New No. 1 Nebraska Non-Typical Whitetail?

Giants are falling in NE this year. Several people have sent me this monster. Details are sketchy, but supposedly it was shot last week by a hunter in his 20s, possibly on state land. I hear a game warden at the check station aged the buck at around 7 years, and said it was a 38-pointer. Probably the new state record according to the warden. Anybody know more?

Double beam, junk and DROPS baby, love it! I hope the hunter will contact me so I can get this monster on Versus TV. comment


Scott from MI's Gravatar Damn! What a Freak Nasty. Awesome
# Posted By Scott from MI | 11/17/09 3:05 PM
Adam's Gravatar Mike...the buck is 100% confirmed real. No photoshop involved (as that's what most forums are saying). But as you said, details are sketchy. 20 year old hunter is what we are all hearing around here. Hadn't heard the state land bit yet. Supposedly shot near Rulo, NE.

The current NE record, the Dell Austn buck, is right at 279 and some change. Don't know if this one will get it. I have heard a rumors that they think he will go in the 250's.
# Posted By Adam | 11/17/09 3:10 PM
hanback's Gravatar thanks Adam, 250 looks about right, but w/freaks tough to tell!
# Posted By hanback | 11/17/09 3:16 PM
Adam's Gravatar I hear ya...with that much stuff going on, it's really tough to tell. Either's been one heck of a year for BIG DEER in Nebraska. I just caught word 10 minutes ago that a women up by Scottsbluff dropped a typical 4x4 muley that grossed 186". Working on pics for ya.
# Posted By Adam | 11/17/09 3:30 PM
Scopebite's Gravatar Come on, guys. What's all the fuss about? Anybody can shoot the big ones!
# Posted By Scopebite | 11/17/09 4:43 PM
Matt Elder's Gravatar This is the first time I've seen pictures of this buck. What an awesome buck. That thing has trash all over. Gotta love it.
# Posted By Matt Elder | 11/17/09 6:15 PM
Dean Weimer's Gravatar drop tines are overrated....
# Posted By Dean Weimer | 11/17/09 11:13 PM
ian in wisconsin's Gravatar looks l;ike triple main beams to me but that cud be the brow
# Posted By ian in wisconsin | 11/18/09 1:07 AM
DaveZ.'s Gravatar Thats it im Moving to NE.
# Posted By DaveZ. | 11/18/09 8:14 PM
MILKE's Gravatar Yea i live in stella nebraska and that monster was shot in a place where i hunt...go figure
# Posted By MILKE | 11/19/09 5:49 PM
Toby Fitz's Gravatar In todays paper they have a little article about it and say that it's green score is 292 and some change and that is should net about 281 now thats a Nebraska hog
# Posted By Toby Fitz | 11/20/09 5:55 PM
Tanner's Gravatar Ya, that was shot in Richardson County, the guy was hunting on our land opening weekend, and he went a couple of miles west and he got that.
# Posted By Tanner | 1/18/10 6:41 AM