Mark Buehrle Pitches Perfect Game, Shoots Big Deer

The Chicago White Sox pitcher hurled a perfect game this afternoon and the second no-hitter of his career. Did you know that if he hadn't walked one man in his first no-no several years ago, he would have been the only ML pitcher in history to throw 2 perfect games?

Did you know that Mark also hunts Big Deer? Check out the 175" monster he shot up in Saskatchewan last November with my buddy Grant Kuypers at Buck Paradise. Pretty cool, way to go on all counts Mark! comment

Levi Banks's Gravatar Being a Missouri boy as well I would love to see Mark come pitch for the Cardinals someday soon. Also, I know he's behind the deer, but dang do they grow them big up north, that looks a deer's rack on a steer's body.
# Posted By Levi Banks | 7/23/09 11:22 PM
ian in wisconsin's Gravatar way cool baseball and hunting america oldest pastimes
# Posted By ian in wisconsin | 7/23/09 11:37 PM
Trent M.'s Gravatar GO SOX!!!

Mark isn't the only hunter on the White Sox...Don't forget Jim Thome. Owns a large piece of ground around Peoria, where he was raised, and hunts often with the Drury Boys.

# Posted By Trent M. | 7/24/09 12:34 AM
Rick's Gravatar And if I remember correctly from the Buck Paradise website Trent - teammate/right fielder Jermaine Dye is a hunter too.
# Posted By Rick | 7/24/09 11:07 AM
NY Bowhunter's Gravatar I hear you Levi, The rack is impressive, but my god, look at the size of the body on that thing!!!
# Posted By NY Bowhunter | 7/24/09 11:43 AM
Dean Weimer's Gravatar I'm a Cubs fan (but, not necessarily a Bud Fan), but I salute Mark on a very historic day. He got some serious help from his outfielder on that one homerun rob. That was a sweet play too.

Congratulations on a great game and on a great buck from Up Nort', Eh!

Good stuff Hanback!!
# Posted By Dean Weimer | 7/24/09 1:59 PM
Tommy Nunley's Gravatar Cool!
# Posted By Tommy Nunley | 7/24/09 10:12 PM
ChiSox's Gravatar Mark has sex with it right after this photo was taken.
# Posted By ChiSox | 8/12/09 7:59 PM
Ralph's Gravatar Wow what a macho guy, shot Bambi's mom....pfffft
# Posted By Ralph | 8/13/09 12:22 PM
Style's Gravatar yeah... great job... now go tell someone your opinion on killing animals. Hypocrite. People wish you got hurt after killing that buck. Did you kill 2 does before you could claim that "trophy"?
# Posted By Style | 2/11/11 11:48 PM
kyle gardiner's Gravatar mark shot this buck with me in saskatchewan a few years back. when i was working for buck paradise. guiding him was a great pleasure. just a normal all around fun person. im not baseball fan but now i watch baseball every once and awhile.
# Posted By kyle gardiner | 7/16/12 5:15 PM