Missouri Monster of Mass for Real?

This mystery buck, supposedly shot in Missouri, is popping up across the Internet, including in our BIG DEER forum.

Observation: Generally only a buck that is raised and fed behind a high fence grows incredible mass like that. I would love to be proved wrong and for somebody out there to confirm this was indeed a wild-ranging buck shot in MO. 





parrish's Gravatar what would that monster score????.....wow awesome buck
# Posted By parrish | 10/30/08 10:48 AM
Scott's Gravatar OMG! That thing is a freaking mess! The mass and points is incredable.
Would like to know if this is free range for sure.

Dean, how about a name for this freak.
# Posted By Scott | 10/30/08 10:55 AM
Flatlander's Gravatar That is the buck of all bucks.......if i shot that i would build a room on the house just for that full body mount........ i wouldn't even put furniture in it.......
just walk around it and stare for hours on end

just think all that growth in less than 8 months......... amazing

if it is indeed legit that guy is my hero......
what a deer ........

how would you hold it together on a deer like that at full drawl...... not sure i could do it
# Posted By Flatlander | 10/30/08 10:56 AM
jstreet's Gravatar Wow, wonder what the hell that deer has been eating?

Unreal Mass...................
# Posted By jstreet | 10/30/08 11:11 AM
Dean Weimer's Gravatar I suppose Bill, Tom, or Fred is his name...

Oh, yes, you mean the buck. Of course.

O.K. I guess I would call that massive freak "unbelievable". I don't mean that literally either. Not yet, anyhow. I'm with Hanback, let's get the scoop on that beast. The biggest, heaviest freaks of nature non-typicals generally come from Canada. However, let us not forget, the overall world record N.T. came from within the city limits of...yep, St. Louis, Missouri. Pronounced "Miz-ER-eee"
# Posted By Dean Weimer | 10/30/08 11:39 AM
scott's Gravatar Im from northern missouri and i havent hurd anything about this deer.Its a giant
# Posted By scott | 10/30/08 12:06 PM
Scott frmo MI's Gravatar "Unbelievable" would be a good name for that monster!
# Posted By Scott frmo MI | 10/30/08 1:07 PM
Doug In Wisconsin's Gravatar I would agree, let's wait and see about it being legit. But...the Beatty buck, to which this beast bears a striking similarity, was a free ranging buck from Ohio, if I remember correctly. Let's give the guy the benefit of the doubt for now. I sure hope it's real.

As for a name, I like ChristMASS. That's what came out of my mouth when I first saw him.
# Posted By Doug In Wisconsin | 10/30/08 1:20 PM
eric's Gravatar "christMASS tree" is more like it..
# Posted By eric | 10/30/08 1:51 PM
eric's Gravatar "treetop" and "vita-racky" popped up in my mind.
# Posted By eric | 10/30/08 1:54 PM
Doug In Wisconsin's Gravatar Ooh, I like "Treetop"!
# Posted By Doug In Wisconsin | 10/30/08 3:22 PM
Chad S.'s Gravatar I just got back from MO. Scheduled a little bowhunting trip between two business trips out there... Anyhow saw a ton of deer, some nice bucks, and an amazing typical that easily went over 170". One thing I noticed were a lot of NT bucks with tons of mass, and this was on a farm NOT managed to grow big deer (although it has produced bucks over 150 every year for the last 6 years). I have to agree with Hanback that that baby grew up behind a fence, but man I hope its for real
# Posted By Chad S. | 10/30/08 4:53 PM
Don3's Gravatar I went to my Taxidermist 3 hours ago to drop of a head and there sat this deers rack and 11 more that looked alot like it ALL killed on a high fence farm in Pennsylvania. I held the rack in my hands and that is it for sure no question.

# Posted By Don3 | 10/30/08 9:46 PM
Jordan in Iowa's Gravatar Don,
you're saying you saw THIS deer's head gear. It was killed behind a high fence? Clarify for us man.
# Posted By Jordan in Iowa | 10/30/08 9:52 PM
Doug In Wisconsin's Gravatar Well that is disappointing. Too good to be true, I guess.
# Posted By Doug In Wisconsin | 10/30/08 10:47 PM
Don3's Gravatar I am saying I saw that rack today at my taxidermist in Fort worth Texas and he told me a rich oil man killed the deer on a high fence ranch in Pennsylvania and he paid 20k.

# Posted By Don3 | 10/30/08 11:02 PM
dhagan's Gravatar $ 20,000 for a buck behind a fence means nothing to the real Whitetail hunters on this blog. Hope it's not true but probably is by the sounds of it. Where is the sport in that ?
# Posted By dhagan | 10/31/08 10:18 AM
Don3's Gravatar I completely agree with you dhagen. There is no sport in that high fence BS. It disgusts me and in no way can compare to any free range whitetail. I don't understand why people kill these animals and then want to show them off like they killed them on their free range lease. There is absolutely NO comparison.

# Posted By Don3 | 10/31/08 1:17 PM
chris's Gravatar that a big ass deer
# Posted By chris | 10/31/08 2:38 PM
Royce's Gravatar My buddy shot a real Missouri deer on Monday night. Middle of Carroll County Missouri. Green score by non-sanctioned scorer 235" Boone and Crocket on the way
for an official green score.
# Posted By Royce | 11/27/08 8:41 PM
D.A.S.H's Gravatar Yup! Buck of a life time. 42 year old born and raised missouri deer hunter. {Bow,Gun} . Have spent countless hours in the woods from northern to southern mo.since the 1978, have walls in home covered with 130's to 160's class bucks taken in missouri. Have done taxidermy for 10 years, and seen bucks from all parts of mo. Never seen a buck of that size taken in mo. As with any die hard deer hunter, I would like to think that a monster like that is roaming our neck of the woods, but i'm sure i won't move my stand in search of a buck from another state. Final Thought ! Possible...........but Improbable
# Posted By D.A.S.H | 10/3/09 1:31 PM
kayla m.'s Gravatar wow thats a nice deer i would love to have a trophy like that is a nice one
# Posted By kayla m. | 11/8/09 12:05 AM
Shelbiey's Gravatar omg how many points?????
# Posted By Shelbiey | 11/14/09 12:20 PM
jordan's Gravatar holy crao man thats a monster buck...whats the point on that thing man? god well good luck huntin
# Posted By jordan | 12/11/09 1:25 PM
chris's Gravatar dang that is a big one where did u kiil it
# Posted By chris | 12/31/09 1:04 AM
Lorene's Gravatar I am so jealous!
# Posted By Lorene | 9/23/10 5:11 PM
lukephillips's Gravatar wow what an amazing buck it would break my heart if it was not fair chase.. that i not a way a buck of that magniitude should die
# Posted By lukephillips | 11/12/10 5:48 PM
dcole's Gravatar iv been huntin all my life in missouri and iv seen big bucks on both sides of the border in imporia kansas i encountered the biggest buck iv ever seen and that one in the picture is still bigger< missouri is known to produce big bucks but nothing that big, no way its real
# Posted By dcole | 10/3/12 4:37 PM