Wyoming State Record Pronghorn!

I don’t get a chance to post too many pronghorn bucks, so when I do it ought to be a big one, like the monster Michael Wheeler shot in Wyoming last fall. Best part about it, Michael killed the buck with his .30-06 on a do-it-yourself hunt on state-owned land.

The horns grossed 93 2/8 inches and officially netted 91 2/8. Michael’s antelope is tied with the Wyoming state record buck that was shot back in 1988. It is also tied at No. 13 all time B&C. Michael says, “The amazing thing, this antelope does not have a lot of height--only 14 5/8-inch horns. But it has awesome mass, with bases 7 5/8 inches, and the second-quarter measurements were an astounding 9 1/8 inches. The prongs were 7 2/8 inches." 

Some beast, great job Michael.

I’m curious, how many of you have hunted antelope? I’ve stalked and shot a few (Wyoming, Montana and New Mexico), it’s good fun. comment

csoutdoors's Gravatar I chase goats with bow every year in the Badlands of ND. I haven't been lucky enough to draw a lottery rifle tag last year. I am crossing my fingers for this year though!
# Posted By csoutdoors | 7/2/09 1:28 PM
Rodger's Gravatar I've never hunted the goats, Mike. Always wanted to but just never really was serious, I guess. That's a fine looking animal. Nice to see it come from public land.
# Posted By Rodger | 7/2/09 1:29 PM
jstreet's Gravatar I've never done it, but man, would I like to!

# Posted By jstreet | 7/2/09 1:32 PM
Levi's Gravatar I hunted in SD last fall, I had 3 anterless antelope tags and filled them. It was a good time. It was pretty fun trying to get in range of them
with their eyesight and the open terrain. It was also my first time firing a centerfire rifle. On another note, I also couldn't believe how many deer and
the size of the bucks and they came out of nowhere, little bitty stands of trees that you might only find a rabbit in, back here in the
# Posted By Levi | 7/2/09 2:41 PM
Jake in WI's Gravatar 6 of us went out to Wyoming last fall and we came back with 18 speed goats. We each got 1 buck and 2 antlerless.
It was a great time shared by all.
# Posted By Jake in WI | 7/2/09 6:58 PM
Scott from MI's Gravatar BTW nice pronghorn Michael! That dude is huge! Love that mass man!
# Posted By Scott from MI | 7/3/09 12:26 AM
Barney's Gravatar All pronghorn are antlerless!!!! :)
# Posted By Barney | 7/5/12 1:37 AM
Barney's Gravatar And none of them are "Goats!" :)
# Posted By Barney | 7/5/12 1:38 AM