World's Tallest Moose?

The email I got said the dirt road was full-size, big enough for 2 cars, which would make this monster King of the Woods for sure. A 6-foot hunter could walk beneath the bull’s chin. The email also said quite seriously, “big kill zone, think you could hit that with your bow?” I’ve killed a few moose; they are big but not that big.


Duncan's Gravatar I really hate being a skeptic, and I'm not too knowledgeable about moose, but is photoshop out of the question?
# Posted By Duncan | 12/15/09 4:44 PM
parrish's Gravatar I would say the pic is legit but it's not a two lane road...barely a one lane......and the angle make it look huge
# Posted By parrish | 12/15/09 5:10 PM
Adam's Gravatar Real photo...all angle though. Well done on the photographers part.

That's a one land road for way could you get two cars down that side by side.
# Posted By Adam | 12/15/09 5:13 PM
Dan D.'s Gravatar I've seen a lot of moose in Maine and driven many a mile on logging roads. One thats a big moose anywhere, hell of a rack. But like other's said, thats a one lane tote road. If I had to guess, the photo was taken froma car, hence the shot angle. And I've seen Mainers driving their Honda civic a lot of miles back in the woods, so I wouldn't put it past them.
# Posted By Dan D. | 12/15/09 6:28 PM
Duncan's Gravatar found the same pic on google about 3 pgs in, dated in feb 2009 with this caption.

The email I received said the following:
Moose Pic Taken Two Weeks Ago In McAdam, NB- This is a real picture-it is on a 4-wheeler trail taken by a tech from ADIon an environmental job.
# Posted By Duncan | 12/15/09 10:18 PM
Dean Weimer's Gravatar Shoot first, measurements later...
# Posted By Dean Weimer | 12/15/09 10:55 PM
David from ME's Gravatar Apparently it's a picture from Elliot Lake, Maine. It doesn't look very fake. It actually look sorta real. But i went moose huntging in my home state of Maine this year and i didn't see anything that looked like that.
Look more like 30 feet tall to me. HAHA
# Posted By David from ME | 12/16/09 11:56 AM
boutwell's Gravatar Don't believe everything you read!
# Posted By boutwell | 12/16/09 12:59 PM
DaveZ.'s Gravatar AH hes a big Moose for sure but hed look better on my wall and in my freezer.
# Posted By DaveZ. | 12/16/09 8:31 PM
Deer Antlers's Gravatar It looks like it could be misleading based on the angle.
# Posted By Deer Antlers | 12/31/09 1:06 AM