. Around here you can count on November 7 to around Thanksgiving to see nearly 80-85% of breeding for the season, regardless of when November's Full Moon hits. I do agree with Dr. Kroll's findings that the "Rutting Moon" can influence when individual does will cycle into their breeding estrus (depending on where it hits...during the month, that is)). It's all abut hormaonal changes in each deer. Hormones are "triggered" in each deer at the end of summer as the days begin to shorten. By November each individual deer is capable of breeding. When you have a "Rutting Moon" in early November (like this coming fall) I believe you'll see a tremendous amount of chasing, breeding, tending, etc. 3-5 days after that Full Moon. However, as many have pointed out on this blog, each deer isn't on exactly the same schedule as every other deer (bucks, or does). We see that in antler growth, shedding, etc. etc.

I also believe that if October's Full Moon falls mid- late month, and November's Full Moon falls mid-late month, it can cause does to cycle at more sporadic and strung out periods. This is, in my opinion, what causes a "trickle" rut certain years. THey are "programmed" to breed during mid-November (give or take)...when those Full Moons hit outside that period, it can string things along.

Obviously, there are variables that can cause changes, and even different states (in the same areas) can experience differences. I can only really speak 100% for where I live in Indiana. I look for an intense rut in my neck of the woods this year. Nov. 7-13th will be unbelievable here this year.
# Posted By Dean Weimer | 8/5/09 6:41 PM
Licking Branch's Gravatar Rodger nailed my thoughts on moon phase and rut activity. Excellent post! The only thing I have found through time in the field is that deer tend to move more during full moon phases, and like Rodger I believe that is because they can see better and feel more secure. Morning hunts around a full moon have triggered better sightings for me over the years. I have been trying to pattern deer by trail camera movement times and now you just injected another data point I have to study. :-) Now I have to go back and look at the last two months of full moon days.
# Posted By Licking Branch | 8/5/09 6:41 PM
AL Bowhunter's Gravatar I personally am not a big fan of the full moon with the exception of during the rut, but the rut here in northwest alabama usually falsl around the the last week of December or later. My experience is that i do not see as many deer during the full moon i do better with a new moon that is just me. in the 07-08 season the full moon fell right after christmas and i had an exceptional week i saw several bucks including a bullet proof mature whitetail, or at least he was for me, but the rut was peaked out not sure if it was the moon or just my dumb luck.
# Posted By AL Bowhunter | 8/5/09 11:54 PM
David in NC's Gravatar My experience echoes that of Scott and Jake. Deer will move more at night with a full moon because of available light. This usually results in less activity at dawn and dusk because they know they have all night to move. For most of us that means less deer seen on stand because movement is nocturnal. I have witnessed more activity during the late morning and midday periods during full moons, presumably because after bedding down before daylight, they get back up and move a little in the middle of the day.

I understand what Dean is saying about rut-moon phase timing, though I can't confirm that. It is a similar principle to Taylor's "Prime Times" moon phase calendar. Basically, when a strong moon phase (on a monthly cycle-a full moon, on a daily cycle-moon overhead or underfoot) corresponds with a natural time for movement (or breeding) the activity is more pronounced. It stands to reason then that if a full moon strengthens or triggers rutting and it overlaps the normal time window for breeding, the rut will be more pronounced, but compact in duration.
# Posted By David in NC | 8/6/09 12:19 AM
David in NC's Gravatar By the way, Dean, I hunted northern Indiana on November 8-16th in 2006 and found the rut to be full blast. It was a great week for sighting deer and rutting activity. I saw many deer chasing, witnessed a snort-wheeze up close and personal, and had a buck breed a doe within bow range of my stand. It was awesome! I should have had a video camera.
# Posted By David in NC | 8/6/09 12:23 AM
Dean Weimer's Gravatar David, your second paragraph above sums up what I was trying to fewer words. LOL!

Thanks, hope you enjoyed Indiana hunting.
# Posted By Dean Weimer | 8/6/09 1:47 PM
Brian Kiser's Gravatar I hunt primarily in the Carolinas on several leases ranging from 800 acers to 4000 acers. Additionally, I have access to some private suburban tracts as well. My best sopt, about 50
acers is literally minutes from downtown Charlotte. The one similarity these spots have is the effect of the full moon. The best tactic for me during a full moon is to sleep in and
be in the stand by 11am for an all day hunt. Like clockwork, the deer seem to move around noon and again between 3-4pm. Most hunters are out of the stand by 11 am and
are rarely back in the stand by 3pm. With limited, if any, 'dawn' or 'dusk' movement during the full moon and considering the majority of hunters are out of the woods during
mid-day,the general belief is that the full moon limits movement where I have found it only alters movement.

Opening day in S.C. was 09/01, during a full bright moon, and my theory was dead-on. 10 deer were moving between noon and 4pm on 9/1 and a monster was up and moving at
3:30 p.m. on 9/2. At 75 yards he was a bit out of bow range.....but to see a 130 class deer (which is an absolute monster in S.C.) on his feet during mid-day of the 2nd day of the
season was a sight to behold.

I am no expert, have missed as many nice bucks as I've taken, but I can tell you for certain, hunt mid-day during the moon phase and you will see deer. Do the standard morning and evening hunt during the full moon and you'll think all deer are nocturnal. At least in my neck of the woods.....
# Posted By Brian Kiser | 9/4/09 1:05 AM
Tom's Gravatar I have been hunting every night since season started in P.A., The thing I noticed the most is that the deer moved a lot better before the full moon or when it's really bright. I have got skunked every night that the moon was bright. I was on my way to work today and left early to ride around a little and see if the deer were moving in the morning. I saw several mature bucks chasing doe. I had a delivery to make at 8:00, After I made that delivery I took the long way back and through some wooded area only to see more beautiful buck. I got back around 9:00 am and seen deer till I was away from the woods. My take on the moon is that deer move later at night and for quite some time in the morning chasing doe. I have really watched this year and it seems to be the same story day after day.
# Posted By Tom | 11/3/09 8:11 PM
Dave  moody's Gravatar Here in western pa, i think so much pressure from all the over lapping seasons, keeps the deer on an early morning and late evening pattern.
# Posted By Dave moody | 11/7/09 11:30 AM
Tom's Gravatar I have hunted the past two mornings, I haven"t seen many deer. I saw none yesterday and one doe this morning. It's been cold and crisp. I saw 6 nice buck 4 days ago and now nothing. I'ts really quiet and I can hear for a long ways, yet not a sound of a buck chasing doe or any sight of one. Any idea as to why they all of the sudden just stop chasing? I wonder how long the chasing part of rut really lasts? Does anyone have any input on this? I would love to hear anyone else noticing this.
# Posted By Tom | 11/7/09 12:59 PM
Dave  moody's Gravatar The doe are standing in my area. Im using doe bleats and hot doe urine.
# Posted By Dave moody | 11/7/09 5:33 PM
stephen slam's Gravatar Iv found that hunting full moons I have seen some of the biggest deer of my life. I have seen 180 inch deer walk on the edge of a field in daylight hours
# Posted By stephen slam | 12/2/09 12:53 AM
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Desmond's Gravatar Many hunters only take into consideration the phase of the moon when talking about deer movement. While the full moon has a great deal of power over animals, including whitetail deer, it also rises and sets and much different times everyday. It is very important to take this into consideration. For example, lets say sunrise is at 630 and moonset is at 530. Well in this circumstance the AM hunter is going to say that the deer don't move well during a full moon, since most deer will go to bed around moonset. But if that same hunter were to hunt the following day and moonset were around 720 then he is probably going to say that deer move great around a full moon, because most deer will still be on their feet when shooting light comes. So their you go, deer move great during the full moon, but pay attention to moonrise and moonset since this is the most important factor to lunar phase hunting! Hope this helps clear things up a bit.
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