Crunching Acorn Deer Call

The press release I got said: "The Kruncher (Hunter's Specialties) simulates the sound of deer feeding on acorns. This natural sound relaxes deer in the immediate vicinity of your stand. It can also call in other deer that think there is food available. It calms spooked deer, stimulates deer to feed and stops deer in a relaxed manner. Through testing in the woods, hunters were repeatedly amazed that whitetails of all sizes and varieties had the same calm and relaxed reaction to The Kruncher. Even deer that had been spooked by other sights and sounds would relax in just seconds upon hearing The Kruncher. They would return to the source of the sound again and again."

Would you pay $10 for this new call and try it? comment

hanback's Gravatar i'll go first. while this thing sounds like a gimmick, hunters probably said that about grunt calls and rattle boxes too when they
first came out--but now we know those work on occassion. so i'll hold judgment on this call until hunters try it this fall and report
back on whether it works or not. will i use it? probably not on most hunts, i've got enough stuff to carry to a stand as it is.
# Posted By hanback | 7/6/09 10:25 AM
Eric Williams's Gravatar It makes sense. Once they get to crunching acorns, they are really relaxed! I wouldn't buy it, just hunt a logging road with fresh
acorns on it and wait for the deer!
# Posted By Eric Williams | 7/6/09 11:20 AM
Rodger's Gravatar Ummmm...No.
# Posted By Rodger | 7/6/09 11:40 AM
matthew's Gravatar I admit I am usually a sucker for new gimmicks. I've bought a lot of them. This one, I don't think so.
# Posted By matthew | 7/6/09 11:50 AM
Duncan's Gravatar theoretically it makes sense, weve all heard and seen deer eating acorns and definitely hunted around them. So for 10 bucks why not. innovative idea
# Posted By Duncan | 7/6/09 1:26 PM
jstreet's Gravatar While I can appreciate what the inventor was going for, I think I'll have to pass. I'm trying to pare down the amount of "stuff" I carry

# Posted By jstreet | 7/6/09 1:33 PM
deerprof's Gravatar I'd have to echo the majority of posts, think I'd skip this one.

I'm still working on a version of the snort-wheeze, self-expressed. Sounds a little like I'm blowing my nose...
# Posted By deerprof | 7/6/09 2:04 PM
8up's Gravatar I will use it along with my new scent "Deer fart in a Can" (not sold in stores YET)
# Posted By 8up | 7/6/09 2:58 PM
hanback's Gravatar pretty good one :)
# Posted By hanback | 7/6/09 3:54 PM
Rodger's Gravatar In nearly 50 years of deer hunting I have never heard a deer crunch an acorn....nor fart.
# Posted By Rodger | 7/6/09 7:44 PM
hanback's Gravatar never heard a deer fart, but heard them crunch acorns very often in the big woods of the S, E and MW. it can actually be loud on a
still day, though I'm not sure the sound would call in a buck :)
# Posted By hanback | 7/6/09 7:54 PM
deerprof's Gravatar Agree, here in the Midwest, deer love acorns, have listened to does below my stands crunch them up for 30-45 minutes at a time.
# Posted By deerprof | 7/6/09 8:02 PM
David in NC's Gravatar Logistically the sound of a deer crunching acorns usually doesn't travel that far. Rodger that's probably why you haven't heard it. I usually only hear them while bowhunting. If they are right under you, you can hear it, but if the deer were within range to hear that noise, you probably wouldn't need the call.

I am still waiting to come up with my own deer hunting invention to make major bucks off a bunch of suckers like me.
# Posted By David in NC | 7/6/09 10:07 PM
ChadM's Gravatar Whats next.......the "Leafer", the "Browser", I mean how many things can you strap around your neck when you head into the deer woods. I personally would not try it. Go 'old school' and take some acorns up in the stand with you and drop them out, that also works on occassion.
# Posted By ChadM | 7/7/09 8:23 AM
TomH's Gravatar I'm a bow hunter and I used the Kruncher last season successfully while hunting in oaks. A deer was 50 yards out and slowly walking away. She heard the Kruncher and came in and presented an easy 15 yard shot. She was relaxed and started grazing for acorns right in front of me.
# Posted By TomH | 10/5/13 12:32 AM
Russ's Gravatar This will work, I just set down in my stand, last year on the first day of bow season in north missouri and started muncing on some cheese its crakers. It sounded so loud it felt like every thing in the woods was looking at me. A nice buck came in with in ten minutes looking all around. He came right under my stand and I shot him. I was not in my stand over fifteen minutes. I really believe he thought another deer was eating acorns and he came in to get some for himself. As a matter of fact I was thinking about inventing something like this, but checked the internet thinking no body has ever thought of this. Well what do you know there went my idea.
# Posted By Russ | 11/22/13 4:59 PM