The Mirror Hunting Blind

Pictures of this mirror deer blind have been making their way around the net. From what I understand it is made out of plastic and metal and has 4 Plexiglass sides with mirror backing, plus a wooden roof. It supposedly weighs about 100 pounds and costs $1,000.  

Brilliant idea, don’t you think? The mirrored sides reflect the surroundings for the ultimate camouflage hide. I hear the mirrors are angled just right toward the ground so that sunlight does not reflect off them. 

Hmm, a thought: What if a doe walks close and sees herself? Would she flip out? I believe she might. What if a rutting buck sees his reflection? Would he charge himself and you in the blind? That could get interesting. One guy who has apparently tested this thing said yes, sometimes a buck does run in to his reflection and that makes him “easier to get.” I don’t know about that.

At 100 pounds this is not a portable blind. But if you hunt a farm where you set out permanent shooting houses this thing would be fun. It would be a blast to see how all sorts of game, from deer to squirrels to coyotes, reacted when they saw their reflections.

Would I try one? Yeah. Spend a grand for one? Nah. What about you?


 BTW, they have a website with more pictures at, but not much info yet.

Adam's Gravatar I seen them at SHOT show...I guess I see the theory and how it could be used. I like you would love to hunt out of one, but wouldn't drop $1000 on it.

My only concern would be the flat roof. Say it rains or snows, where does all that water go? From what I can tell, it has no pitch to it. This would make me leery about how water-tight the corners and edges are.

I don't know, would be interesting though.
# Posted By Adam | 4/2/09 1:21 PM
Rodger's Gravatar Oh, yeah! I'd love to try that. Think of all the great photos you could get out of that thing. Deer at 5 feet, anyone? Rutting buck at 5 ft? Don't know about that. Sounds a little dangerous. Hogs at 5 ft.? Uh uh. Don't thik so. Like you, there's no way I'm dropping a grand for that.
# Posted By Rodger | 4/2/09 1:30 PM
jstreet's Gravatar In theory it sounds good and to be honest, it even looks kinda cool. Then you start thinking about the "what ifs" (to go along with
the price) and it kinda makes you go hmmmm.

I do believe I'll pass.

# Posted By jstreet | 4/2/09 2:25 PM
Scott from MI's Gravatar That thing is sweet, i'd try one for sure what the heck. I would not spend a $1000 for one though. What if you bump your gun or bow
or something against it or a tree branch hits it, then you got a mess!
# Posted By Scott from MI | 4/2/09 4:31 PM
Rodger's Gravatar A couple of years ago a whirlwind or tornado or something got a hold of one of our blinds. It was a 6X4 box blind with windows sitting on the ground. Built with 2X4s and 1/2 inch plywood. The thing looked like it had been dropped from a 10 story window. The only thing we could salvage from it was th hinges and screws from the windows. It was spread over a couple of hundred square yards. Can you imagine if something like that got hold of a glass blind?
# Posted By Rodger | 4/3/09 12:28 PM
Logan Thurman's Gravatar The roof does have a pitch to water and snow don't collect and the blind is not made of glass which could shatter. It is a reflective plastic. AWESOME blind. I can't wait to get out in mine.
# Posted By Logan Thurman | 4/14/09 10:39 AM
Devin's Gravatar in theory...that is, until you get shot, because a hunter in the distance cannot see you behind a deer...or worse yet, shoots at the deer's reflection.
# Posted By Devin | 9/14/09 2:33 AM
rocky's Gravatar I see your point but isn't there a chance you could get shot any time you are in the woods. I would think that whether you were using this blind or not you would take proper safety precautions while hunting. As far as someone seeing the deers reflection in the mirror, it said on the site that it only reflects what is about 6 foot in front of the blind.
# Posted By rocky | 9/14/09 3:21 PM
Dewayne Dobson's Gravatar I would love to try it out! If it works as I think it might,it would be awsome to have that buck of a life time walk with in 10 yards!
Now a lot of people may think that's danger waiting to happen. But I have had some does close enough to a deer blind , ( when the wind
is right! ) that i could actually reach out and toch one. There is no better hunt than that! When the doe comes in to range, that means
only one thing! The buck will too! But as everyone say's I think it's a little costly! The deer blind's I build , cost way less! I just use the
surroundings I find in the woods! But if the price was reduced at least 30 to 40%, Maybe I would try it out for sure!!!
# Posted By Dewayne Dobson | 11/10/09 9:11 AM
Nathan's Gravatar Hey about that blind I was thinking the same
I ain't paying that much for that blind I'll just make
One my self then I was looking at the prices
For plexiglas mirror sheets a 38" in x 48" in is like
Three hundred almost four hundred for one sheet
Plus all the other coast so it's worth a thousand so
Before you dog on a good idea bc you don't pay that much
Check the price on everything To build it
# Posted By Nathan | 10/10/12 12:07 AM
Honda Rincon's Gravatar I am building my own tree stand with an pitch. I am looking into getting a cheap mirror from that company just to put on the front side because I done an good job on my food plot. I walk into an thick part of the wood, and right in front of food plot is my food plot. I don't have to walk on my food plot or spook any deer that's feeding on the plot when I walk in ! its an 8'x6' and 6' off the ground. I cant think of an better stand but I do like this stand, but I am not going to pay a lot of one !
# Posted By Honda Rincon | 11/20/13 6:17 PM